FOWC with Fandango: Crazy

Crazy Horse Nail varnish
We are all a little bit crazy, otherwise life would be boring. However, I have a painting created by the one and only Mr. Swiss. Many years ago, before we even knew that we both existed (1965),  Mr. Swiss worked for a company producing nail varnish (amongst other cosmetic articles) in Switzerland. They always had nail varnish remainders that no-one really wanted, and him being artistic (at least I think so, he even paints), he composed a picture applying the nail varnish remainders.

He called it “Crazy Horse” and if you look carefully, you can see the horse standing, although you really have to use your imagination.

FOWC with Fandango: Crazy

RDP Wednesday: Visual


When I saw today’s prompt word, I decided to do something visual with lunch. I had already planned on a “saltimbocca” which is veal slices, covered with a layer of dried ham and a final colourful touch of a sage leaf. It is all pinned together with a toothpick and you just fry it, but very quickly, because it does not need very much heat. I also add a splash of white wine to it. This was a case of visual eating.


And here is the finished product: Röschti (a Swiss potato dish), baked tomatoes (garnished with some herbs from my garden) and of course the final saltimbocca.

At least cooking dinner was not so boring, taking photos in between. So as we say in Switzerland before each meal: En guete.

RDP Wednesday: Visual

Good Morning


The sun has risen, so it looks like it might be a sunny warm day. Yesterday was a little cloudy and cool, but I survived. I was still able to wear my 3/4 trousers without problem, and at last I can forget socks in the shoes which I really find uncomfortable. My next door golden oldie neighbour has just returned from her bicycle trip to the store. She is one of the early morning shoppers to get it all behind her I suppose, but she lives alone and only has I, me and myself to care for. I have a Mr. Swiss and No. 1 son. Mr. Swiss is no longer as active as he was and no longer drives a car. No. 1 son goes to work daily and so I it all depends on me as the outer world contact person.

At these corona times of isolation life is no longer as simple as it was. I isolate as much as possible, but someone has to go on a food hunting trip now and again. Luckily the stores are not so full due to the new regulations and I avoid morning shopping when the masses go. Now the daily count of corona victims in Switzerland is really at a minimum, just 2-3 new patients in our State, and things are normalising once again. Everyone is now screaming for relaxation of the lockdown and back to normal. I have decided that the isolation days also have their advantage of less stress, and speaking as a golden oldie, I am quite comfortable in my new life style.  I do miss my wheelies with the camera now and again, but you cannot have everything. Actually there would be no great reason not to go. I very rarely meet other people on my way when I travel the country paths and the only things I get near to are chickens and horses.


I was on my normal early morning inspection tour of the garden and saw this strange plant growing in the middle of my flower bed. As it was not recognisable as a flower I decided it was some sort of fungus, a mushroom most probably, but not something edible. I only noticed it today. It has completely opened up.


My bleeding heart plant has now opened all its buds and for a stray seed that once found its way in my garden, it is doing quite well.

Today is yet another day of venturing to the supermarket armed with a shopping list, which reminds me I should write my shopping list. One of the housewife logistic exercises is to decide what to cook. Of course I ask Mr. Swiss, but he is content to let me get on with it, finding you will think of something. Sometimes I wish we were back to the caveman days when the man would kill something that moved and breathed whilst the wife was busy searching for a few plants to eat with it.

Social life has really come to a full stop here. No sport events (not that I ever visit them) and no weekly or monthly market in town. All the shops are still closed, as well as the restaurants and no announcements of the annual cheese days when the town has cows on one of the large squares that are entered in a competition to see who the best and most attractive cows are, although that prize seems to be donated for the best udder.

Cheese Days 05.09 (40)

I do miss those little perks in country life, but this year everything has been cancelled.

I even dug out my Vitamin D drops this morning to take. I must admit I forgot I had them, but they are still valid until 2022. It seems that they could (not certain) be a help again the hairy flying peas in the atmosphere. In any case they really do no harm, and for me would be good to strengthen my resistance to diabetes and a few other bits and pieces. I really forgot to take them, but I know they are something necessary.

It is time to go places and do things, like mopping and hoovering. On Monday and Tuesday I have extras like wiping down doors and cleaning a few windows, but Wednesday and the remains of the week are free days with just normalities. I really like to have my life organised and it helps to keep the remains of the brain operating.

Have a good day, and make the most of the global isolation. We are not alone in this misery is one compensation.  For once it has nothing to do with religion or national differences, we are all in the same boat this time.