Good Evening

I had to wait to cross the road to visit Mr. Swiss as the railway barriers were down as a train was approaching – a good opportunity for a photo towards our town. A lady cyclist also had to wait, but she found that every time she wanted to cross the road the train was coming. They have a half hour schedule during the week, so chances are many to get stuck.

Today was a normal weather day: no high temperatures and no rain. Mr. Swiss spent the afternoon in the garden of his golden oldie home, which could have been quite boring.

And then the cook appeared from the kitchen with the vegetable peelings.This was a signal for all chickens and rabbits and in a split second they were there. It was then dinner for all, after all you cannot just live on seeds and dry food, now and again they deserve something more interesting. If you are a rabbit or a bird, it makes no difference: food speaks all languages.

This rabbit decide to take a closer look, no mountain could keep her away. They only have female rabbits as otherwise they would soon be overrun with rabbits everywhere.

There was also a rabbit gathering

as well as chicken conversations. I noticed that the animals were more in action today. They also like to retire in the shade when there is a heat wave.

Although this chicken decided to just observe the situation. Eventually I made my way home. I had to get the evening meal ready for my son and I and wanted to upload my photos.

And that was today’s excitement, just a typical Monday, but who needs a daily excitement. Sometimes it is good to have some peace and quiet and relaxation time. I hope your week got to a good start.

Good Evening


Another wonderful sunny aftrnoon with my Mr. Swiss in his golden oldie home. The view from the pavilion where we usually sit is just wonderful with the castle in the distance and Jura mountains as a backdrop, but this time on my visit we had a pleasant suprise. One of the ladies in the home had a visitor and she brought her Australian Shepherd dog with her. We had a wonderful conversation.

At first her viisitor warned us that the dog was there but is harmless. There was need for any warnings. I had only heard good things about this breed from my blogging pal and friend Martha who has had many herself and I was really pleased to at last see one in the genuine fur and paws. He was eveything that an Australian Shepherd dog should be and guarded his misstress constantly. When she moved, he moved as well and those eyes followed every movement. Of course I told her all about Martha’s various dogs. I am sure your are reading this Martha. It seems this lady also had two cats, but after the initial hissing and meows the cats have now got used to the dog and it is one big happy family.

I have never had a dog, but this would definitely be a favourite: so well mannered and no problem. He even approached me and I felt safe and secure all the time: no nervous barks or sudden movements, just a wonderful dog.

I noticed that the cows were also back in the field opposite the home as I could hear the bells around their necks before I saw them.

Otherwise we spent a pleasant afternoon outside. Again the chickens and rabbits kept themselves to themselves, it was just to hot for any animal action.

Yesterday evening we had some interesting evening clouds again. I eventually retired to bed but was awakened quite suddently a few hours later by a terrific clap of thunder and then the rains came tumbling down. It was one of these storms that develop after a hot sunny day but it sounded like the world was coming to an end. It would not surprise me if we got another one this evening.

Today is also a bit of a special day for me as my No. 2 son has his 48th birthday. Is it really possible that he will be 50 years old in two years? It seems just yesterday that I was changing his nappies.

I am now really trying to write at least once a day here. I was perhaps overdoing it a little partaking in so many different challenges. I was enjoying it but I realised it was no longer as much fun as it should be and I am not getting any younger. Since Mr. Swiss is no longer here my routine is a little different. It is at least a month since I switched on the TV – no interest. And I have discovered my love of reading again.

I wish you all a stress free relaxing day.

Good Evening

I thought I should write something before everyone gives out a “blogger lost in action” report, but I am still here alive and not kicking but rolling along with my various assistant helps. Not a lot has been happening lately: the sunshine changed to stormy weather but I braved the rain and even visited Mr. Swiss in his golden oldie refuge. We sat outside and watched the rain falling and when I left him I used the towel I brought with me to wipe the seat dry on my scooter. Actually just after I left the rain stopped and we got a very interesting cloud formation in the evening.

