FOWC with Fandango: Category

No cat is the same as another. Apart from their fur types, they also have their own characters. This cat belongs to a neighbour, but she knows if she waits long enough, the window will open.

This cat also belongs to a neighbour and is sitting in front of the window.

However both cats have different intentions. If I open the window the tabby cat will enter and go for an exploration of my apartment. usually settling in the living room.

The ginger cat has only one target. He will wait patiently outside until I give him some feline delights to eat. Afterwards he will leave satisfied with the result of his wait.

The first cat is the explorer, the second cat is the begger.

FoWC with Fandango: Category

Good Morning

After our snow filled day yesterday the rain has arrived, although it will take some time to wash away the snow. If I was still driving I would welcome the rain to clear the roads. Yesterday was another day at home. My No.1 son even ventured into town in the afternoon. I am sure he was one of the very few, I also had news from No. 2 son and his family yesterday. We had one of those online messenger chats. We are not seeing each other at the moment. It is safer. He lives a couple of hours away and in this Winter weather it would not be so advisable. Anyhow modern developments are a positive factor and I once again I saw my grandchildren on ther computer connection. They are growing so fast, especially the one year old. She is developing quickly. Thank goodness they are living in one of the safer Kantons with not so many Covid cases, similar to our Kanton. It is generally improving in Switzerland, although we are long not out of the woods and it will all take time.

I was again busy baking bread yesterday and again it was a success. This time I added a little more salt and it is now quite perfect. I just love mixing the ingredients (in my machine) and watching the success as it rises to double the size. Another kneading session for a few minutes, shape it, put it in the form to rise and then into the oven. The appartment then has the wonderful bakery smell and I have a finished bread for the evening meal. It is wonderful to eat such fresh bread. I have just had some for breakfast this morning with butter and jam, what could be better. I find it a relaxing job and really no stress. When I think back to the beginning of my first catastrophe, but now I have the routine.

The birds arrived thick and fast yesterday. I notice as the weather develops they also develop other habits. Here they seem to be having some wing practice.

I noticed this big bird outside. I think it is a female blackbird.

The male of the species have such bright beaks, such as this one.

I have had a bit of a problem with my Apple computer later. It works perfectly when I attach it to the current, but dies down when working wireless. I contacted our computer guy and I told him what was happening, adding that I think it needs a new internal battery. I have had the computer for about eight years and he agreed that it this is the reason, nothing lasts forever. He has now contacted me after I supplied him with all the details he needed and a new battery will be fitted into the computer. I still had the original receipt for the computer with all the details, so it will be no problem, just a little expensive, but within reason. The computer is the best they had at the time, and since buying it there have been no real big developments. Otherwise I really like my Apple. I have the best of both worlds, as I also have a second windows computer which I mainly use for my photos. The pleasures of a golden oldie.

My robin was everywhere yesterday. Apart from visiting me at my window (there are some seeds on the ground) he was also perched on the birdhouse. This morning he was again hopping round outside my kitchen window.

And now I will be hopping around (with a slight limp) in my apartment dealing with this and that and preparing lunch and perhaps, no definitely, a bread. I know, I just cannot leave it and I do have some wholewheat flower and yeast, so what could be better.

Have a good day, keep your distance, do not socialise too much and do not forget your masks when going places. Of course, wash your hands at every opportunity, even if your hands do get a little sensitive with so much washing and soap – like mine.