FOWC with Fandango: Screen


“Glog what is so interesting on your screen?”

“I am watching the inhabitants of Planet Earth looking at their screens. But why are they only looking at other humans or writing in their old fashioned words Mumky.”

“They are a primitive race Glog. They cannot interact with their screens.”

“You mean they can only look at things in a flat shape – how boring. They can only see pictures but not touch what is on the picture.”

“And now do your homework and stop touching that screen.”

“But we always touch screens.”

“Just be careful, you don’t know what sorts of germs you might pick up from those humans. Now go and disinfect your hands, all three of them and afterwards you can do your homework.”

“OK mumky, no problem. I was only looking at the earth TV to get some ideas on what to write. The teacher told us to visit some humans in the zoo, at a safe distance of course, and write about how they touch things.”

FOWC with Fandango: Screen

RDP Monday: Flutter


Now these little birds were fluttering outside this morning planning a landing on the food I had hung on the birdhouse lower down. I must say they have really improved on the camera on the new iPhones. If you set it right, they take about 20 photos in a sequence when you press the camera, and you can choose the one you would like. I managed to get two birds fluttering with this photo.

The first thing that came to my mind when I saw the word flutter, was a memory of my dad. He was a great horse lover, although not that he admired the animals as such. One of his hobbies was have a “flutter” on the horses, which was his cockney expression of having a bet on the winner in a horse race. He would study the newspaper every evening and decide which horse had the best chance to win and he was good at it. As a golden oldie, his daily exercise would be a walk to the local betting shop in London and he would have his little flutter. He never became a millionaire, but he almost always won. He had a very intricate system on betting on a winner or place number (in the first three) and he realised how good the horses were. I think as a child I had visited most of the race courses in our part of England, it was an outing for the working class family. Of course dad was also an expert on greyhounds. Again not a dog lover, but he liked to have his little flutter at the local race track.

RDP Monday: Flutter

Good Morning


I have returned after a few days absence dealing with some reality. I now hope to be back on course, although life is often full of surprises and sometimes not so pleasant. The sunrise has changed a little, and instead of a flaming yellow ball, we have clouds and an attempt at some rays poking through, but not so successful. I don’t really mind. At least the light is not so strong and it is not so cold.


Although I am no longer feeding the birds, I still get visits. The bird house is empty of seed and I have tidied it a little. However, I could not ignore the little fluttering wings entirely and hung a food net for them to peck now and again. They soon realised that there was something to be had


and made the most of the food. They will not starve and now that the seeds of the dandelions are ripe to pick in the meadow, there will be enough food for all. I am also sure that worm life is developing and the bird parents will be hopping around with their beaks full to feed the kids. We do not really do it much differently, just fill our trolleys at the supermarket with the food.

I am glad that the Easter is finished for another year and shopping can be done normally. We still have lockdown here, as everyone in the world, but I am coping OK. Our government is now making steps to relax the restrictions, but being Swiss they are also being careful. Ordinary people like myself are not having such great problems with the current situation. It is not ideal, but I do not mind a little isolation now and again. Shopping is quite pleasant  with no crowds and the stores have enough to sell. One thing I do not understand. I read some reports from other countries, mainly Britain in Facebook, that they managed to get the food quite easily, but they all seem to be doing the shopping as soon as the store opens in the early morning.  Do we have famine as well as the hairy peas are still floating in the air, or perhaps it is me. I prefer to do my shopping in the afternoon. I see no reason to rush out early to get it done with and afterwards tell everyone how successful I was. I am no fan of stress when not necessary.

Now that the peak of the pandemic in Switzerland seems to be over, the economic problems of the business world are being emphasised and there are calls to open businesses again, which I can understand.  A few stores will be opening, but our restaurant owners are annoyed that they are having to remain closed. Personally it will be a long time untilI venture again into a restaurant or move normally amongst people as it used to be. I will remain away from the maddening crowds for a while.

And now to move on and organise my housewife golden oldie life. Make the most of the day, I discovered some new flowers blossoming in the garden. I think it is a moss rose, but cannot remember the exact name.