Good Morning

It will be a quick one this morning. My cleaning lady is here and I had a few bits and pieces that I should have organised some time ago. Yesterday I ventured into the freezing outside world. It was OK, but was glad to return home again. We now have the cold days. The snow on the photo as been laying there for a few days since it snowed. It no longer melts so fast, but at least the roads and sidewalks are clear.

This was the first view I had when I left my estate.

I got another one of those stupid letters to deal with remaining from my earlier days when I would visit Britain now and again to see my dad. To simplify financial matters I had a bank account in England, together with dad. that was now almost 10 years ago although I still have a silly remainder in the account. I received a form asking about where I pay my tax, although it was no big deal. I have now written to cancel the account and sent back the form duly completed. I gave instructions to pay the amount into my Swiss account so hope it works. Basically I do not really care as there is so little money now in the account. On my last visits to England when dad passed away I had transferred most of the money already to Switzerland.

I was expecting a delivery of my MS medicine this morning, but it came and went. Apparently no-one answered the door when they rang. I had a notification to pick it up at the post office which is in the next village. I naturally phoned and said it would be an impossible task for me to pick up three large boxes. The lady on the phone was very friendly and had arranged to deliver it again tomorrow with a note that they should wait until I answer the door as I am not the quickest. My cleaning lady had just arrived and offered to pick up the parcels for me, but I would have to go as well to sign. It was very kind of her. The post will redeliver for me tomorrow.

And now I really must go. Stay safe, have a good day. I leave you with a view I took yesterday on the way to the store of our local castle, with our snow covered Jura mountains in the background.