On the Hunt for Joy Challenge: Switch it Up

Deep Freezer

It was more like “switch it on” when I decided to order a deep freeze chest.  I have a freezer in the kitchen, but just normal size. With corona virus hovering around and me bein a golden oldie I decided I should have more reserve groceries at home. My son reminded me that it is always good to have a store of useful food at home.

I decided this was sensible and so I ordered my new freezer as I discovered I had enough room in my laundry room. I must say this is really an investment that has payed off. We now have Easter, and at last I have been able to cater for everything in advance. I have a few frozen breads, fish, vegetable and also some meat inside. img_0501

At the same time on an empty small table also in the laundry room,  I switched up my reserves of canned food, jars, oil and pickles, and even two bottles of white and red wine (for cooking purposes of course). I think I am now set for the next crisis that might happen. Actually the Swiss government has always told its citizens to have an emergency food supply – you never know. I am not quite sure if this was joy, it was hard logistic work and I registered everything with dates, but I am now quite satisfied with the result.

On the Hunt for Joy Challenge: Switch it Up

RDP Wednesday: Perspicacity


Never heard of the word, so thank goodness there was an explanation, but I still do not really know how to apply it properly.

Perhaps this is a ready insight to things before you enter the supermarket. Apart from being counted as there is a limited amount of people allowed, there is this table. On it are two bottles of something disinfecting, probably alcoholic and it is voluntary if you use it or not. Just spray it on your hands and it dries immediately but you are ready to pick your goods, fill up your trolley and pay at the cash desk when leaving. Of course keeping a 2 meter distance from everyone.

What a life we are leading, who would have thought it possible. And so I leave the supermarket after paying with my plastic card, which is preferred against using real money. The final act is to once again disinfect your hands, you never know where those hairy peas are hovering. Now that is my perspicatial act of the day.

RDP Wednesday: Perspicacity

Good Morning


Same time, same place, same old sun, but at least there is one light point to the day, although some areas here are having problems with water. We have had no rain for some time and some of the fruit trees are not doing so well.

I had my fruit trees pruned a little yesterday as I at last organised the gardener to arrive for some yard work, I was a few weeks late this year, but at last my garden has been tidied up and the growing bird seed plants sprouting between the tiles on the porch have been removed.


Bird seed contains all sorts of plants, including Hemp, or cannabis as some call it. I rescued a couple of those little plants and put them in my raised bed. OK, I am not an addict and the seeds included for the birds have no great TDS values if any, so you can definitely not get high on it: at least my birds are still flying in straight lines and balancing with no difficulties on the edge of the water bowl. Just one of those little experiments I like to try now and again.


Otherwise everything sees to be developing quite well, and I saw that my bleeding heart plant has also returned and is already flowering. I am quite proud of that one as I did not plant it myself. Some years ago a neighbour had one in the garden and a year later I discovered a small plant in my garden which probably arrived by wind and seed. This was about 10 years ago and I now have a stately example. They are now flowering, but in a month will be gone until next year.


The are now fresh, but will soon open completely.


Otherwise my rosemary continues to flower. This seems to be a special version with more compact flowers and a very intensive colour. I am really reluctant to cut the twigs to spice my food, but also have a normal rosemary for that purpose.


Bird feeding time is now really at an end. I have fed them enough through the Winter and it is now Spring and time for them to do their own thing. Even the crows are no longer having their walnut and peanut treats. I still have the bird feeder at the edge of the garden  and the coconut shell with fat food still has a remainder. The tits are still paying short visits now and again.


but that is now also coming to an end.

Otherwise life continues as usual and the coronavirus is still here, although not as expected it seems. Switzerland have many empty hospital beds waiting for the new patients which, thank goodness, have not yet arrived, although we are told they will come. Of course we have our new cases daily, also with fatalities. We just have to wait and see, no-one knows the end of this threat.

Today I am again off in the wide world, breaking my isolation for a food safari. I am a little wary this time. In two days it will be Easter holidays, and this shopping time of the year is not easy in normal times. I will be going in the afternoon. The advantage is that there will be less people, as they all rush in the morning to get it done. We golden oldies have learned to be patient throughout life. The only disadvantage might be that we will be greeted with half empty shelves, but I hope not. I have been buying continuously in advance and now just need the fresh veg and a few household items. I realised yesterday evening that I have now used my last washing powder. Thank goodness for my digital list on the phone. I will probably also go on a short store visit tomorrow for things that I might have forgotten, but otherwise intend not to put a foot in a store again until next week on Tuesday afternoon. That is golden oldie planning and logistic.

And now I wish you all the best of the day and hope that you stress levels are nice and even. See you around some time later.