FOWC with Fandango: Unique

This painting on a wall in Paris near The Eiffel Tower is more than unique. It shows people who made the twentieth centuary according to the French words on the wall. Perhaps you can recognise some of them. I took the photo on a visit to Paris in 1997, In the meanwhile the building site has been built on and the painting no longer exists. Here is a photo of me and my two sons in front of the wall in 1997 when we were all a lot younger. We are also quite unique,

FOWC with Fandango: Unique

RDP Tuesday: Forward

We all have our methods of moving forward. Slugs are slow movers, but they get to where they are going eventually. They climb walls, dig down and that with only one big foot, but thousands of teeth, probably eating their way as they go. At the moment they are hiding in damp places somewhere underground but as soon as Winter is gone and the rainy season begins they appear everywhere. If they did not devour everything juicy and green in the garden they would not bother me.

One thing I noticed, they move forward always, but have you ever see a slug moving backwards? They do not seem to have a reverse gear.

RDP Tuesday: Forward

Good Morning

No fresh snow this morning, but the remainder from yesterday and that is enough. It is quite cold so nothing is melting up to now. It has developed into a busy morning. My cleaning lady/angel has arrived and is busy seeing to my bathroom and shower. I was a little later this morning as had a few things to deal with, but have now caught up. In the meanwhile my online shopping order arrived – this time only a few items that yesterday could not be delivered due to the bad weather.

I also had a small cat problem. This cat who belongs to a neighbour is very inquisitive. He was at the window and Mr. Swiss decided to give her a treat. She did not really want a treat, but wanted to go on a tour of our appartment, so quickly dived through the door and began to make herself comfortable on our settee. Then my delivery arrived from the store, I opened the main door and she was out and decided to go up the stairs to the other appartments. I really did not have time to follow her and so I gave up and left the main door open so that she could escape again. She is a smaller cat, but is very fast and has her own ideas.

I decided to bake a bread again yesterday. This time it was quite a success. I used my new bread baking form and it turned out well. I am now glad I invested in this baking form. It came from France and they are the only company I found that make something in this style.

There was not very much left from my bread this morning, but it made a tasty breakfast with butter and jam on it. I now seem to be baking 2-3 loaves a week. It does not need so much time and I now have a good time system with it.

Meanwhile bird life continues as usual outside and the blackbirds are now slowly moving in although the sparrows are not far behind.

My next task this morning, will be to make some Spätzle for lunch with some sliced beef cooked in vegtables. I have a gadget for making the spätzle which simplifies the work and have used it only once up to now but it worked quite well . Today I will be isolating at home again. It is too cold to go anywhere and I have decided to take it easy this afternoon. And now I am off, there are things to do at home. have a good day everyone, enjoy and stay safe.