Good Morning


Here we are again. Actually I would have been a little earlier, but was dithering around on Facebook. I must admit I am not a Facebook fan, but as a daily routine post my WordPress blogs there. This no longer seems to be working, although I have not changed anything. In the meanwhile I had a look at Facebook and discovered they also have a new template. I tried it and do not like it. I have also decided to more or less abandon this place, although still belong as I have many contacts there from my school days (about 50-60 years ago) and also far flung family members. Otherwise I discovered there is very little interesting there. I am more comfortable in WordPress.

Today is the first day of my Easter isolation and have decided to make it as stressless as possible. The morning began with a look outside.


It seems the sparrows have taken over the bird feeder outside and the tits have disappeared. I stopped putting out food a couple of days ago and now there is only the remainders of some bird seed. I cannot see anything, but the birds always find something. The sparrows have not disappeared and are still hopping around.,


making the most of what they can find.


And it is Easter, Good Friday. I bought some coloured eggs in the supermarket just to remind me that we have a long holiday week-end. Many years ago when the kids were still kids, we would colour the eggs ourselves, but that is now far gone and my No. 2 son now as the privilege of doing it with his son – so have fun. I decided to get a chocolate bunny, actually two. One is milk chocolate and the other white chocolate, but I am keeping them for Sunday. Tomorrow would be Easter Saturday and the stores are open. I can only say good luck to those that brave the storm, that is the worst shopping Saturday in the year and I will stay relaxed at home. My fridge is full, the freezer in full, and my store is full. Yes, we will survive.

I could actually go for a short wheelie in the area in my chair, but am resisting the temptation. I am managing quite well with my isolation, the only thing I miss are the photo safaris. Our Swiss police force are busy over the holidays. There are a lot less criminal activities, but they are making sure that there are no large groups of people wandering around and increasing the attacks of the virus. People that have decided to go to the popular Easter haunts are being deterred by the motorway police and told to go back from where they came from. It is not law, but a little reminder does no harm.

We are all having thoughts about when the virus has been destroyed and life returns to normal, although will it be normal. I think it will be a long time for me to mix freely with crowds again and get closer to people.  Perhaps it is an age thing, but life for me will never be the same again and I am sure I will still be washing my hands more than ever.

And now to move on. I have fish for dinner with all the trimmings  a sort of good Friday tradition. Enjoy the peace and quiet of the holiday, I am sure you will find something to do at home. Perhaps you could revive your stamp collecting hobby or at last organise the family photo album.


13 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Whereabouts in Switzerland are you? I had some lovely times over there by Geneva & Evian. I will be having vegan sausages tonight, with either chips or rice. Another tradition – I had that last week!


    • I am in a little village next to the town of Solothurn, about 2 hours West by train on a direct line from Geneva,. It is about half an hour away from Biel/Bienne where the language border between French and German is. I have been living here for 51 years since marrying Mr. Swiss. I have been to Geneva and also Evian by boat from Lausanne.

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  2. Good Morning.
    Facebook had potential, but it has become a venue for hate groups and those so hateful that the hate groups don’t want them. Over the past two decades that I have been a garden columnist, I have had very few overly obsessed fans. On Facebook though, someone put hours of work into composing a page all about how much she hates me! She stalks me to tell everyone where I work and what I am up to, and embellishes to make it all more interesting than it really is. All my criminal activity is really quite compelling. I really should read it to see what I am doing right now. It is disturbing that someone could put so much effort into something so . . . weird, rather than something constructive. But hey; I still got it. At least I have one fan.

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    • Now that’s an interesting reputation. I must look you up in Facebook. My husband has set up the record of having about 10 different accounts because he is always forgetting his password.

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      • Well, just so you know, the name of that particular hate group page (she has a few) is ‘Felton League’. She named it after my other blog. I advise against commenting or getting involved though. She can get real crazy with those who do so.


        • The part of London where I grew up was perhaps something similar to the Bronx, so language does not bother me so much, although I do not use it myself, at least not is public. I am now following you in Facebook but not the other page.

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