RDP Tuesday: Health

I seem to be on health trip at the moment. Perhaps it is because I no longer go to a store to buy food but choose from my computer screen and now I have a selection of tangerines, oranges and lemons, so my vitamin C ration is cared for.

I have developed a love of dealing with fresh food knowing what it is exactly, and not prefabricated ready made food where the origins are a little doubtful. I remember my last visit to England where you could buy easy to spread butter. It really was, no carving and having bread ripped apart by the knife a perfect cover for the bread, but why was the butter easy to spread. Was it a chemical process, or just a simple solution? I do not know, but I would never buy it – far too suspicious.

And so I have my oranges and lemons for a healthy in between snack.

RDP Tuesday: Health

Good Morning

My view from the kitchen window looks quite clear and bright, but when I opened the window to take a photo, I was met by a freezing cold wind and our temps are really down into minus at the moment. However, with snow predicted for the next couple of days it will get a little warmer. One way or the other I will not be going anywhere. I let the nice guys from the store bring my goods in their warm cabins in the truck. There are plenty of delivery slots to cope with my needs.

I dropped one of those glass pan lids a few days ago. It naturally broke in many pieces, some large and others very small. With help from No. 1 son we had it tidied up in a few minutes, but now I am without one of my favourite lids. No problem, I had bought it in the store some years ago and even that is on the delivery list. I have now ordered a new one which I should get at the end of the week. Life is really becoming different and I am so glad for the possibility of not having to go anywhere to get what I need. I have also ordered a cookery book with bread recipes and a suitable container for baking the bread, so what could possibly go wrong. Yesterday evening while a boring TV programme was running, I almost completed my next list for online deliveries for the weekend cooking adventures.

My photos were few yesterday, but even the birds are not really enjoying the cold weather. They appear for a few minutes for their food supplies and disappear again. This sparrow decided to have a warm up session by having a wing flap.

My cleaning lady has just finished her weekly help, so now I have a nice clean bathroom and shower again. She is such a good help and we are lucky to have found her.

I was just thinking there is nothing more to say and then I had a visitor.

Look who just arrived, but he was a little distracted by the sparrows which had flown off when he appeared – typical cat.

So I wish you all a good day, take care and communicate by phone, computer or just keep a safe distance from everyone. Isolation used to be a punishment, now it is a way of life.