Good Evening

That was the mood of the day: cloudy with a little sun in between and our cranes ready to work next week. At the week-end they are still. Mr. Swiss had his usual carer this mornng. I almost overslept, not that I am going anywherebut I do like to get the bathroom nice and tidy for when she arrives, although not really necessary. They always clean up when they are finished. They also help me to put new bed linen on the bed if necessary and this morning it was again necessary. I do not know how long I can do this. On Tuesday we have our meeting and decisions will be made. I have already made mine.

At least I had some nice bright scenes outside to cheer me up.

The robin paid a short visit, but did not stay long.

And the usual crowd of sparrows with a blackbird decided to discover something to peck at.

The sparrows were quite thirsty.

And that is all I have to say at the moment. Sometimes I would like to have my old life back again, sitting in silence with only the TV sometimes in the background or the radio is not such fun.

Enjoy the Sunday aand have a good week.

Good Evening

It was quite a sunny afternoon this afternoon although not so warm. As I never go anywhere at the moment I could not make the most of the weather. The carpenter arrived after lunch and fitted up my letter box with a box for my key. It has a code to open it so if we have an accident we can now just contact the alarm people and they can come and and get the key to our appartment as they have the code. We certainly feel a little safer. The main problem would be during the night but they have a 24 hour service.

We had a visit from a magpie in the garden this morning. It was probably searching for some peanuts or walnuts but was satisfied with what it found on the ground.

The blackbird was also here, and has become a regular visitor with other members of its family.

I decided to make a pizza for the evening meal, altthough this time I did it with bought pastry and did not make it myself. It was just a plain pizza with some artichoke hearts and tomatoes with mozarella cheese and some Swiss airdried ham. We have some left which will do for tomorrow evening.

And that was my exciting day. Have a good evening.I leave you with a view of our local Weissenstein mountain which does have a layer of snow on the top slope next to the restaurant.

Good Evening

Actually I was thinking about taking a week off from my daily blogs. I am getting tired and a little exhausted with dealing with Mr. Swiss and his care. However, today I did manage a few photos of my bird friends and we have an interesting sky. I think I need these things for a change.

I did have an interesting variety yesterday, although not really wanted. I managed to block my toilet yesterday with various sorts of paper used for the care of Mr. Swiss. I should have been more careful, as toilets are built for toilet paper and not wet papers or other such cosmetic articles. I phoned my plumber and he phoned the company who deals with blocked drains but it seems they could only come at the beginning of the afternoon. The guy arrived at 1.00 p.m. and lo and behold when he pressed the lever the toilet had managed to unblock itself. However, he had a look at all my drains. My kitchen sink was not working well for some time and he said if I wanted to he would do it. I decided it would be a good idea and so he set to work. The company had the wonderful name of Kanal Tiger although he was quite gentle with my drainaged pipes. He was a very nice guy and we had a good conversation whilst he was at work. He was an expert on drain clearage and had some wonderful machines with very long cables making interesting noises as they were working. On the photo you can see him at work. After an hour the job was done and I must say it was worth it. I now have a perfect draini system and am now very careful what goes down them.

It was particularly bothersome as the lady arrived from the care group for Mr. Swiss and had to do the necessary in the shower as I had managed to set the bathroom under water when the toilet overflowed.

As usual the blackbirds arrived

with the sparrows.

I had some interesting spectators watching my movements during the day.

It is now time to prepare an evening meal. At least I have been here and done something.

Good Evening

And the day begun with yet another wonderful sunrise, although afterwards the sun disappeared and we now have a very dull day. It was a morning with my cleaning lady and the carer for my husband. In between I had a grocery delivery. Sometimes I am glad for these variations in my routine to break up the monotony. I have other people to talk to and my cleaning lady fixed up my printer with the new ink refills although I still have to order a large sized refill for the black ink. When everything is ready I can at last begin to print the copies of my tax documents.

The sparrows were quite busy this morning and for the first time I noticed that they actually take a bath in the water I leave for them. They really seem to enjoy splashing around in the water one at a time, and they get quite impatient when the bath is occupied.

Blackbirds are also increasing in numbers and this morning I saw at least four of them in the garden. I think the are planning on their future with their families.

I even managed to capture one in flight, although not such a clear photo.