Otherwise I have been busy sorting books that have been sleeping in our hobby room for the past 10-20 years and I got a few surprises.

I had read all these books some years ago, in German: the authors were not english so wrote them in their own language of Swedish and Danish so what difference does it make, I could not read them in the original language and reading German or Englsh makes no difference to me. Mr. Swiss bought the books in German. They were quite a success when they were published. The two red books were written by two German co-authors and they were very good.

So I rescued all these books from oblivion as I now had plenty of space in the apartment on some shelves I had cleared away.

I also found some Simon Beckett and Jeffrey Deaver books, although in German as Mr. Swiss had bought them. I am reading again and mainly Jeffrey Deaver and the adventures of his New York police hero Lincoln Rhyme, but upload them onto my Kindle in english, as I prefer the original language. This is one of the reasons why I am neglecting my blogging experience at the moment. You cannot do everything.

Otherwise I still spend most afternoons with the love of my life in his home with the turtles. The chickens now stay in their house out of the suns rays. The warmth does not seem to bother the turtles too much.

Mr. Swiss has made good progress with his new iPhone 13 and everything is now working perfectly. There were some guys helping out in the home where he is that were doing their civil defence duties and they were excellent in helping to organise his phone.

We had a few stormy days but they are now gone and we are back to hot sunny weather. Actually I am glad as I did not have to water the garden. On Monday morning the gardener is coming as my hedges are looking quite unkempt and need a short back and sides. I also have some unwanted plants growing between the gravel.

It is now time to eat the evening meal and afterwards I will probably again be exploring the crimes that Jeffrey Deaver has written for me. Keep safe and well – see you around.

Good Evening

Another day of our heat wave but I am not complaining. We had to wait long enough for the hot weather. Mr. Swiss was even wearing his shorter trousers today and really means something as he no longer gets warm enough.

After my usual morning chores I had some time left and decided begin to tidy our bookcase.

This could be a mammoth task but possible. The problem was that behind the books Mr. Swiss had stowed away his many hundreds of DVD films as well as his CD jazz recordings . I now had room in a cupboard for them so I began. I have removed almost all the various DVD’s and CD Compact Discs and with time will sort them in their new place. I must say I am quite pleased with the progress I made and at last the dust collection has been reduced. I have also begun to put our photo albums in the space I have since clearing away much unwanted computer surplus. Another achievement was that I replaced the ink toner in our printer which I had never done before. It was only one colour that was necessary, but now I can do it. My book case now had just books.

Otherwise I spent the afternoon with Mr. Swiss in his Golden Oldie home. We sat outside in the pavilion and it was quite pleasant. We were alone there and plenty of shelter from the burning sun. The chickens were mainly sheltering from the heat.

Although this one decided that a flight might be a good idea to cool down. She managed to hover but not very long, It seems chickens are just not built for flying, but she did try.

Otherwise there was not a lot of action – it was even too hot for the chickens.

Tomorrow I have a doctor’s appointment in the afternoon, although I must say since I have been more careful with my sugar levels I am feeling a lot better and my head stays where it belongs.

I must say Mr. Swiss has a good view of our local castle. from his golden oldie home. I am now off, too hot to write, and have an evening meal to serve. Keep safe and well.

Good Evening

The long straight road to town and this morning I was on my way at 10.00 as it was market day. Since being on my own at home I do have a somewhat different timetable. I use to go into town in the afternoon for my shopping, but now most of my groceries are delivered and I go to town for a little bit of entertainment on the side ad well as getting some shopping.

It was market day again, as every Wednesday. I do not really buy anything, but just like to see the selection of fruit and vegetables being offered and now it the time when you can get the best from what the farmers have to offer, although I am not sure about the tomatoes as it is still a little early for our local produce.

At the moment they are looking more like this on the branches of the plant.

