RDP Friday: President

President? What president.
There used to be a clown, but he really made me frown
What was his name Rump, Tump
I cannot remember, but he got me down
Presidents come and go
Look at the figures, they are all now a no
The Russians have them, so do the yanks
The Brits do it to
They all meet the ranks
The Swiss have one, new every year
They exchange it regularly
So there is nothing to fear

RDP Friday: President

Good Morning

This morning I took a few photos of the morning light and eventually the sun arrived, so I decided this was the highlight of the morning for me. I actually decided to hug the bed a little longer and this was the reward.

And here is another one.

Otherwise no new events on my horizon at the moment. Somehow the warmer weather is showing through a little as this morning there was no snow left. It had all disappeared during the night except for a few cold areas in my front garden, but I could at least take my photos without having a danger of slipping on the snow

And what did I do yesterday. Actually I did a little too much, but success, it was all done by lunchtime. First of all there was new bed linen on the beds, but I fitted it in between. The actual bed making is no big deal, but hoovering under the beds needed some strength. I can easily lift the bed parts, but only with my right arm. After my compound fracture on my left arm some years ago, it has left it with a weakness which which I notice when lifing heavy objects. I did the bed in between whilst hoovering and mopping the appartment and I even managed to bake a bread. It is now becoming a routine. If I make the pastry around elevenish in the morning I can leave it to prove until the early afternoon. I bake it mid afternoon and we have a very fresh bread for the evening meal, sometimes still a little warm.

Yesterday I did a wholewheat bread for the first time. I noticed the flour was a little heavier to knead after making the pastry in my machine, but no big problem and once again – success. Note my new baking form on the left. I had a pleasant surprise yesterday morning when Mr. Swiss got the mail and brought a parcel. I had been searching for a long form for my bread and the only suitable one to my taste I found on my online site which I ordered. The forms are a french make, and I promptly got a mail from my company to say they were out of stock. I found another online company that provided them from France, but they were also out of stock, so decided to wait and see. So yesterday Mr. Swiss arrived from our post box with a parcel containing my wished for baking form (on the left in the photo). It seems my company found one somewhere. I was so pleased as I was preparing a pastry for a suitable bread to bake. Needless to say for a first try at wholewheat it turned out OK. Although Mr. Swiss much prefers the lighter bread, he was also a happy bunny with my bread. I really do not intend to bake bread every day, but at the moment I have the time as I am not going anywhere.

Today I will not be baking bread. I need none. I will be making a pastry for my Swiss Cheese flan which we will be having for the evening meal with some soup. I will not be baking at the week-end as I have no need and my next exercise will probably be on Tuesday. I must say I am really enjoying my new found hobby.

I have not seen my magpies lately, but this one appeared yesterday. They are very fast to gather their peanuts and disappear with them quickly.

This little sparrow decided to see how the world looked from the top of the birdhouse.

And now time to go. I will be getting a delivery this morning from my suppliers of my week-end groceries and I have a few items to freeze when it arrives. It is strange really that in my golden oldie years I am learning what I should have learned throughout my past years, but time was not on my side with bringing up four kids and all the trimmings. Have a good day everyone, enjoy and make the most of it. It’s Friday and the week-end will soon arrive.