FOWC with Fandango: Reverie

Was it a dream or reality? Was I transformed back to the days of the great plague when people disappeared from the streets and even had a red cross painted on the door? This is Saturday afternoon in a usually bustling market town. Where were the people? We are under siege and the attackers are invisable. Who would have thought it. This reverie is not a dream but a fact.

FOWC with Fandango: Reverie

Good Morning

It’s a bright sky this morning, so not too bad. It rained during the night, but has now stopped. I might even venture out today for the first time in three weeks. I have been at home for a long while. I can order my groceries comfortably on line with the exception of frozen goods, although I have enough in the freezer and avoid cooking frozen when I can get fresh. However, I should stock up on some. Our online deliveries do not have refrigerated vans, although they pack the fresh goods very well.

I also managed to break my last large sizes microwave glass for cooking yesterday. I always use the same sort, in various sizes, but the glass is quite fragile and if you open the cupboard and the glass container drops out into the sink below (thank goodness and not the floor) it shatters quite easily. Another reason for an excursion to the store where I can buy a replacement. I find I am often dropping things lately, probably another MS development, although it is usually the small items, but now and again something more fragile and bigger. Luckily I have a so-called grabber to pick items up.

I had another visiter yesterday on the birdhouse. I am not sure what they are called, but I found the photo of a marsh tit which quite resembles it.

I was surprised to read that the masks we are wearing for protection against the dreaded Covid are not the best. There is now a more expensive type, thicker with more protection and naturally much more expensive. I am quite happy with the one I have and I am not going to buy something more expensive. The type of mask you wear now seems to be becoming a bit of a status symbol . I have enough problems with the normal mask when my glasses tend to steam up.

My feline visitor appeared this morning at the window as usual. His visits are now increasing during the day, but I am not feeding him every time he appears., although sometimes it is difficult to resist those pleading eyes. For a 15 year old cat he is in quite good shape. I have known him since he was a kitten. How time flies.

And now my time is flying and I should get on with my daily chores. I should now go to the garage and disconnect my scooter as I have been uploading it again in preparation for today’s tour. Have a good beginning to the week-end and wear a mask, keep your distance and all that jazz – you know it all by now.

Our snow has now almost all disappeared, however it is still hanging on the local Jura mountains.