FOWC with Fandango: Pundit

My first attempt was a little pathetic
The bread was quite lumpy and not so aesthetic
But practice makes perfect and I did not give up
My next bread was better, it was quite a build up
Undaunted I continued, my interest was alive
The family were eating it, everyone survived
And now I can do it, am a very good maker
I chose the wrong profession, should have been a baker

FOWC with Fandango: Pundit

RDP Wednesday: Sharpened

You have a problem, then sharpen your claws
You are feeling hungry, do not take a pause
A scratch behind the ear, then do not sharpen
Claws on skin not so good, your mood will then darken
If you are tired, might even be bored
Sharpen them up, don’t let you get floored
Whatever the problem, there is always a cure
Dig into the scratching post, just to be sure

RDP Wednesday: Sharpened

Good Morning

Breathtaking isn’t it and it has nothing to do with my camera or photography. Nature did it all herself producing a sunrise all on her own. I even have the silhoutte of the alps in the Bernese overland in the distance. The light filled my apartment when I raised the blinds.

I had another successful day in my bakery in the kitchen yesterday. I am now getting into the routine and it really does not need a lot of work or preparation to bake a bread. This time I made it with my brown flour.

At the moment I am only baking a round bread, although I have now discovered a tin for baking long bread in my collection of kitchen goods. Now that I am getting into the routine I will try it tomorrow. It is not a special bread baking tin, but I am sure it can also be used. I am ordering a suitable tin, but they do not have them available at the moment. It is the only one that would suite my needs. I like to buy quality when financially possible and the choice I have made comes from a French manufacturer.

I was planning on an excursion into town this afternoon, but that has now been postponed and No. 1 son will be going for me. I forgot to upload my scooter battery yesterday evening and as I have not used my scooter for almost a month I do not want to be stranded somewhere in town. I need yeast for my next bread and otherwise Mr. Swiss is low on his cigarettes, although he will survive for the next day or two. I got a message on my store web page that the new version of Apple IOS prevents the use of my card to pay at the store. They are having difficulties with it, but I can use my plastic card. That is no great problem for me at the moment as I no longer visit any stores. Computer steered operations also have their problems it seems.

The birds have not been so active lately. I think I might feed them too much. They prefer to sit in the bushes opposite and keep an eye on things.

However the local cat turned up outside. She was just getting ready to force entry through my open kitchen window, but I closed it in time. I do not mind her inside, but I like to keep an eye on her and she was keeping a watchful feline eye on me it seems from beneath the table outside.

And another good morning comes to an end as I move on further with a little housework. Keep safe everyone. I leave you with one of my favourite classical pieces, the Karelia Suite from Sibelius. A good wake up in the morning. I am really becoming a classic music fan, have discovered a great radio channel on my iPhone and what I like is that there is always a clear description of what you are listening to, the orchestra, conductor and name and author of the music.