Good Evening

Seems strange to wish a good evening when daylight surrounds us: warm weather, the sun is shining and the bees are humming. I did not know whether to go into town or not today. I decided staying at home is also no solution, so I saddled my scooter and drove off. As I approached town I noticed my battery was a bit on the low side. No problem and I would easily be able to drive plenty of kilometers, but I decided to turn back just as I reached the entrance to town marked by our cathedral. No problem, I drove back and on the way passed Mr. Swiss golden oldie refuge, so I naturally called in. He was pleased to see me and I spent a pleasant hour there meeting a few of his golden oldie colleagues he now has. He is really settling in nicely now and as one of the younger and more active residents, he seems to be becoming more active.

I eventually left remembering I had a pile or ironing to do at home. I still had my bed linen and a few other items to deal with.

So today nothing special to see, just a trip along the main road. There were just a few cars on their way but almost no people. Sometimes I have the feeling I am living in a ghost town.

We do have an art gallery on the way, with an exhibition now and again, but I must admit I have never visited and have rarely seen people there. They are mostly unknown artists in a modern style.

So after dealing with my ironing I started the evening meal. Whilst my son is now tidying the kitchen for me, I am on the computer and might even watch some TV this evening. Easter holidays can be so boring. Tomorrow is Easter Sunday, so more quiet days in my little corner of Switzerland. Monday is the last day of this boring time of the year. Perhaps I might eat a chocolate Easter egg to cheer myself up.

And as the golden sun sinks slowly in the West etc. etc.

5 thoughts on “Good Evening

  1. Good Evening! I am sorry that things are so boring there now. The facility that I work at for part of the week, and am actually involved with throughout the week, is of course closed until Monday. I find it interesting that other denominations respect the Holidays prior to Easter like we Catholics do, although not quite as rigorously. Good Friday is not necessarily a Holiday for all of us, but everyone here is aware of it, and respects that it is one of the few most important Holidays of they year for some of us. It is easy to get the impression that Protestants of all sorts get to ignore some of the Holidays, and tend to concentrate primarily on Easter and Christmas. Anyway, it is easy to see why such Holidays would be boring to those who do not celebrate them. I try to ignore all the silly traditions that have been incorporated into Easter, such as Easter eggs, Easter baskets, the Easter Bunny and such; but sadly find that such traditions are what make Easter interesting and fun to many people.

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    • When the kids were still kids Easter was more fun. Personally I am an atheist and so all these holidays really mean nothiing to me, although I respect them. At my age now, I just want to relax on a holiday and not have to partake in all the customs. I like chocolate so I might get an egg, or a chocolate bunny and I have some coloured hard boiled eggs for a snack. the rest does not interest me and I live in a catholic environment.

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      • Atheists and Jews seem to respect my lack of appreciation for silly traditions more than Protestants do. It is . . . odd. I would expect Protestants to understand why I dislike traditions that detract from important Holidays, events and more relevant traditions. It seems to me that others, particularly Jews, tend to be more aware of what our Holidays should represent.

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