FOWC with Fandango: Deteriorate

When a factory deteriorates, there are certain areas that adopt a certain charm. This used to be an empty place where I can imagine that the workers would collect outside during their coffee breaks and perhaps have a cigarette to relax. The would have a conversation talking about their evenings spent with their families, their hobbies, and their general daily life when not working in the factory. Now it is left to its own devices. Nature is taking possession, with various wayward seeds growing to flowering plants, some calling them weeds. Since I took the photo about five years ago, the wild growing plants are no longer. The factory no longer exists. It has been demolished. It is now a car park, although with time a new building will arise – perhaps again in 50 years to be demolished for something new. Life changes so quickly.

FOWC with Fandango: Deteriorate

RDP Saturday: What the eyes don’t see

It was a stormy night. Constant sounds of thunder and the lightening lit up the sky as if it was sudden daylight in between. John did not sleep so well. The noise was disturbing. Did he hear a shrieking noise in between, screams, or was it laughter. The next morning he dragged himself out of his bed and had a meeting of the third kind. They had moved it, taken over the garden. They seemed to be having a conversation with each other in a language he did not understand. Was this a bad dream? It was when he discovered that they were eating the vegetables in the garden he began to get worried. On the other hand they seemed to have an appetite for snails and John had been trying to destroy them for years. At last he could grow some herbs with nice fresh green leaves, he thought. But they also had an appetite for flavours, especially parsley and thyme. It was when the cat disappeared that John got suspicious

RDP Saturday: What the eyes don’t see

Good Morning

The snow has now gone, but I am not so sure about the rain. I think that will return today and stay, but I have no plans on going anywhere. The horizon looked quite promising, but no good getting any high hopes.

I gave myself a push in the garden yesterday and cut down my bush in the middle. It is a buddleia and has wonderful flowers in Summer, but it relies on being cut back in spring, so I gave it a try and it worked. I had to be careful not to lose my balance, but I took my walker with me. I have quite a few remaining stalks from Winter to cut back, but will probably recruit the help of No.1 son, although I will be calling my gardener some time later in February. It is now time to think about the garden. It has been a long Winter and there was enough cold and snow to deal with, but now February is here next week, so it should be getting better now.

I remember 4th February in 1969 when Mr. Swiss and I had an appointment at the registry office to get married. I remember there were some snow flurries on that day 52 years ago. Time certainly flies, but we still look the same as we did then, perhaps more grey hair and no longer as mobile as we were.

There are more blackbirds this year than I have ever seen so early. They like to hover in the trees. I think they are quite partial to the berries remaining on my hawthorn tree.

I have organised my shopping for next week to be delivered on Tuesday and forgot to order the cola. I rarely drink it, but Mr. Swiss likes it and so does No. 1 son. We have some in the cellar but I am not sure if it will last for the week. I decided to order it extra with the other stuff on Tuesday but saw they have a special half price offer only lasting until Monday. I had to think quickly, but have now ordered it for an extra delivery on Monday together with the potatoes I also forgot. I know, I really lead an exciting life with all this logistical planning.

I also noticed this morning that the cobwebs have collected in a few corners of the bedroom, so I will be busy with the vacuum clearing them away. I do not know how the spiders do it. I see one or two now and again hovering around, but they are just have a Winter indoors sheltering from the cold outside. I suppose everywhere they walk they leave a thread behind them, which collects with time.

I managed to capture these two sparrows having a flight demonstration. They really do it well. Just one of the exciting moments in my day at home.

In my days of isolation and not going places, I realised yesterday that I only had one interdental brush left from my paket. I like to use them after cleaning my teeth for the in-between places. As I am not going anywhere at the moment and definitely not the dentist, I phone to ask if she could organise them for my son to pick up. The receptionist said no problem, and she would send them to me by post, which is even better, I saved No. 1 son an extra journey and I am now sure of my supply. It seems everyone is re-organising for stay-at-home life.

I am still waiting for my vaccination news, but it seems Switzerland are a bit slow on the roll out. Suddenly we are inundated with numerous various suppliers of vaccinations. It seems all the specialist companies are developing them. The only problem is getting them to the people that need them. There seems to be an international competition about which country is the best in delivering.

As you can see, there is no great news from my part of the world and I will now move in with my daily chores. No great stress this morning, no bread baking or big cooking operations. Stay safe, look after yourselves, and keep away from the others – you never know.