April Photo a Day Challenge: 1. Welcome April


On the first day of April the trolleys are ready at the supermarket, waiting for the customers, but where are the customers. Is no-one here? Actually there were 105 people in the store when I was there, including the staff. Everyone else was at home in isolation waiting for the coronavirus to disappear forever. In the meanwhile the trolleys are waiting for the customers.

April Photo a Day Challenge: 1. Welcome April

FOWC with Fandango: Publish

I did it once in my life, I published a book that I wrote. Just a collection of short stories, most of which had already appeared on Internet on a web site.

My BookIt even had a table of contents. I did it all in self publishing and I still do not know why. I think I just wanted to have a book published somewhere. It was not a hit, did not get a Pulitzer Prize or even a mention in the local newspaper, but it existed even in Amazon for a while. Do not search for it now, because it is no longer there.

For me it just mattered that I did it.

FOWC with Fandango: Publish

RDP Wednesday: Infrangible


Another visit to the store this afternoon.. This time I had a look around at the deserted places, the parts that are closed up with no human visitors. We are only allowed to shop in the grocery and domestic departments for goods needed: no clothing and definitely no plants, but just a minute.

I parked this time in a different place, next to the main entrance. Outside the garden furniture was on display, although no-one is allowed to touch it or try it out.

And then we have the gardening department, also cordoned off and no admission. You can look at the goods, but no touching. The plants are still outside and someone in the store is looking after them, giving them water and making sure they do not die. They are still looking good in the outside sun and may they survive the coronavirus epidemic, just to prove that not everything has to suffer – I hope. They might not be infrangible, but with care they will survive, I am sure.

RDP Wednesday: Infrangible

Good Morning


This is really a photo from this morning, although they are all beginning to look alike. There is no rain and no clouds, just a good typical Spring morning with a very big nip in the air. Mr. Swiss tells me 0,3 °C which is just below freezing. He refilled the water bowl outside which was not yet frozen and remarked that as Tabby no longer drinks from it we could stop doing it. I reminded him that the birds are also regular customers. Speaking of birds I only really see sparrows and tits at the moment. I fill up the food in the morning and add a few peanuts and walnuts. I then proceed to the apartment with a few bits and pieces. In the meanwhile the big nuts have mysteriously disappeared, so probably a few crows and magpies have paid a flying visit. They are the only birds with beaks big enough.


Otherwise life continues with no big dramas. This afternoon I am off to the store again for shopping, although it is so well organised it should not be a problem. However today I am putting my walker in the car. I still park on the parking places reserved for handicapped, and am usually the only car on the six reserved places. It is easier for me as I only have to walk through the sliding doors and I am in the store. However it seems there are less and less trolleys available there, the last time only one, meaning if there are none I will have a problem walking into the store to shop. Perhaps they are reducing them in this place but I need the trolley for the shopping. If they are no longer ready to replace them in that place, it means I will have to go to the lower floor and get one from the entrance myself. In times of war, even against an invisible enemy, you must be prepared. Although the alternative would be to park on the handicapped places on the lower floor where there would be enough trolleys available which might be the better solution.


If I park on the lower floor, I would also have better opportunities for some photos. I am really running out of ideas, due to my otherwise self isolation. Daily our government gives out a bulletin of the progress of the coronavirus in our country and it seems that there is now a downwards trend of infections. We are long not out of the woods, but you grasp at every straw of hope.

And my orchid in the kitchen, that I bought before the lock down, is still looking good. Some of the older ones have  lost their flowers, no chance of replacements at the moment as all the flower shops are closed. At least I have something to look forward one day when this spook is over.

And now to continue with the daily life of a golden oldie housewife. I have given up wishing you all to have a good day, as we are all in this together, so we all have our battles to fight. My thoughts are with you all, no matter where you are. See you around