FOWC with Fandango: Remiss

One of our larger buildings in our local town. It is known as the riding arena, although it has been many years since someone rode a horse in the hall. Over the past years it has been used for concerts from pop groups, for opera performances and concerts, even as place for the local government, but today it is being used for vaccinations against the Covid pandemic.

It does not seem to be functioning as it should, which does not surprise me. From today the public could phone to book their appointment. The result was that the telephone No. was blocked all day. You were put on a 10 munute waiting queue and were lucky if you were not disconnected. In other words aother example of how various authoties are overwhelmed with the development: whether England, Germany, Italy, even the States (and even little Switzerland) everyone is not able to fulfill the promise of immediate treatment.

Mankind no longer knows the exit from the situation. I spoke to the lady who organises the delivery of my MS medicine and she said even I will have to wait and see how the situation develops, even though I have a so-called underlying health issue. I feel OK more or less, but avoid situations of mixing with others. Our town is resembling a ghost town and in our village you rarely see anyone. Even the neighbours are keeping themselves to themselves.

And so life goes on. I cook and clean, Mr. Swiss reads a book and I like to keep myself busy with my computer. I now tend to listen to more radio through my ear buds. Perhaps a substitute for human contact.

FOWC with Fandango: Remiss

RDP Monday: Galavant

There are times when galavanting about town, or just a local visit to the store, is not advisable. Having been in a locked down situation since last Wednesday, six days, I decided I must break out. I did not really have to buy anything. My cupboard, fridge and cellar is full of food. It resembles a mini version of our local supermarket. I just wanted to do it, getting back into the old routine: a golden oldie galavant.

And so I saddled my scooter, which had been lying dormant for almost a week. I checked that I had my gloves, was wearing a warm winter padded jacket with my trusty scarf around my neck, not forgetting my new nice woolly hat to keep my ears warm. What could possibly go wrong.

I left the warmth of the garage, opened the automatic door and road out into the unknown. After two minutes I was alreay wondering if I had done the right thing. My first problem was the pavement as there were remains of frozen snow in various places. Luckily there was no traffic on our little roadwhich was the path I was forced to ride. What stupid person would leave the warmth of their home to venture into these frozen places. Yes, I know, it was just me. I continued on my solitary scooter and made it to the sidewalk of the main road – so far so good. I would add I was really grateful that I had my gloves with me. On the was to the store, the thought was still roaming in my head whether this was a good idea. However, I eventually arrived, parked the scooter and entered the nice warm comfortable store. There were few people shopping. I wonder why. After half an hour I was finished, my frozen venture completed and I saddled up for the home journey. I had visions of a search party finding a golden oldie frozen on a scooter, despite the gloves and woolly hat, but I did it. I survived and scootered back to my nice warm garage place.

I arrived in my apartment again and decided that 0°C was not an ideal temperature to take a trip, even to the local store. I have now checked the weekly weather report. No snow or rain thank goodness, but temperatures remaining at 0°C. Perhaps I could install a heating on my scooter.

RDP Monday: Galavant

Good Morning

No sky photos this morning because we have returned to the old boring grey covers of last year. Spectacular sunrises are no longer. At least some of the remaining apples from my tree bring some colour into the day. I had more than a hundred but they have now been eaten. I did not even bake a Swiss apple flan with them. It was quite a good harvest.

It is back to normal (whatever that is) today. The stores are open again, at least those that are allowed with our lockdown covid rules. This morning in about an hour I will be receiving my online order for the week, which will cover all my requirements I hope. It is now the time in Winter when snowfalls and freezing temperatures are a normal appearance, although up to now it has not really happened. Our snow melted and disappeared after a day or two. I am covered for my main requirements this week, although I just might venture to the local supermarket today. I have 5-6 empty 1 liter plastic bottles for the communal bin at the store from our mineral water consumption which I should deposit. I also want to purchase the daily bread. No. 1 son still has a week’s holiday this week and he can get what I need. However, after five days at home I should really venture out into the open world.We have no rain or snow predicted for the next couple of days, although who knows.

The only visitors I have during the day are my birds, and they like to keep their distance. This one perched on the hedge for a better view.

This big bird also appeared on the tree outside. Not sure, but it might be a female blackbird as they are not as colourful as the men.

I also had a surprise when I uploaded this photo to see that a blue tit was perched on the tree branch: such a colourful bird.

Yesterday evening I was again left with the TV after Mr. Swiss retired to bed. There was a Jurassic Park film earlier in the evening, but I only caught the last five minutes and gradually I have the feeling “seen one, seen them all”. Eventually I settled for a “Justice League” film with Superman, super girl, batman and all the other heroes. It was OK but not exactly one of the best. They might conquer the villains, but I do it every day on my own conquering the cleaning of my apartment and cooking the meals. Admittedly Mr. Swiss always makes the beds.

Yet another pop star from my generation passed away yesterday: Gerry Marsden of Gerry and the Pacemakers from Liverpool. There are very few still around, but we are all becoming golden oldies, although they are still modern enough for me. I now realise how my parents must have thought about Bing Crosby and other singers of their time. They lived with their climb to fame.

Have a good day, we are all back to the normal pandemic routine with our masks, safety distances and all the trimmings.

So let’s finish with Ferry across the Mersey (Liverpool’s river) from Gerry Marsden, his own composition.