However it is definitely time for cherries and our trees are full of the ripe fruits. They did look quite tempting but I was only here for some photos. My quest was for the supermarket where I wanted to replenish various meat choices and some frozen vegetables. My reserve of peas was quite low in the freezer so I bought some, although it seems our harvest had failed and there was an apology on the bag that they only had produce from Belgium, although that did not bother me: a Belgian pea looked exactly the same as a Swiss pea and its taste is also the same.

Olives were also being sold, although they do not come from our country, but perhaps they might grow them in the Italian part of Switzerland down south where the weather is more sunny and warm.

There was also the wonderful selection of flowers being offered. As I now visit quite regularly I notice the new arrivals.

I had the pleasure of meeting one of the apprentices from my working days. From the age of 18 he was now a young man of 30-40 years of age and had he not told me, I would not have recognised him, but it was a pleasure to talk to him. When I was a working woman, part of my job in the office was to care for the apprentices making sure they knew all the ins and outs of the business and to help them with their exams. That was so long ago, and now I met a nice young man – with his little girl and wife. How times change.

And I decided it was time to go home and left the wonderful array of plants on the market behind me. These pots were full of various herbs, mainly basil. When I arrived home I first of all had to cut slices of my neck of pork, vacuum pack them and freeze them. There was a special offer for them, and I always have my eye open for the bargains.

I left the tower of our cathedral behind me for home. Another wonderful morning at the local market and the weather was wonderful, sunny and warm.

Good Evening

Just as I was leaving to visit Mr. Swiss the railway barrier began to flash its red light so I realised that I would have to wait until the train passed. The road opposite leads to our local castle. Mr. Swiss had called me to say they would be having an information meeting in his golden oldie home to put them all in the picture how it would go further after their other home burnt down earlier this year. The guy would be coming to organise his scooter to be able to hang on his walker so that he could take it with him. I told him no worry, I would be there to help. When I arrived in the home the guy from the scooter place also arrived at the same time, so I could inform him what he should do. He was just finishing when Mr.Swiss arrived from the meeting so everything is now organised.

It was another hot afternoon, we are now in the middle of a heat wave, and the turtles in the poind were cooling off in the water. It is fascinating how they manage to swim around.

In the meanwhile one of the guys visited the chickens with an egg tray. When he came out he showed me the four eggs that the chickens had laid: three were brown and one was white.I asked if they would be serving them in the home, but he said it was not allowed. They only have permission to serve eggs with the official stamp on them, although the eggs would be perfect and nothing wrong with them, just an official thing. As they do not have a rooster in the home so they would not be fertilised.

I noticed on the way that the fields are now being mowed, the next crops are already growing.

In the meanwhile the train had arrived and was passing through our village.

I spent some time with Mr. Swiss but had to leave as I would be cooking the evening meal for myself and son No, 1. My stepdaughter will be coming tomorrow and will be taking Mr. Swiss and I for a meal in town at lunchtime which will be something completely different and I am looking forward to it.

The train had finally passed through our village and was no probably in the town of Solothurn.

Hope you are all having a good beginning to the week.

Good Evening

Spent the afternoon with Mr. Swiss outside in the garden of his golden oldie home. No great action, but I had my Kindle with me for some reading material and it was just pleasant to sit outside in the pavilion sheltered from the bright sun. It was a lazy afternoon and the chickens and rabbits were not showing any action. I gave Mr. Swiss orchid its weekly dose of water and I must say it is looking good. They put it in his room, but the flowers were long gone and the leaves not looking very active. Since I have been looking after it for him the leaves have picked up and I am sure I will bring it to flower again. The photo is the avenue of trees leading from our local castle.

I eventually left him for home. I made a last minute decision to travel through the local cemetery on the way as I really wanted to get a few photos. Of course cemeteries are not the liveliest places for a photo but I had time. On Sunday there is no meal to cook, you just take what you find in the fridge and kitchen and no-one was waiting for me. I travelled through the cemetery and seemed to be the only person there. I did not notice at the time, but now I realised the cemetery was completely empty except for me and some ancestors that were no longer active.

