FOWC with Fandango: Epitome

Every day there are more of them. At first there were only a few, but they are increasing in numbers. They are communicating with each other, planning to take over. We humans are isolated, staying indoors, frightened of the unseen threat from outside and the birds are taking advantage of it. They are arriving in flocks, descending together: just sitting there and watching. They even chirp together and suddenly there is silence. You could hear a seed drop. It is as if a command has been issued. Even the silence is deafening. And now the crows are approaching.

FOWC with Fandango: Epitome

RDP Wednesday: Lineament

You cannot hide the truth, it is there in the middle of your face. It has served me well over the years and my sneezes were always heard, even from a distance. Yes we AngloSwiss tribes were gifted with overlarge noses. My grandfather had one, My dad had one, and although he cannot help it, No. 1 Son also has one. It was always said that I was my dad’s daughter.

Here we are together when I was about 16 years old, although I have more the look of Amy Winehouse and she was not even born then. Unfortunately I could not sing like her. Note dad with his tie. In those days blue jeans and a sweatshirt were not qualified as Sunday best. The family were then visiting his sister and so we dressed up for the occasion. Again note the nose, it was a family thing. Mum also had quite a large nose, so I did not really have a big chance.

We were sitting outside the Wish Tower Restaurant in a place called Eastbourne on the English coast. It is funny how names remain. I had a look in Internet and found the café which still exists, however now under name of Bistro Pièrre, now a French restaurant.

Times change and so do places, but yes, the nose remains.

RDP Wednesday: Lineament

Good Morning

The morning from my garden looks quite bare with a dull sky, although you can just see the outline of the pre-alps in the background. I am now in isolation. I go nowhere and remain at home. Of course I am keeping out of Mr. Kovid’s way, but that is not really the reason. Our local town and surroundings have few people: only those that are shopping for food. It is now bitter cold, temperatures falling to -3°C and I have no wish to go out on my scooter. The head winds whilst travelling make it even colder. It is not snowing, but too cold for snow. I now rely on my online ordering of food from my supplier which thank goodness works very well. I am now covered until Friday and already placed my new order yesterday which will be delivered on Friday morning to cover the week-end. My life has a new routine. Mr. Swiss find that I am becoming a master of logistics with my new planning. Even the guy that delivers the goods is becoming a colleague. There are a few working as chauffeur, but I always seem to get the same guy. He is so helpful and friendly.

Mr. Robin paid me another visit yesterday. I always notice when he arrives as he waits for the other birds to disappear and then has it all to himself.

And of course, let us not forget the magpie. He sit in the tree first of all to survey the lie of the land, although he knows there are a few peanuts (in their shells of course) waiting for his breakfast. With a lot of noise and wing flapping he finally descends and I must really be quick for a photo as in a fraction of a second he packs his peanut and disappears with it.

Yesterday in my day of isolation life was quiet. Mr. Swiss was reading and I was working on my computer. I also completed my online week-end order for delivery on Friday. I had a good delivery slot for morning from 10-11 which suites me well. The days of trips to the store are now over for me. Mr. Swiss even congratulated me on my logistic qualities or the orgabnisation. My son picks up bread from the store and any other articles that would be necessary. Yesterday he went to the chemist to get Mr. Swiss tablet supply. We forgot to get the bread, but I have at least 10 breads in the freezer although I only realised I had no bread until late in the afternoon. I have had my “new” micro wave oven for at least 5 years but have never used (or even found) the programme for defrosting bread. Yesterday I searched and found it and it is great. Within 3 minutes my bread was defrosted, so no problem, and it was in perfect condition. I am thinking about baking a loaf today and should now get around to it, as it will need time to raise.

Otherwise nothing spectacular going on. I can still not get through on the telephone line to book my vaccination, but there is at least now a recording to tell everyone that the slots are fully booked for this week. I have had to wait for almost a year for a vaccination so a few more months do not matter so much.

And now I must go but I wish you all a good day. Stay safe and follow the rules (what a life we are leading).