RDP Friday: Mob

So many chickens, just wandering aimlessly and clucking together. And then the rooster arrives. He does not cluck like the others, but crows with his Cock-a-doodle-do and then there is silence. The hens listen , they pay attention. The rooster goes back to his crowing on his own and the chickens now gather together and begin to peck what they find and return to their clucking in unison. Unfortunately they do not have the gift of thinking it all over but what the rooster says is law. They might lay a few eggs, but they are now busy doing what the rooster required. The rooster sees it all from his high place and looks on. He is the one that thinks for all. Reminds me of someone.

RDP Friday: Mob

Good Morning

Looks like another bright day today, but who knows. Yesterday was quite sunny throughout the day, but temperatures were not so friendly. I would have perhaps made a trip to the store, but was a little too tired. After putting fresh bed linen on the beds and duvet etc. in the morning I was exhausted in the afternoon and really had a nice prolonged sleep after dinner. I really needed it, so no energy left for an excursion to the local store.

I also carried on with my online order for next week’s food supplies and a couple of minutes ago I finally sent it off with a delivery slot of Monday morning from 10-11 a.m. I noticed on my last order, that will be delivered today, that my small tins of pineapple and my favourite toilet paper rolls (12 pieces in a pack) were not available. I put them again on my new order. I have enough in my own private store.. Is there again a new toilet roll panic? And is everyone now making pineapple cakes? At the moment the complete Monday slots are free to choose, but it can be occupied quickly. I am now getting into the routine of when to place my order. Now I can forget the whole thing until middle of next week when I place my order for the next week-end.

Things are a bit boring on the bird scenery at the moment, although I endeavour to bring a fresh photo daily. This one is from yesterday when Mr. Magpie paid a visit.

I am now on the right way for my Kovid vaccination, although patience is still required. We contacted our house doc yesterday and she told me to contact my neurologist. Our government are placing criteria for who is qualified to be vaccinated, but at the moment it is only for ages from 75 years and I am 74. However if you have underlying special complaints you contact your doctor and he issues a letter which he can download from Internet. I contacted the neurologist surgery and I now have the required letter to be vaccinated. I have diabetes and MS which qualifies me. The next step is now to make an appointment for the vaccination and that is easier said than done. There is a telephone queue. This morning I left the phone to call with the loudspeaker, but after half an hour I decided to try again later. I have been trying for a couple of days, but now I have my letter. Mr. Swiss needs no letter as he is 81 years old and qualifies automatically. My son will have to wait a month or two until it will be his turn.

I still have a few green plants in the garden. At least my rosemary is sill surviving.

Although the sedum no longer looks very fresh. It makes a little colour in the garden.

Today I will be taking it easy again. Even the TV is digging up the old films, Yesterday I watched yet again “Tea with Mussolini” which was one of the good films with some of the well known older British film stars such as Maggie Smith and Judie Dench and even Cher. It showed an english colony of older ladies in Italy in pre-war times and at the beginning of the war. It was afterwards followed by a programme “Nothing Like a Dame” with Eileen Atkins, Joan Plowright, Judi Dench and Maggie Smith engaged in a chat together about their lives and times which was so interesting.

Eventually it was really my bed time. And now I am off for the morning chores, although nothing really exhausting.I will embark today on my first attempt at making my own mayonnaise with my newly discovered gadget I found in the cellar forgotten in a corner. It has been washed in the machine and now ready for use. On this note I will leave you. Have a good day, beware of the dreaded Mr. Covid, but I think we have now adapted to this non-touching, unsociable way of living. One day our descendants will read all about it in the books we will leave behind, unless by then they have their own problems, which is very likely.