I had not visited it for some time. I scootered on and now had the choice of travelling up to the castle or take the low path past the chicken runs and stables. I decided on the chickens.

although it was difficult to get a clear view as they were now behind plastic fencing. They do tend to escape now and again. They were all in the shade as even a chicken probably feels the heat on a hot summer day.

As I passed the chicken run I looked towards the south and my luck was in. The Alps were showing themselves with some clouds surrounding them. Due to the sun shining I could not actually see what was on the photo, but only when I uploaded it at home. I was quite pleased with the view I got.

I now made my way home and when I arrived I made my usual message to Mr. Swiss that all was well. It is just along the road, but he likes to know that I arrive safely.

And now for something to eat, but nothing special. I have a diabetic problem at the moment and I just cannot bring my sugar levels down. It is probably an age thing being 75 years old. I have been diabetic for the last 30-40 years, type 2, and take my tablets regularly, but I get a bit dizzy now and again and when I measure my sugar it is quite high. I think I might be approaching the insulin pen stage slowly. I have an appointment with the doc next week. She does the long term tests with me, but the results have not been so good lately.

I wish you all a good week ahead.

Good Evening

I was a bit lost for photos today. The chickens, rabbits and turtles at Mr. Swiss Golden Oldie home are getting a little boring. The Jura is not much better, but today when I uploaded this view that I passed on my home journey from Mr. Swiss visit I noticed the face in the stone in the middle at the bottom. I have been living here for 50 years and never seen it before. In the meanwhile I sent the photo to Mr. Swiss and he had never seen that face before. Perhaps nature decided to create it after all the rain we have had.

Otherwise I just made a few photos of the surroundings of our village. This is the farm where they have some interesting animals, about 250 chickens, a few roosters, plenty of geese and horses. The sign advertises free range eggs and pony rides, although as far as I have seen they only have one pony and I have never seen anyone riding it. This is all in the grounds of the local castle Waldegg.

But now the crops are growing quite high and interfering with the view of the castle.

I now have permission to park my scooter in the parking spaces of Mr. Swiss home. I parked it at the entrance, there was plenty of space, but there is s bicycle path that runs past it and so a few people decided it was not so good. However, the staff in the home decided as I was quite a regular visitor I could park officially on their parking space, although I do not take away space for a car. I can fit it in at the side quite well. There is even a gate giving me quicker access to the home if it is not locked, which it is mostly, but I am quite happy with the new arrangement.

This afternoon we spent the time outside in their pavilion which is very comfortable. You can sit in the sun or shelter. There is also space in another part of the grounds where most go for something to eat and drink, but there are less people where we sit and there is always something to drink. I am so lucky to live so near. The pen containing the chickens and rabbits is opposite and the pond is next to it. Just along the path there is an enclosure for the pigs and goats.

Wherever you look there is plenty of vegetation. Above all I am glad that Mr. Swiss is being well cared for.

My No. 1 son is quite excited as next Friday he will be going to see the Rolling Stones. They are coming to Bern. He managed to get a ticket a few months ago, it was quite an excitement and not cheap. I think he said something about 180 Swiss francs, but he is one of their biggest fans. He has been to a few concerts of the Stones, I think every time they come to Switzerland. There is a coach organisation that takes them to the concert. Anyhow it means being alone for the afternoon and evening for me, but that is OK. Perhaps he will snap a few photos whilst he is there.

The crops are getting higher in the fields ad our castle is slowly disappearing. I thought I might get a few photos of the cows today, but they are no longer in the field during the day. They are probably now during the night outside as it gets a little too hot during the day.

I took the day off from blogging yesterday, but I am back again today. Have a good week-end everyone.

Good Evening

It was market day Wednesday again in town so I had decided to saddle my scooter and go along in the morning to have a look.

