5 thoughts on “FOTD 9th April 2020: Orchid

  1. That is a gorgeous orchid. I’ve never seen one around here with a design like that and the colors are amazing.

    My orchids, since I discovered 2-2-2 fertilizer and barely watering them are growing like mad. Not spectacular flowers, but they’ve been blooming for weeks, one flower opening every week or so. Now, all six are opened on that branch.

    Next,I have a whole new shoot with about half a dozen (maybe more like eight, but I’m not sure the littlest buds will bloom) buds on it, so I’m hoping for more. They ARE slow growers, so patience is everything.

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    • You have wonderful orchids.mine live Oman’s keep their leaves, one even made a new stalk, but I just do not get any new flowers. I don’t give them too much water and now and again fertilizer


      • It must be the light. And possibly, the room has the lights turned on and off too often. They do best living by natural light, i.e., day by daylight and the rest of the time night. That’s also true of the Christmas cactuses. They don’t like artificial light. I get away with it because we really don’t use the dining room except to grow plants. Every once in a while, we have dinner in there — or did, when we had company. We may never have company again. Sigh.

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