RDP Thursday: Ingenuity


This in ingenuity pure. This is how I should be sitting in my room at my desk with the computer and writing whatever I am writing. The windows should be shut, the blinds clossed, Swiss ingenuity at its best. According to Mr. Swiss that is the only way to keep the heat out of today’s 38°C temperatures, but he has been telling me this for the past 50 years and I still do not listen. Over the last 50 years I have succumbed to this method and managed to escape into the outside world on the terrace when he lives in a sealed box “to keep the heat out” inside. I cannot dispute this method of reasoning, He is Swiss, I am living in his country (although have had a Swiss passport for the past 50 years) and so I make allowances.

Things change over the years. 50 year later I have MS and summer temperatures are giving me problems. I need air, I need light and I want to breathe.


And so I remain in my little room and have opened the window. The blinds also remain open and although scarce now and again a small breeze enters the room. On this side of the apartment there is no direct sun in the afternoon. Although we English people do not understand the Swiss (and other European) methods of keeping the heat out of the home, we consider a breeze to be a breeze and not a draught. I am happy in my little room with an open window. It is a room with a view and fresh air, my room. There are certain aspects of the Swiss way of life that I do not need or want.

And one day the cooler temperatures will return when long sleeves and socks will be worn again and me? No, never, I will remain in my t-shirts with short sleeves and no socks, but I am a Brit.

RDP Thursdy: Ingenuity

9 thoughts on “RDP Thursday: Ingenuity

  1. As much as I hate to admit this, but your husband is right on this count. In ‘modern’ buildings and summer temps, you can only keep the heat outside, by closing the stores & windows and wait until the late evening, when the air has cooled down and you can open wide all doors and windows again.
    BUT as you rightly point out, it’s YOUR room and if it makes you feel better that way, why ever not?! Hope everybody is happy that way 😉

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  2. I’m afraid I have to agree with Mr. Swiss too. It’s not such an issue here usually but in our old house in South Australia which was not air conditioned we had large windows in the living room which faced east. On hot days the windows and curtains were kept closed. I hated the darkness as I like natural light but on days of 38 plus degrees, it was the only way to cope in a brick veneer house. In the evening there was a sea breeze usually and we would open all the windows and doors to let the cooler air in although many evenings we sat out on the front porch for hours until the house was cool enough to go back inside. Older houses made of solid brick with higher ceilings fared a bit better in the heat but it was still better to keep them closed until evening.
    Still, I guess after so many years you are not going to change your habit so enjoy your breezes in peace.

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    • Of course he is right, but I need my open window. Unfortunately Switzerland does not have a coastline or sea which would be welcome in the evening for the sea breeze


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