FOWC with Fandango: Moon

<Moon 05.01 (1)

Taking moon photos is not my speciality. It is more luck than judgement. When we have a harvest moon, a blue moon, or even a red moon, mine all look the same. Now this photo was one of the best I have. Although it is not a full moon, the bit you can see does have a few contours and shapes on the surface. It must have been a lucky shot because it is usually a blurry white ball, looking like an escaped ping pong ball.

Moon Eclipse 27.07 (31)

Although I was quite pleased with this one. It was when Mars decided to steal the show and they had some sort of meeting together with shadows, hence the reddish tinge. Otherwise I give up. I can look at the moon every evening if there is not a cloud in the way and it more or less hangs around in the same place.

New Moon

Now and again you even get this, although I am ever sure if it is a new moon or the remains of the moon. I should really pay more attention to this moon thing.

FOWC with Fandango: Moon

RDP Saturday: Standby


I am the only person breaking out of isolation in the family and visiting the store. Mr. Swiss is less mobile that I am and I can get the whole process dealt with alone without any helping suggestions, so we have a discussion before I leave on what to get. Of course we do not always have the same opinion, but generally it works.

One of the edible problems is the mooli, a large white radish, although some call them a daikon. I have no great idea of its qualities, as the only radishes I knew were the small little round red radishes, but Mr. Swiss likes to have a mooli accompaniment to his cold cuts. They always have them in the store, usually king sized. They are so big that Mr. Swiss has to cut them in half to fit them into the fridge vegetable container.  I just buy them and he does the rest.

However, on my last shopping safari, before I left, he reminded me that a mooli was necessary adding not to buy such large ones, but smaller. In his days of shopping he always chose a smaller size. I reminded him that his last days of shopping were more than a year ago and his memory tends to wax and wain as time goes on.

“They only have king sized moolis”

“No, I remember distinctly that they have smaller sizes.”

“I will send you a photo from the store and you can see them for yourself.”

Hence the photo above. He even replied with an SMS with his appreciation and so I bought a mooli, the smallest I found, although it seemed to be slightly wider than the others and they all cost the same.

My situation as a standby for shopping seems to be saved and I can continue to buy, although in future I might send more photos before choosing. I do not even like the mooli, but everyone has their own tastes. Whilst I was searching for the english name of this vegetable (I only knew the German name of Bierrettich) I saw that you can even cook them with recipes in Internet. Now that would be an idea. I always have a silly remainder that decides to go soft and soggy before the complete mooli is eaten. Perhaps Mr. Swiss might even like them cooked, as a standby of course.

RDP Saturday: Standby

Good Morning


Probably you thought I had done a disappearing trick, but I am here, although later than usual. The sun rose about 4 hours ago, but I managed to get a photo. Otherwise it is a wonderful morning, sunny and warm and I am already out on the porch with the computer.


This is the view opposite my table of one of my raised beds. I now have a nice little watering can with courtesy of the store, after collecting their stamps. I also have a second in yellow for No. 1 grandson, although I don’t know if he will ever use it and I am planning on two more for my garden. They are so pretty and handy to place here and there and nothing plastic. They are metal and nicely built.


Otherwise my amalanchier tree is now flowering opposite, at least I think that it what it is called. After the flowers it produces large blue berries which I believe are even edible, although I have never eaten one.


I also spotted these on the ground yesterday. They are quite small, probably to be classified as weed, but I find them pretty.  My Plants identifying app calls them ground ivy. They do tend to creep around but the flowers close up are very original and they make a nice blue background to everything.

Today is yet another day of semi isolation and I do not intend to go shopping anywhere. The fridge, freezer and cupboard is full.


My chicken is cooking for dinner, so what more can you wish for. And as I am later I should now move on to look what the noodles are doing. I just put them in the pan. In spite of the invasion of the hairy peas, I still try to get on with an almost normal life.

Let us make the most out of what we have at the moment. I will be back later and wish you all a good day from a sunny little patch in a small garden somewhere in a very small village in a small country in Europe where the birds are tweeting and my apple tree has blossoms.