FOWC with Fandango: Operation

I suppose you could call the building a centre of operations. On the corner our state town police have their headquarters. It used to be a school, but a new building was constructed so the school moved out and the police moved in. You can see one of the police vans parked at the side. The next building is what we call the riding arena, which is was originally. In the meanwhile people ride with their horses in other places and the hall is used for opera productions, pop concerts and beer festivals. It now has a new use as a vaccination centre. You make an appointment and you go their to be vaccinated against the dreaded Mr. Covid. Of course, only if you are lucky enough to break through the telephone barrier and make an appointment.

I have been trying for almost three weeks. The vaccination costs nothing, except for your nerves trying to get one.

FOWC with Fandango: Operation

Good Morning

Yesterday began in a similar way, but the sun eventually appeared, so I am hoping it will today.We still have our -4°C temperatures and the water outside in my watering can and drinking bowl for the birds is frozen solid in the morning.At least we have no snow, although that is also predicted for Wednesday when the temperatures should then be around 4-5° C during the day. At least a little warmer, but I am getting used to the comfortable stay-at-home life and have no intention of going anywhere this week. My golden oldie days are now spent letting the others doing the running around. I will be getting yet another delivery today to fix me for the week. I have even ordered 3 breads, one for today fresh and the other two will be frozen for the rest of the week. My No. 1 son is back to work today and I really do not want to pressure him too much with buying stuff. He does enough for me as it is,

In the meanwhile I am still trying to get an appointment for a Covid vaccination which seems to be a things of impossibility. Since three weeks the telephone line is overloaded and you are advised to “try again later”, although later is a large term. I am fed up with seeing photos in the newspaper of those happy people who are some of the first to be chosen, although all are people in the older age groups or with an underlying medical condition. I am also one of those, and have a written recommendation from my neurologist, which would e necessary in my case, but what is the point when you cannot get through for an appointment. In Switzerland we cannot make an appointment with our local doctor direct as the vaccine has to be stored in special deep freeze temperatures and so it has all been centralised.

In the meanwhile back to the birds with their flying antics. This sparrow had just completed a take off manoever.

And I am not so sure what this one was doing, perhaps just a little wing practice.

And now I am doing a little wing practice in my apartment. A woman’s work is never done and housework continues, although routine. It is now a week since I ventured into the great outdoors. I do not even have cabin fever. I am getting used to my new life of isolation.

Keep safe everyone and have a good week.