FOWC with Fandango: Squeegee


I did not even know there was a name for it. I just call it my floor mop, and a very good one it is. I have no mechanical squeezer for removing surplus water. It is all done my physical strength, a rinse under running water and a tight squeeze by hand, but it works. You can see I have enough extra mop heads,  as I use a fresh one daily. I have mainly stone tiled floors and my squeegee is excellent for keeping them clean with a daily wipe over, but just plain water. I do not need cleaning liquid, it would only make marks on the floor.

The job is quickly done and I can clean the mop heads in my washing machine. There is no doubt about it, I just love my Squeegee.

FOWC with Fandango: Squeegee

RDP Sunday: Stickler

Bus, Amthausplatz, Solothurn

In my pre golden oldie days, I was a working woman and my main profession was multi- tasker. I had to bring everything under one roof so to speak and so I would deal with the shopping in the morning before I would go to work: a stop at the store and get the daily provisions. As it was just after the store opened, there was always the usual crowd. We did not know each other and exchanged no words. We all had our daily tasks to complete.

I remember one lady in particular. She was a golden oldie, although quite active and would push her way to the front of the queue in the store., muttering “I have to be quick, I must catch the bus” and this every morning. I do not think anyone believed her, even the saleslady at the till would shake her head at the antics, after I had been pushed to one side. Why a golden oldie had such a regular appointment with a bus daily, I do not know. She was the personification of a stickler if ever there was one.

This must have been a least thirty years ago, so I assume that she no longer has to hurry to catch the bus, which probably never existed.

RDP Sunday: Stickler

Good Morning


Looks like a stormy one this morning, although still no rain up to now. I felt three spots of water yesterday afternoon and that was all. Not that I love the rain, but it is necessary for the plants to grow and our farmers have problems at the moment. I did not water my garden yesterday as I was sure it would rain in the night, which did not happen. I caught up on it this morning as my second task, after taking a photo of the sunrise which decided not to rise.

Otherwise nothing special happening at the moment. Sunday is Sunday so I will not be going anywhere special today, just a normal isolated day at home. Tomorrow things will be changing in our little Switzerland. The lock down will be relaxed and gardening shops are allowed to re-open. It seems this is what most people prefer and I will also not be sorry.  I have a few bits and pieces I would need. My sage plant could do with a replacement. It seems the gardening departments at the stores are preparing for the big day, although I will probably wait until my next shopping day on Wednesday as I can imagine the store will be crowded in this area tomorrow, although everyone at a distance of course.


Look who arrived again this morning. Do you sometimes get the feeling you are being watched? As soon as I open the window in the morning he appears as if from nowhere: Roschti the cat from next door. He waits patiently until the coast is clear and then enters to Tabby’s food bowl. I am keeping my eye on him, but cats can be quite persistent and they never give up. And Tabby? She is sleeping, not noticing the drama outside.


My forget-me-nots are slowly coming to an end. They are the Caucasus sort and are perenials, so appear every year without fail. They are also invasive so in certain places I have them everywhere, although they do not bother me so much. My hostas will soon be arriving and will push them into the background with their mega leaves.

My next task is to clear up the place a little, although there is not much to clear up. I have discovered a life in isolation does not have so much stress and there is no need to rush around.  I noticed I have a pile of ironing to do, as No. 1 son changed his bed linen yesterday which I washed. It is not so much for one bed, just the duvet and cushion, but I have a few other things to iron as well.

So time to go. Wash your hands regularly and do not, repeat, do not drink any disinfectant or washing up liquid to kill the floating hairy peas in your body,  as one of the world leaders said, although he did correct himself afterwards saying he meant it sarcastically. I did not find it sarcastic, just stupid and idiotic, especially as some people followed these stupid words and put it into practice. But apparently Mr. Trump knows everything better. Make the most of the day.