FOWC with Fandango: Boycott


The last bird decided to fly the house
It is empty now, not even a mouse
Where have they all gone, they were looking for the best
I think they are now busy. feeding babies in the nest
I made one last attempt, hanging a ball of food
Suddenly they were fighting, it really was quite lewd
And then the ball was gone, it was hanging perhaps too low
The guilty one appeared, it was a very large crow
Everything is empty, only the bare remains
The boycott is complete, no more seedy grains

FOWC with Fandango: Boycott

RDP Monday: Impeccable


It is so perfect, the wonderful design on the body, everything in the right place. Some might not find insects impeccable, perfect, but these are. I must have at least a thousand in the garden, hidden between the stones, the bricks and just taking a walk on the patio.

They are the first to arrive after the Winter days and are already walking around attached in pairs after a week. They have no time to lose for maintaining the species and can cling to each other for a couple of days, even a week.


They lose no time in baby production, I think they call them nymphs.

I think I will give them insect of the year, life would be boring without them.

RDP Monday: Impeccable

Good Morning


Another wonderful sunrise this morning and the weather continues with Summer temperatures. We are learning now to just look and enjoy from a distance but do not touch. I saw that some are still longing for a sun bathing experience, not so much here in Switzerland, but the Brits cannot leave it alone if they are near the sea. I remember my British days, many years ago, about 50 to be exact, when the ultimate highlight of Summer was getting a sun tan. I am one of the lucky ones whose skin turns brown when the sun looks at me and I remember it was also a Summer hobby of mine to enjoy the sun as I never had problems with sunburn. Now with age it no longer interests me and it seems my skin has a sort of permanent brown tinge. However, it was a British hobby for most of us, and when the world got smaller and foreign holidays were more common, we discovered the beaches in places like Spain and Italy where there seemed to eternal sun. Now there is no travel, and the motto is stay at home, but I saw that there are unfortunately still many that cannot resist to crowd the British beaches, no matter what the risk.


My Japanese maple is developing its new leaves for Summer and everything is making progress in the garden. I decided to now risk putting my inside plants outside and they seemed to have survived the night quite well. I also noticed that one of my orchids, that still has a few remaining flowers has now produced new buds and they look like they will be opening soon. In this miserable time nature is showing us that life goes on.

I was sort of planning to replenish food supplies tomorrow afternoon when the stores are opening again after the Easter holday. However, after careful thought I realised it is absolutely not necessary. I seemed to have bought enough to cover all meals until Wednesday. Actually it would even last until Thursday, but I decided the next food safari will be Wednesday. Mr. Swiss is running out of cigarettes, but I will make a quick journey to the mall to get some tomorrow as I can combine it with a visit to the chemist as he also needs some medicine. I also think it would be a good idea to take the car out for a run.


I seem to be getting a nice mixture of celandine and blanda anemone in one of my garden beds at the moment. They are both growing wild and make a wonderful colourful background at the moment.  The long leaves are the remainders of my snowdrops

I am getting quite used to my days of isolation, although perhaps I could just go for a small excursion in the meanwhile. We have few people, almost none, in the area around our village and my camera wants to see the world. Statistics for the coronavirus in Switzerland are sinking daily although it is still a little early to say anything too hopeful. This virus is so unpredictable. They were intending to open the schools again on 19th April, but it has now been postponed to the end of April. I am getting rather annoyed by the TV programmes at the moment with their suggestions of what to do when you are isolated at home, seeming to be full of keep fit exercises which are really of no interest to me. I can do it all with a vacuum cleaner walk and mop. I also eat a raw carrot now and again and even Mr. Swiss now helps himself to a carrot.

And now I should move on. I have an energetic urge to clean up the doors today. the coronavirus does not do it for me unfortunately.

Make the best of what you have everyone and one day we will come out on the other side where coronavirus and Covid 19 will be an adventure story we can tell our grandchildren.