FOWC with Fandango: Globe

End of World War II

In 1946 World War 2 came to an end. The 5 years of fighting were over and humans could return to their normal daily lives. It took a time to repair the damage, clear away the bombed remains and my childhood playground was the rubble and destroyed buildings, but we came through it all. The photos were taken by my mother and are from the celebrations of the street where my mother lived throughout the five years of the war, with decorations everywhere commemorating the end of it all.

We are now in a so-called lockdown, keeping a distance from the new enemy. It does not come with guns or bombs. It is a quiet enemy, one that makes no noise when it arrives, but it is there. Did it come from some sort of secret laboratory and escaped whilst no-one was looking? It began in a town that I had never heard of, somewhere on the other side of the world, but it decided to spread, carried by unknowing infected humans, perhpas by air wavs and now it is everywhere. We have had many heroes that have wanted to save the world from our crimes against nature. There are still some world leaders, that have tried to take over more areas, through war. We even have the people who are trying to save the world by stopping crimes again the natural course of nature, fracking, factory pollution etc. but even they do not have the answer this time.

Perhaps we have caused this all by ourselves, experimenting somewhere in a secret place, just because you can do it. Who knows.

Will we learn something from it all, will we become a better race, with more consideration to our world? We only have one, there is not a second globe waiting in the wings to take over when we destroy the first one.

The new heroes are the nurses, doctors and perhaps the scientist that will eventually discover a cure for this secret enemy.

FOWC with Fandango: Globe

RDP Tuesday: Bravado


There was a noise from the fridge
And then she broke out
My Easter bunny had enough
It was then I heard a shout
I refuse to be eaten
I want to keep my ears
Humans are so brutal
For my body I have fears
It happens at the Easter
This time I will survive
And so I have escaped
I am going for a drive
Across field and grass
Just like all bunnies do
And then I saw a cow
And she began to moo
Mrs. Human to the rescue
She saved my life I’m glad
And now I’m in the fridge
It really is not bad
There is just a small problem
If I could I would shed some tears
Mrs. Human did not mean well
Because she ate my ears

RDP Tuesday: Bravado

April Photo a Day Challenge: 21. Tradition

Solothurn 08.07 (10)

One of the traditions in our local market town of Solothurn in Switzerland is the Saturday Morning market, its speciality being the flowers according to the season. I do not go very often myself as Saturday mornings are more for relaxation for me, but I remember my Swiss mother-in-law would dress in her best and go to market. It was her special day of the week, even in her advanced years. It was more a social event where she met old acquaintances and would buy some fresh vegetable, as well as a few flowers of course.

April Photo a Day Challenge: 21. Tradition

Good Morning


There is a cold wind blowing outside and I am glad to be inside, although I have the kitchen window open, mainly because I discovered I am being watched.


Since the summery days are arriving, Roschti, the feline next door, is enjoying the great outdoors and his first stop in the morning is to watch what I am doing in the kitchen.


He stops for a drink of water at the communal bowl I have outside and then he takes his chance. You might be thinking how sweet, but he is cat and they always have ulterior motives which are usually connected with food. Yesterday evening, in an unobserved moment, he entered the kitchen and Mr. Swiss found it so sweet when he caught him munching from Tabby’s food bowl. Tabby probably gave permission as she was sitting outside bathing in the sun. This morning he was the first thing I saw outside, waiting and watching.

In the meanwhile life continues. My No. 1 son called in at my doctors yesterday to pick up my tablets for a giddy head and they worked immediately. I was bothered with my Menière balance problems from the inner ear which I had a few years ago, but suddenly they returned at the beginning of last week. Now things are reverting slowly to normality again as the tablets do help. Why do we golden oldies have such problems as time goes on? There is always something new on the horizon.

Yesterday was again a chance to escape from my isolation and go shopping. There is never very much happening on Monday. and yesterday was especially quiet at the store. Due to lock down there are not so many people shopping and as I go mainly in the afternoon there are even less. I saw from their screens at the store entrance where they register the people entering, there were only 60 shoppers, and this was also counting the store staff. I almost had the place to myself. I was home in an hour and had bought everything I needed. I even had the handicapped parking spaces to myself.  I am not really happy about having a lock down, but you have to enjoy the advantages now and again.


The good news on the home front is that one of my orchids made new buds and the first one opened a couple of days ago. Nothing really special, but it is one of my first successes with an orchid and I see there are two other buds waiting for their big moment.


My hostas in the garden are also now sprouting so summer is really on its way. I have hostas dotted around here and there in my garden beds. I quite like them as they are really no bother. They begin to grow in Summer, flower a little and in late autumn the leaves begin to wither. I just have to wait for a while and then can remove the withered leaves and a year later they arrive again, one of the best low maintenance plants I have. The only danger can be that it will be a wet summer when the slugs arrive with their 300 teeth and go on a dining spree on the leaves.

Today I have planned a day is isolation, we nothing very much to deal with. Perhaps I will polish up a few windows, but as it has not rained for some time the glass is quite clean. Our hairy pea count is really decreasing in Switzerland and yesterday was a new record in low infections. Our government is still on a careful lookout for the second wave of infections, which I hope does not happen. We are now all waiting for the first relaxation in lockdown laws with the normal opening of stores again, although it will be a long while until I return to so-called normality, if ever. The restaurants remain closed here and I have absolutely no interest in socialising in a restaurant at the moment.

The schools here are opening again next month for the children, but many parents do not want to send their children. It has been decreed by the government so those parents refusing, face having a fine imposed if they keep their children at home.

And I am now on my way to socialising with my apartment and vacuum cleaner. Have fun isolating and queuing at the stores for food supplies. I have now learned the advantage of having enough food reserves at home. I never dreamt that the human race could be so experts at panic buying.


And the lilac bush is now flowering opposite my garden.