FOWC with Fandango: Drive

Since last year, it was May or June, I no longer have a car. I begun to drive at the age of 38 in Switzerland where I took my test. I was never one of those excited drivers that just had to have a car. I needed it to get to work and shopping. In the first years I even took it on holiday. I had one son in my car and Mr. Swiss the other son in his car when we drove to the Bernese Overland.

I no longer have a car. It is now the time perhaps to confess why I no longer have a car. I drove over a red light and had a crash with the guy coming from the right. There is no excuse, it was my fault. I had a broken tyre and a demolished left front wing. The other guy just had a few scratches and a dent, although to be quite honest I have no idea. I managed to drag the car to an island in the road and sitting half stunned I realised that a police lady was taking photos of the damage, whilst another policemen in another police car was sweeping the glass from the road.

The police were very kind, in face of the circumstances, and first asked if I was OK. I said physically yes, but mentally no. Cut a long story short. My car was towed away by a garage and I was invited into the police van. They drove me to my garage which was quite near and my garage gave me a car to use.So after the accident I was on the road again with no problem.

One thing lead to another. My car was repaired, I had a full coverage insurance, but did I want to drive. Of course there were repercussions from the legal side, I had a fine to pay and my driving licence would have been taken away for three months. However, I got there first. I realised that I no longer had the confidence to drive, I was just plain scared behind the wheel, and I gave back my licence. I am handicapped which does not help and most probably I would have to take my driving test again. I was sure I would not pass. There was also the problem of seeing a specially appointed doctor appointed by the public prosecuter.

And that is why I no longer drive a car, and have absolutely no wish to. The photo is when I took my newly repaired car to the motor vehicle inspection to have it allowed on the road again. It passed and I could have driven with it but no interest in driving again. I am now happy with my scooter and electric wheelchair and online grocery deliveries. At the age of 74 I have no intention of driving ever again.

FOWC with Fandango: Drive

RDP Friday: Accountability

I have slowly become responsible for everything at home. Son No. 1 goes to work during the day and Mr.Swiss has his nose stuck in a book most of the time when he is not taking his medicine or on the computer. As long as you have toilet rolls somewhere in the cellar life is under control I suppose. This is only the reserve in my store room/laundry room. The rest are in the cupboard in the appartment. I also have a supply of long life milk (on the right), but as Mr. Swiss is the only person that uses milk for his coffee, he decided it should also be in the appartment so that he does not have to go down to the cellar to get it early in the morning. Luckily I have a second fridge in the appartment for my MS injections, but now it is slowly being converted to an emergency supply of things we do not want to have in the cellar.

This is only part of the supplies, and this is not the rest. In between there is a mega sized freezer chest with enough meat, bread and other frozen goods to last for a month at least. This morning I spent half an hour slicing a large piece of pork and vacuuming it all in separate dinner portions for freezing. If I happen to wake up in the night for a visit to a certain body recycling room, I never go back to sleep immediately afterwards. I begin to study what I need on my list for online shopping. My iPad is on the night table so I reach over and add a few items before I forget them. We golden oldies tend to forget a minute after we remember unfortunately.

Now and again I take a break, am on the computer or watch the TV. Oh, I just remembered looking at this photo, I must put Pepsi on the list. We only have one six pack of one and a half liter bottles in the cellar. Mr. Swiss finds that our cellar is gradually resembling the extension to our local supermarket.

RDP Friday: Accountability

Good Morning

We had so much snow a couple of days ago that I though it would be here to stay for a week at least. However, yesterday it rained from morning to evening and through the night, the result being that the snow has almost disappeared. We are now left with some strong winds, although that is not so bad. I watch it all from the window indoors where it is nice and warm.

I kept myself busy baking yet another bread yesterday. I still had some wholewheat flour and decided to use it This is the bread before it went for the final baking process in the oven-

And this is the final product, although half was already eaten with the coldcuts in the evening. I now have a break from bread making until next week as I do not need so much during the week-end and I usually buy a platt bread to bake up for the week-end. My next bread baking session will be on Monday.

I am now getting daily visits from the blackbird. They first of all sit in the trees watching a waiting before they pounce.

More and more are arriving daily. This photo shows three male birds with their colourful breaks. The females are not so colourful.

There was also a tit flying around. He eventually discovered some treats. Every bird has its own habits and the tits like to sit in the trees and fly down to the bird house or choose the hanging treats.

Of course the robin put in an appearance again He likes to eat the seeds that fall on the porch when I am sorting them. He has it all to himself and I also get a good photo close up.

I will be getting my delivery today for the week-end food, which will keep us fed until Monday. I just received the confirmation and everything will be delivered. I have already prepared the next order which I will have delivered on Tuesday. I discovered that Monday is not such a good day for deliveries. They do not always have everything as their supplies may not have arrived in time.

It seems there is yet another new vaccine available for covid, from Britain which is even better and covers more various types of the virus. At the moment there seem to be vaccines everywhere, although many, like myself and Mr. Swiss, are still waiting for our jab. When this pandemic is over I am sure that life will never be the same again for us all. Home deliveries of food, and home office might become a routine. We will still be washing our hands more often. We have perhaps seen that life is not so comfortable. and have hopefully learned something from it all. Not everything goes without saying. Our annual jabs for flu will be accompanied by the annual Covid jab.

And I am now off to my normal morning routine with a little bit of cleaning. If the weather stays rain free I might go places, but I have a feeling that it will be a day of monsoons. Look after yourselves, keep safe and make the most of it. It will soon be the week-end although I realise that some are working over the week-end for the benefit of us all.

This little bird also arrived yesterday. I think it is a chaffinch, too special for a common sparrow.