And naturally a sparrow also had to show some flying tricks.

This afternoon I was on the computer but naturally had some interruptons from Mr. Swiss with various tasks I had to do for him. He is really not in so perfect shape, but I do my best and he even put on three kilo in weight and is now 47 Kg. I know it does not sound very much but it is an improvement. I wish he had more interests, but he no longer reads or even watches the TV and sitting in the living room is difficult for him to get comfortable, so he is mainly in bed. Yes, old age can be unpleasant and it happened so quickly.

I am now off to deal with the remainder of the day, being a relaxing TV evening and putting Mr. Swiss to bed with his medicine. Take care and have a good evening.

Good Evening

Another quiet Sunday and nothing special happening. Our social helper arrived this morning and got Mr Swiss ready for the day and I did my usual morning chores. Another bright and sunny day but a cold wind blowing.

I did not bother so much with photos today and the birds seemed to be quite happy and satisfied.

Son No. 2 called me today to say he will be visiting end january as our local spitex help organsation have called a conference at home. My doctor will be here, the person responsible for Mr. Swiss in the organisation and my son. Mr. Swiss future will be organised with talk about an automatic bed to improve his mobility. I will also be organising an emergency button at home which will enable me to call for help night and day if Mr. Swiss or I have an accident at home and fall. There will be a monthly charge for the service, but nothing impossible to afford and it will be more secure for all of us.

Our local crane is now a permanent fixture here and will be here for the next year when the new appartment block is built.

And that is all I have to say for today. Have a good Sunday everyone.

Good Evening

There I was wondering what to use for a photo and this plane appeared above, so what could be better. I suppose it was departing from Zürich airport, or perhaps just passing though. Yesterday I was just too tired to make an effort for writing, but today I have tanked up a little energy again. Mr. Swiss was being particularly difficult through the night, although I did manage to get my sleep. I no longer worry so much and just let him get on with it. He is not so steady on his legs, but neither am I and we both just have to take chances. We both survived the night.

This morning I had the usual visitor from our Swiss help group to get Mr. Swiss out of bed and ready for the day, although he usually goes back to bed afterwards. I do not bother to get him for lunch now but bring it to him. He eats very little and survives more on creams and carbhydrate food with the special vitamine drinks that are delivered regularly.

I have realised that older people can be so negative with everything. I had a few words with the people that visit to care for him. They have many elderly people in their care and confirmed that it is a general condition.

But now back to normal life.

The sparrows were here again enjoying what wa available. One was on an approaching flight, but eventually found some space.

A tit also joined in, but they prefer to balance somewhere for their treats.

And a magpie also arrived, but not finding anything worth scavanging it left again.

And some birds got quite thirsty.

That was that for the afternoon entertainment. I spent yesterday evening in front of the television. I think it was at least a week since I had switched it on, but this evening I am hoping to have time for it again. I have a chicken for the evening meal, already cooking in my air fryer. In the meanwhile night has arrived almost and I discovered an almost full moon outside.

Have a nice relaxing Saturday with no stress – after all it is week-end for the working population

Good Evening

Another uneventful day, although again there was a pleasant sunset developing around our estate. I had the usual visit of our carers for Mr. Swiss. This time a nurse also came along as the girl that was dealing with Mr Swiss was learning. My husband seemed to be a little tired today, although so was I.

There was another new bird in the garden today and I have no idea what it was. It seemed to be bigger than the blackbird and preferred to observe perched on a tree branch.

This robin also appeared. I had never seen such a fat robin, but I think he was showing off by puffing up his feathers. It was a cold day, but pleasant with plenty of sun.

The robin eventuallly moved on to have a drink of water, still puffed up. Perhaps he wanted to impress a lady robin, after all Spring is hopefully just around the corner.

One of the local cats, joux-joux, also appeared but not finding any available bird life decided to move on.

A tit was watching the events from a tree branch and that was my excitement for the day.

This evening I will probably have an early night. There is no washing to be done, just the dishwasher to use. I completed my shopping order to be delivered on Friday morning from the local supermarket and am all set for the week-end.

And now to leave you all for my evening. See you around

Good Evening

I actually saw some blue sky this afternoon although it is now gettig darker outsde and the blue sky has disappeared. It was a busy morning with the cleaning lady doing her tasks during which the spitex helper also arrived to get Mr. Swiss out of bed. I made myself busy with sorting out my printer as I need new ink, but there again my cleaning lady was a help and now I know what to order. Birds were scarce today. I really think I feed them too much.