There were flowers everywhere and life is now back to normal. The days of empty streets are now over since Covid has taken a back seat, but it is still hovering around. I do not think it will ever disappear, but become something like measles or chicken pox that turns up now and again.

The local chickens were also busy fulfilling their duties as egg layers and the farmers had plenty to offer together with their own home made jam.

And it is apricot time again.

They mainly grow in the area of Switzerland in the Kanton of Wallis/Valais towards the South where the climate is ideal.

The vegetables sold on our market are naturally also local produce from the various farms in our area. It was quite crowded this morning and I saw a few familiar faces, but you cannot stop and talk to people as you are in the way. I did have a conversation with a fellow scooterist. As usual we compared scooters and he told me that he had his especially made faster. Mine goes the normal 11-12 kilometers per hour at top speed, but his manages 30 kilometers an hour and has a special numberplate. I decided I am happy with my snail speed. He travels greater distances than I do however. It is always interesting to get other ideas on your travel system.

I also called in at the supermarket for some meat supplies from the butcher. She had steak already cut and sealed and I was tempted to get two pieces for myself and No. 1 son. However, when she told me the price of one I told her to cut me two slices a little thinner. She said that certain meat prices, especially beef, have increased considerably due to the price of gas/petrol going up because of the Ukraine war. Prices are really increasing everywhere. Even my toilet paper is now two francs more.

Eventually I decided it was time for the home run and did a last tour through the market on the way. All my married life I never had a lot of time for visiting markets but now, being alone, I have discovered that I can fit in my visits easily and there is plenty to see there.

One of the last sights I see when leaving town is the St. Urs cathedral as I veer to the left to pass through the road beneath the Basel Tower. You can see it in the photo.

I did visit Mr. Swiss this afternoon. It was raining but not so much and he was surprised and pleased to see me. I have the weather on my phone

At the moment the forecast tells me heavy rain and 17°C, but we have no rain at the moment. This morning it was showing heavy showers all day tomorrow, but now when I look it is light rain and sunshine most of the afternoon. I think someone is playing a practical joke somewhere.

Anyhow let us not spoil the day with weather reports, but try to make the most of it. I wish you all what I wish myself. The local train passed by on my way home just opposite where Mr. Swiss has his golden oldie retreat.

Good Evening

At last we got some decent constant sunny weather today, although tomorrow is constant rain probably. This morning it was good to enjoy the weather, although I had some ironing to do left over from the week-end washing. I also did some final organising. My husband has a super collection of films, really good, but I no longer watch a film, too little time during the day and I have seen most of them. Anyhow I have now put then in two drawers, although there are still about 50-100 to be sorted. I still have two empty drawers in a cupboard, so that task will also be completed eventually.

Otherwise I spent the afternoon with Mr. Swiss in his golden oldie home with the farmyard population. The chickens all gathered together for a photo. The rabbit also joined in, although his ears did not really match.

I really have to give this chicken a special mention. Every time when I go to the enclosure she leaves the others and runs (chicken run of course) to me and stays next to the fence watching me. I think she likes me, although I have never fed her or even given her a feather touch. Must be something to do with the photos I take or perhaps she thinks I am a big chicken. I do cluck a little with her now and again.

The Mallard Duck pair were also at the pond today. It is their pond of course, but sometimes they go for a flight somewhere else. The River Aare is quite near.

Life was quite busy in the pond this afternoon. The turtles were swimming and the Koi fish was also making the most of the water.

Everyone seemed to be making the most of their watery environment. If they knew how many golden oldies watch their daily routine. It really is a good place where Mr. Swiss is and I am so glad that he is so well looked after. It was a turbulent begin to the year, but things are now settling down I am glad to say.

I am now settling down to a quiet evening and closing the computer down slowly but surely. I leave you with a view of the home and chapel next to it showing the path along the railway that takes me home – just 4-5 minutes away. We are very lucky to be so near to each other. As you can see the local railway station is just opposite the home. Have a good rest of the day.