RDP Sunday: Adieu

2016 was the last visit I paid to London. My father had passed away and I knew that after this visit I would no longer ever visit England again. I had to say adieu to many places and friends and relations. I always stayed with my schoolfriend when I was in London. She lived near my father and would often visit him which was something I could only do once a year. She always picked me up from the airport and would bring me to the airport when I would be taking my home flight. I remember saying to her on the occasion that it would probably be the last time I would be in England, although she would always be welcome to visit me in Switzerland. We are both getting older, and I am no longer as mobile as I was, so we said goodbye, but not adieu. You never know what surprises the future might hold.

RDP Sunday: Adieu

Good Morning

Looks like a dismal morning. It rained again through the night and will probably continue during the day. Not so much happening yesterday, a generally dull day. I was at home all day. The only excitement are the birds gathering outside.

Even they are not doing anything special, It all revolved on food for them. I was listening to the news and decided how lucky some countries are. We might not be getting our vaccines fast enough, but there is enough food to eat in the stores, the supply chain is functioning and we can stay in isolation at home and do not have to worry about starvation. One of our main problems is getting the Covid jab, perhaps it is rolling out too slowly for our tastes. There have even been some bad words spoken between Europe and Britain about the development. I think it has to do with being EU or not. Perhaps we forget there are some countries in the world, that have no chance of a vaccination: supplies are scarce or do not exist and hospital care is almost non-existent, only available for the better situated that can afford it.

Our birds do not have to worry so much about where the next seed is coming from and mine seem to be putting on weight.

I will probably be baking a cake this afternoon to break up the monotony. I have some oranges which are not getting younger so I should use them for something: probably an orange cake. Otherwise food supplies are organised for the next week so I can take it easy.

I was watching the British TV yesterday afternoon. they were highlighting a British conedy series “Dad’s Army”. It is built around the war efforts the Brits were making in the so-called home guard. The men too old or not fit enough to be soldiers in the second world war. They were organised to defend England in the case of an invasion, but with a light hearted approach. The interesting thing was that the actors playing the roles of the men were quite well known for me. It was first shown on the BBC in the seventies when I was settling in in Switzerland with family and my main TV programmes were Swiss, German or Austrian at the time. I am now catching up and must say it is quite a good series and good to see those actors. The sad thing is that there is actually now only one that lives, the youngest in the group. I remember we did have a home guard in England. My mother was organised to do so called “fire watching” in her factory, where she worked as a Hoffmann presser on the machines that prepared the garments made in the tailoring trade with the large steam presses. She would have to stay in the factory all night, with just a night watchman, and if there was an air raid she would have to report it to the local authorities if it began to burn. Her bad luck was that she was in the factory of one of the worst nights of attacks and the bombs were falling everywhere. She got back home in the morning and her mother (my grandmother) decided enough was enough. The next time she kept my mother at home when she had duty with the result that the police called. My grandmother told them they could strike her daughter from the list. She is still shaking from the effects and her brother was already a German prisoner of war since a year. The police apologised and struck my mum from the list. My grandfather was then at home, but he was not in the home guard. He was working in the one of the factories making bombs for the army at the Arsenal. Yes times were different in the last war.

And now I should go, it is Sunday and there is a dinner to be prepared and a few other tasks to deal with. I wish you all a relaxed Sunday and hope all goes well on your side of the world. Take care and all that jazz. You know by now how to do it.