I had two deliveries today for Mr. Swiss. The nutrient arrived. It seems to be a Nestle thing and packed with vitamines. Apparently if you drink enough during the day it compensates for the vitamines you need. I also got my grocery delivery including some dessert creams for Mr. Swiss. It is a good diet if you like cream and sweet stuff. At least he eats it all. Mr. Swiss has lost so much weight and no longer eats enough. The cost of the milk drinks is also carried by the Swiss sikness insurance..

No birds around this afternoon. I had a nice after dinner sleep and have just finished preparing a butternut squash as an accompaniment to the evening cold cuts.

It was a windy day today but not too bad. At least we had no snow. And that is all I have to say on my uneventful day.

It is now night here and I have lowered all the blinds. I will now close down for the evening and wish you all well. Stay safe from the dreaded Covid.

Good Evening

And it was really a good evening as the sunset deveolpped with its beautiful colours in the background. The view is looking towards the West. We speak Swiss German in our part of Switzerland, but just half an hour by train to the next town of Biel/Bienne they begin to speak French and further West you arrive in Neuchâtel where only French is spoken. We are quite a polyglot country.

Otherwise a normal day with the oldies, no longer as golden as they were. We had yet another different guy today to see to Mr. Swiss in the morning. He was very nice and was a so-called survivor from the Covid illness. He had it but is now recovered and was the first person I had spoken to that had had this illness. He said it was just like a bad flu but after the recovery he was OK.

There were not so many birds arriving today, but the hungry ones always arrive.

I spent the afternoon settling a few bills. Mr. Swiss credit card had been hacked and it was a real mess. It has now been dealt with and settled thank goodness. Someone was buying films and paying subscriptions with his card. He did not notice it but I did and complained. Because I did not have authority over his card at the time and he was away in hospital and rehab it got very complicated for me. Now that has been sorted. I now have power of attorney over his account and when everything is finalised we will cancel his card as he really no longer needs it. I am not even sure if I will keep mine. I definitely no longer travel and can pay online with my post office or bank card.

In the meanwhile I am still getting documents for the tax authorities which I will also have to deal with eventually. My new way of life is gettig very complicated.

The birds really seem to have it easier. They pay no tax or rent.

I now wish everyoe a good evening and night, time to settle down with the TV for me. Sleep well and tight and do not let the bed bugs bite (Swiss saying translated).

Good Evening

I could almost call this a Winter Wonderland. I suppose snow does have its good side, although I sometimes have problems to find it. However, my freezer is full and my refrigerator so we will not starve. Today I realised that since the last week of November I have not been anywhere outside my home. My excursions to town, the local castle and otherwise along the river are long gone. Thank goodness for my Front and back gardens and the birds that have adopted them as their winter feeding home.

Today they stayed under the roof of their feeding place to avoid the falling snow. By the end of the day the food store in the middle of their house was completely empty, but I still have ten kilo of food to last for a while.

There were also some sparrows that discovered their own private feeding place, and the snow was still falling. It snowed until mid afternoon and now we have evening, so it has started to snow again.

Mr. Swiss had his usual morning visit from the helping assistants and I am so glad for their help. They will also be coming on Saturday and Sunday. I got a new supply of medicine for the next week. It is really well organised. I also discovered that my organisation is getting better. We have a wheelchair at home and today I organised it for Mr. Swiss. Luckily we have enough room in the appartment to use it. There is no reason now to have a perfectly designed living room, it now has to be practical. enough open spaces to move in without having an accident by coliding with pieces of furniture and now organising the table in the kitchen to push Mr. Swiss to his eating place instead of complicated moving from the walker to the chair. I have already prepared him for bed and will call in later with his medicine for the night. One thing has become quite clear, and it was always a belief for me. When your marry and have a partner you care for them always as long as it is possible. I have also reliased that such situations can be a burden on the nerves, but with time and patience, the situation adjusts itself.

I am really not sure if this is a blackbird that appears in my garden regularly. Either it has put on weight or it is something bigger.

I am now ready for a television evening and some relaxation and I wish you the same for the rest of the day.