Good Morning

There I was on my way to the computer – and kitchen – wondering how to start a good morning when I really had no new photos. Yesterday it rained all day and was still raining this morning early and then it happened. I charged up the computer and it started to tumble down. Rain quickly became think flocks of snow and according to the prediction we will be having our share of snow today – all day. What could be better? I know, I used to hate the snow, uttered many shameful profanities about it and now I find it pretty, a wonderful photo subject. How come the change? That’s easy. Online shopping, staying at home and having a full fridge and freezer. What a wonderful life this is becoming.

This morning I will be getting a new delivery from the supermarket to even boost my supplies. I sometimes feel a bit guilty knowing that there are many that do not have the same opportunities.

Another positive development in my Swiss life is that yesterday the local government announced that we can now book our vaccination appointment online, on the computer. They have supplied the web address and I had a quick look yesterday evening to check. The address is there and probably I will book myself a place today. Yesterday evening was too late for a golden oldie like me to begin discovering what my computer can do for me. Evenings are reserved for the iPad, or perhaps the iPhone and TV of course. It seems my Kanton has not forgotten me and this is a case of not asking what you can do for your Kanton, but what they can do for you. Short explanation: Kanton is the Swiss form of State. I am in the Kanton of Solothurn. At the moment I would not even be able to get to the vaccination station, being slowly submerged in snow, but according to what I have seen in the statistics, it will only be my turn some time in February. Up to now they have managed to vaccinate 60,000 in our Kanton.

Not many birdie photos today, although as I was sitting here Mr. Robin showed up to see what was on offer. Otherwise the other birds are now flocking to the birdhouse as they always do in the snowy weather.

It was almost Christmas yesterday. I had a mail delivery of the home comfortable trousers I ordered about a month ago, followed by a new pyjama parcel for Mr. Swiss and the finale was just before lunch time when the parcel postman arrived yet again and brought me the bread baking form I had ordered with the necessary bread cook book. What could be better, I am now a happy bunny and have everything I ordered, although I will probably find something else that I must have.

Only a few more days and Mr. Trump will disappear from the world – we hope. His servants are now packing his bags and it will soon be the day when he says to all that the last one to go should turn off the light. He is not my problem, but a big problem for the country where he reigns. In the meanwhile keep safe and keep blogging. You are all my second family so it is always good to hear from you. Just a little like with a mouse click does it nicely and if you have more to say, all the better. Have fun. I leave you with a picture of my outside porch, before the big snow started to tumble down. Here it had only just began.