RDP Friday: Finally


I finally found it, although I never thought I had lost it really. I just knew it must be somewhere. It all began with a pack of Emmentaler cheese, not that it is my favourite cheese, but I like a little variety in the evening with my cold cuts. The cheese was missing and I know I bought it. And  then this morning I realised that I should have a small loaf of cut bread for frying with my fried eggs and spam for the evening meal. It went on further. Where are the tomatoes I bought to accompany my eggs for the great fry up and for my pizza tomorrow?

This was really getting serious. We would starve and no way was I going on another shopping trip tomorrow, that did not come into the question. I do not harbour suicidal thoughts and that would be the result of shopping on Saturday after Good Friday and before Easter Sunday. I had so carefully planned everything. I even had two supersized chocolate Easter bunnies which had not disappeared. It was time for my after lunch sleep, but I was tossing and turning and then I had a brilliant idea. The missing items were not in the fridge or in a cupboard and I know I bought them. When I awoke from my troubled sleep I decided to visit my parked car in the garage.

I opened the boot and there is was, a black shopping bag, which I otherwise never use, sitting in a black holder in a very dark boot of the car. There were too many shadows and too much black, but it was a shopping bag and there was even a spring onion poking out of it. I had not even missed my spring onions? And so I found it all again, it was not forgotten, it was not a moment of forgetfulness in a golden oldie memory, although admittedly I did forget to take the bag out of the car when I arrived home. I just had one bag too many to balance on my walker, but the Easter food is saved. Easter never did have a good place in my shopping memories, too much stress.

At least I managed to cook todays lunch with no problems.

Good Friday Lunch

Not exactly master-chef presentation, but it was my second plate full. The first looked much better.

RDP Friday: Finally

Good Morning


Here we are again. Actually I would have been a little earlier, but was dithering around on Facebook. I must admit I am not a Facebook fan, but as a daily routine post my WordPress blogs there. This no longer seems to be working, although I have not changed anything. In the meanwhile I had a look at Facebook and discovered they also have a new template. I tried it and do not like it. I have also decided to more or less abandon this place, although still belong as I have many contacts there from my school days (about 50-60 years ago) and also far flung family members. Otherwise I discovered there is very little interesting there. I am more comfortable in WordPress.

Today is the first day of my Easter isolation and have decided to make it as stressless as possible. The morning began with a look outside.


It seems the sparrows have taken over the bird feeder outside and the tits have disappeared. I stopped putting out food a couple of days ago and now there is only the remainders of some bird seed. I cannot see anything, but the birds always find something. The sparrows have not disappeared and are still hopping around.,


making the most of what they can find.


And it is Easter, Good Friday. I bought some coloured eggs in the supermarket just to remind me that we have a long holiday week-end. Many years ago when the kids were still kids, we would colour the eggs ourselves, but that is now far gone and my No. 2 son now as the privilege of doing it with his son – so have fun. I decided to get a chocolate bunny, actually two. One is milk chocolate and the other white chocolate, but I am keeping them for Sunday. Tomorrow would be Easter Saturday and the stores are open. I can only say good luck to those that brave the storm, that is the worst shopping Saturday in the year and I will stay relaxed at home. My fridge is full, the freezer in full, and my store is full. Yes, we will survive.

I could actually go for a short wheelie in the area in my chair, but am resisting the temptation. I am managing quite well with my isolation, the only thing I miss are the photo safaris. Our Swiss police force are busy over the holidays. There are a lot less criminal activities, but they are making sure that there are no large groups of people wandering around and increasing the attacks of the virus. People that have decided to go to the popular Easter haunts are being deterred by the motorway police and told to go back from where they came from. It is not law, but a little reminder does no harm.

We are all having thoughts about when the virus has been destroyed and life returns to normal, although will it be normal. I think it will be a long time for me to mix freely with crowds again and get closer to people.  Perhaps it is an age thing, but life for me will never be the same again and I am sure I will still be washing my hands more than ever.

And now to move on. I have fish for dinner with all the trimmings  a sort of good Friday tradition. Enjoy the peace and quiet of the holiday, I am sure you will find something to do at home. Perhaps you could revive your stamp collecting hobby or at last organise the family photo album.