Good Morning

Sometimes you stop hugging the bed, eventually arrive at the computer after dealing with this and that (including putting the freshly washed laundry in its right place) and then you take some morning photos, to find that you take so many you do not know which one to choose on your blog. On top of that I actually really escaped into town yesterday afternoon and took some more photos and now I am spoilt for choice. That does not happen very often since I have been in voluntary isolation since almost a month. I decided to choose this photo with a peep at the sunrise through the trees from my front garden. It snowed during the night for a few centimetres of cover, and this morning I can hear the sound of the snow ploughs on our local paths. It is quite cold and the snow has frozen, so you can also hear the crunch of the car tyres as they drive over it.

So let us get down to business. It was a strange feeling to enter town again after so long. As I expected our town only needed the sage brush blowing through the streets and we would have had the perfect example of a ghost town, but sage brush does not grow in Switzerland. This is Saturday afternoon when you usually find a sprinkling of crowds window shopping and generally browsing around, or people enjoying a drink in the roadside cafés. This has now again become a thing of the past as we are in our second lock down, but this time with more care than the last. The only people I actually met were in the store, buying their daily needs or the goods they had not received from their online shopping. This was my case and I had a few things that I had really been needing to buy for some time. My first stop was at the tomato stand. I was making a pizza for the evening meal and had forgotten to replenish my supply at home. After that being dealt with I moved on to the frozen goods. They are also something that my online supplier cannot bring me as they have no refrigerated vans. I only really needed a couple of items and so afterwards I moved onto the hardware to replenish the glass microwave dish with lid that fell out of my cupboard last week and smashed into thousands of pieces, although luckily not on the floor. There were also the two large bottles of cooking wine, one red and one white, that I bought to replenish my stocks. Of course it began to rain whilst I was in the store, to complete the event, but I had a cloth with me to wipe it off my scooter seat and it stopped when I was on my way again.

On my way home through town I saw that in spite of the cancellation of our carnival week, some decorations had been made. The little red hut belongs to the guy that sells our hot chestnuts in town, a tradition for many years, and it has become custom to decorate his roof for the carnival. This time the carnival group had made an imaginary time machine for the roof with the words saying “See you in 2022 at the carnival festivities” which I found a good idea. Many stores are closed, but the chestnut seller was selling his goods. You have to mount a small ladder to get to him and he is always at a distance to his buyers. I am glad that the town authorities decided to let him continue his trade and bring a little life back into the town.

On my way into town I wheeled through the periphery through the museum gardens. It was good to see the old familiar sights again. I seemed to have it all to myself, just passing very few other people on my way.

I also saw that on one of our main squares at the end of town they had also bravely included the annual sign for our Solothurn Film Days, although they will not be taking place as usual. They are in an enclosed space in a theatre and not such a social event with a few hundred spectators and various TV stations and journalists attending. However, undaunted something is happening somewhere.

I do not think I have had so much to write for some time. Amazing what a day’s escape can do to uplift your spirits. Have a good Sunday everyone, take it easy. I will be back some time later after cooking lunch and baking a cake. Here is another photo of our wonderful sunrise. It was so impressive, I could not resist another photo.

10 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning … such beautiful pictures .. so hopeful .. soon there will be buds on the trees … we will be there in no time … our tulips are already about 3 inches up out of the ground because it has been so warm … take care and have a great day … SLP …

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    • I can’t wait forewomen warmer friendlier weather. We had another snowfall and will be glad to see the end of winter.. I will probably be busy baking this afternoon


      • Oh, yes! Rain is very important here. Although the weather is excellent, it lacks rain for most of the year. Summers, although not too hot, are long and dry. That is why orchards grew here, rather than row crops or other crops that needed more rain through the year. (Stone fruits are happy with winter rain than stops in spring.) Outsiders think that every year is a drought, but such weather is normal, even within foggy coastal areas that seem to be damp for much of the time. The first significant rain of the season still makes me very happy.

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      • However, we got weather warnings yesterday. Rain is expected to be so abundant after noon tomorrow that flooding and mudslides are expected. Debris flows are expected from the area that burned last summer. I must take time off of work tomorrow to go help the crew keep storm drains functional and clear of debris. We barely started cleaning up after the last wind storm!

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  2. Good afternoon, The sun is out and this morning it was 23F/-5C. The wind factor makes seem colder. Your trees are so different from what I see in my lifetime. Boise is known as City Of Trees. It comes from a French word when the white men after passing miles of sagebrush desert arrived and saw trees. What kind of cake did you bake? I had a good breakfast this morning of peach jello and the treat was some GF muffins. I must go on my blog to what I can find to post. Have a stress free evening.

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    • The sun came out this morning and stayed all day, but it was so cold that the snow remained frozen all day. I baked a fruit cake to used up some cranberries that I still had, I have not tried it yet, but it looks OK. A nice relaxing day today with no stress, the way I like it on a Sunday. I also sorted through some documents as it will soon be income tax time.

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  3. Lovely morning sky. I’m actually GOING SHOPPING this week. I’m hoping to find some food that isn’t the same as all the food we’ve been eating. We are suffering a bad case of food ennui here. Too much minced meat, too much chicken. Too little anything else! I have chopped beef in the fridge and NO idea what to do with it. No wonder I’m losing weight. i have no interest in food at all, not even dessert!

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    • I can understand your problems with food choices. I also tend to repeat my dishes. Monday this, Tuesday that etc. etc. I have now stocked up on various meat in my freezer, but you can only invent so much. I maintain my weight. I now try to add a little variety by making my own instead of buying ready made, e.g. bread or spätzli and adding a different salad to the evening cold cuts. I am really cooking for myself and No. 1 son as Mr. Swiss now does not really eat so much, and hardly any meat. However, he is surviving.


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