Good Morning

Another snowy morning and it is still snowing. I do not think we have had such a snowy Winter for some time. Last year we had a few days of snow, but this Winter, in January in particular, it has snowed almost daily. I am so thankful for my online ordering system, although deliveries are also a little later due to the snow on the roads. I do not know what I would have done without them. I can even order daily for a few items and there is no extra cost for delivery, but I like to keep it to two deliveries in the week. Yesterday I organised the week-end food. It becomes a routine, but I have to be careful not to forget anything. It really needs concentration.

My little robin is getting more adventurous daily and this morning he was sitting direct in front of my kitchen window, so I took a few photos. Whilst there was a group of sparrows all enjoying a group feed on the other side of the garden. My robin never mixes with the other birds. I only see the robin in winter, but am hoping that he might put in a few appearances next Summer.

I am really quite in stress this morning. My printer again lost the connection yesterday and this morning I wasted time on getting it connected again, although Mr. Swiss did the connecting. His computer was printing with no problem, but mine was not. Luckily he got it working eventually. Since living an online life with ordering food and other items, I like to keep printed records of what is ordered.

The snow is piling up outside and as the weather forecast has predicted more this week, we will eventually be submerged in the white stuff.

And this is a very short one this morning, as I lost so much time with various problems. I have lunch to cook, and also again wish to bake a bread (silly me), although that does not take so long as my machine does it for me. Have a good day, and make the most of it. I will be enjoying the indoor life watching the snow falling.