FOWC with Fandango: Warrior

Bürgerspital Solothurn

Warriors are today dressed in an overall, might have a face mask (but not to hide anything), wear gloves and their only weapon, if they have one, will be disinfectant. They do not explore caves with mysterious statues, they do not use weapons to kill the villain and they do not always survive in an exciting final fight. Their enemies are rarely visible, due to their minute size.

They are called doctors, nurses, specialists and scientists. Today we no longer have films to show it all, it is reality.

FOWC with Fandango: Warrior

RDP Tuesday: Ban


I arrived at the chemist/drug store or whatever you call it. I was standing at the entrance and this was the first thing I saw outside: “Only 4 customers maximum can be in the store. Wait in the queue keeping a distance of 2 meters while you are thinking about it.”

That was my rough translation from German to English. I did not have to wait, there was no-one in a queue and so I entered.


I entered and was confronted with yet another sign “Please wait here”. This was becoming quite exciting. What was going to happen next?

It was then that I saw a human being, a shop assistant and she beckoned me to come a little closer. Just a little closer as we were separated by a thick sheet of plastic.


But I crossed the black and yellow tape and I was in, there was no stopping me now. A shop assistant greeted me and I moved over to the counter. We were only three customers in the drug store, so no holds barred. I told the assistant what I needed. I had already phoned from home in the morning to be sure that they had everything. I needed my diabetes pills, and they are never in stock, but no problem, they are organised for late afternoon and so everything was ready to be picked up. Mr. Swiss and I have our prescriptions deposited at the store.

I left with everything I needed. It used to be so easy in the pre corona days, but now it is like entering a different country.   Perhaps I will have to show my passport the next time.

RDP Tuesday: Ban

Good Morning


Isn’t it great? The sun in shining, there is fresh air outside and everything is back to normal. OK, not quite normal, but the Easter holiday is over. The stores are open again, no need to solve a logistic puzzle because if you need food, well go and buy it. Actually I bought so well the week before Easter, that I discovered I can still continue with isolation until tomorrow, although I really now have to be inventive. What can I do with frozen prawns rice and a vegetable mixture. I was thinking about cooking the prawns in cooked tomato, Italian style, but I did something similar yesterday with a tuna fish tomato sauce with pasta. Today there will be no more pasta. I have three packets of rice in my store so I should begin to used them. I am sure something will be found. In the meanwhile No. 1 son is back to work.

Not that life is how it was before the attack of the hairy peas but what you don’t see is always good. I check the Swiss statistics daily to see how we are doing and not too bad. The amount of infections for the Easter holidays is the lowest they have been for a month, and Switzerland is one of the countries with less infections in Europe. The Portuguese have an even better record and I read that it was a country that began with isolation, voluntarily by the people, before we got the big scare, so it seems to have paid off.

My heart goes out to the Brits and the USA who seem to be having the worst of it at the moment. The British prime minister is still recovering from his hairy pea attack and Donald Trump is still spouting rubbish. He now has the idea of being the one and only in the States to organise everything, and his sidekick, Pence, is supporting him all the way. How do the manage to keep their jobs? It is a mystery to me.


To brighten things up a little, I noticed yesterday that our lilac tree on the estate opposite my kitchen window now has blossoms.


It will not be long until they open and that will definitely add a bit of colour to the landscape.


And look at this. At last success, One of my orchids that was coming to an end of the flowering season, has produce a few new buds. Will they open or not? Now is the crucial time. It will be a long awaited success if they flower. I bought the plant a couple of months ago and its flowers have remained, although now they have begun to wilt.


Otherwise I have put my orchids that have stopped flowering outside on the porch. It is now warm enough ad I will wait and see what happens. I also have two amaryllis outside with their long leaves. I will now feed them throughout the Summer with fertiliser and hope to have new flowers next Winter again.  Another isolation hobby to pass the time.

Today I will have to venture to the store, but just a quick visit, and am only going to replenish Mr. Swiss seductive cigarette habit and also get medicine for Mr. Swiss and fill up on my diabetes tablets, which reminds me to call the chemist to make sure they have what I need. If not, they order it and it is delivered in the afternoon.

And now time to go and see what the day brings.


Something wild from the garden, I think they are called Cranesbill