FOWC with Fandango: Dinner


I only saw the prompt at the last minute when I was finishing my dinner, so you only get a photo of the remains, of the spaghetti, but cooking has now taken a completely different aspect since the invasion of the hairy peas. I no longer cook for daily needs but think ahead.

Today my minced meat for the spaghetti was six weeks old. Of course I had frozen it in my new super large sized freezer chest in the cellar. The butcher at the store vacuumed it flat and it thawed out in an hour. The parmesan cheese was also frozen, although that was a slight accident, because I had bought too much and knew it would not stay fresh. Although I have now decided to keep my grated cheese in the freezer. It thaws out instantly in small portions and remains in good condition.

Pasta is no problem as that is always good to keep, although not too long otherwise it might attract an unwanted moth like creature although the has never happened to me. And the tin of pelati? Since the panic buying spasms of the general public when I found none in the store I have now installed a little table in my cellar where I keep preserves and always have a stock of 10 tins of chopped cooked tomatoes. Yes I now think ahead. I used to buy for a couple of days, but now I plan for a month or more. No hairy pea is going to catch me unawares.

FOWC with Fandango: Dinner

RDP Thursday: Cornershop

Feldbrunnen 08.05.2018

We used to have a corner shop
one day it disappeared
No more food was sold,
Something we all feared
We still had the post office, open all the day
And then they had to close it
Something else not here to stay
The farmer sells eggs
so we do not starve
I wish we had a corner shop
that would sell something to carve
Our meat supplies are plentiful
They walk around on legs
We have more cows than humans
but all we have are eggs
And so our village is dying
We have to go to town
But all the shops are shut
Covid nineteen closed them down

RDP Thursday: Cornershop

Good Morning


The sun reports again for duty and is perhaps a little higher in the sky as usual, but I decided to indulge in longer bed hugging this morning, it was so comfortable and warm. However, I have now just finished my breakfast and am enjoying my cup of tea. At last I found English bagless breakfast tea. Our local supermarket only stocks Earl Grey in the leaf form so I had to order it online, but it was worth it. I have a thing about tea bags, prefer the original shape and form of tea leaves. Not only is the flavour better, but it seems that tea bags now and again have plastic particles.

It seems there is a face mask panic happening all over the world, with a few exceptions. Switzerland does not have the obligation to wear one and they are at the moment difficult to find at a normal digestible price. I see a few isolated people in the store with one. There seems to be a general belief by some that they are a protection again the dreaded hairy pea virus floating in the air. I have read often, from scientists, that they will not stop you from contracting the virus, but will stop others catching it if you happen to have it. It stops the spread of your own bacteria. Some Asian countries were wearing face masks long before we even thought about it, in the pre Covid 19 days, that their germs would not be spread to others if they had a common cold. That is the idea. Our government has made no obligation for mask wearing up to now and it depends on yourself whether you wear one or not. Admittedly our spread of the disease in Switzerland is now reduced considerably, although we are no way free of the disease, but up to now it is difficult to find a mask for the general public at a reasonable price. However, our larger stores will now be selling them, at self cost price, meaning they will not be making any profits. I will definitely be buying a few for the protection of the others, but I am no way in the belief that it will protect me. Of course you can make your own, but they are no so recommended, perhaps better than nothing. And it is also necessary to have enough masks. You cannot wear the same mask for a month. I am not an authority of course, just read a bit here and there, but the masks should be sterilised if possible or changed regularly. This mask wearing thing seems to be becoming a sort of medal of honour for some. As soon as I have my first available mask I promise a photo.

By the way we now seem to have a pigeon virus in Basel on the border of Switzerland. It is quite contagious amongst pigeons  – even they seem to have their problems. It has not yet reached our part of Switzerland but probably will eventually. We are told not to feed the pigeons or touch them. It is transferable to humans. Makes a change from pigs or other live animals, but is not so dangerous to humans. Just mild flu symptoms and perhaps a cough. Reminds me of something. I am no longer feeding the birds, as they can now find enough food in nature.


Our meadows now have plenty of food for the birds.

Otherwise life goes on, thank goodness. I was on a shopping tour yesterday, but nothing has changed very much. The store was nice and empty, 60 people including the staff, and I could move around keeping my social distance from the others. The only small problem is sometimes when another customers stands in front of the food supplies that you need and takes time deciding what to buy. As we are all so polite, I wait at the end of the row until the customer has chosen what she needs. She notices me, apologises and moves on. We are really getting more considerate. There is no more rushing around as if famine would break out. We have perhaps learned to be more patient and understanding.

By the way the flies have arrived again. I killed the first one yesterday and this morning another one bit the dust in the kitchen.


The lilac tree opposite is really doing itself proud at the moment.

And now I should move on: already 09.30 in the morning and I have things to do, although no rush. Keep away from the hairy peas. stay isolated, unless you have to go hunting for food of course and make sure the police do not mistake you for a bank robber whilst wearing your masks,