RDP Sunday: Appealing

The entrance to our vaccination centre serving the population of Solothur and surroundings, not very appealing. I am on the waiting list. First of all they had a “hot” line where you could phone for an appointment. However, the line was so hot, that it was burning at both ends and there was no chance of getting connected. Now we can do it by computer and both Mr. Swiss and I are now waiting for our appointment which will probably be next month – we are now on the list. I think they have vaccinated about six thousand in our Kanton up to now, with new victims every day.

Note the police car parked next to the entrance. That is because the building for our Kantons police is next to the vaccination building. As you can see there is no-one queing for a chance to get their jab, but it was Saturday and at the week-end no-one is being jabbed. Some other countries are boasting about how many people they are managing to get vaccinated, one after the other, but not the Swiss. We do it methodically. In the meanwhile I order my groceries on line and am living in self isolation, baking my own bread. Why rush, I only see the neighbours if I happen to be filling my washing machine at the same time in the cellar.

RDP Sunday: Appealing

5 thoughts on “RDP Sunday: Appealing

  1. Our little hospital was overwhelmed. Sought help and got it from public health and the high school. They finally set up an online list and things are not nearly as confused as they were in the beginning. But to show how small this community is, the hospital was overwhelmed with 600 people. ❤ I hope you two get your vaccinations soon.

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