Flower of the Day: 08.0.2017 Forget me nots

Forget-me-nots 06.04 (1)

I have had these forget me nots at least ten years in my garden and I do not have to sew seeds every year. They are actually known as Brunnera Macrophylla, Siberian Bugloss or great forget-me-not. I got a couple of plants from someone I knew and now half the garden has them and they make a wonderful show in Spring. They remain where they are, tend to spread a bit and flower every year regularly. I love them. If they get the overhand you can pull them out, or plant them elsewhere.

Flower of the Day: 08.0.2017 Forget me nots

Daily Prompt: Help with Healing – forget it

Front Garden 08.04.3027

My new front garden design. I had to go into a compromise. This garden has now been contaminated by the builders and I can now use it for the stuff I usually have in my back garden, which is still being planned for the siege. I have had to distribute my potted plants on the edges for this summer. Perhaps not very pretty, but better organised than it was.

Today I made a decision that I will probablely no longer, if at all, write on the daily prompt on Saturday. Every worker deserves a day of rest somewhere. I have been scribbling these daily prompts for many years, but somehow they are in my way on Saturday as I have other better things to do, like sitting around, reading and annoying people.

Even the subject of this prompt really switched me off to contribute anything in the way of a healing hand. I have MS, ok I can live with it, there is no cure. All I can do is inject every second day a wonderfully expensive medicine and the whole process is slowed down. I suppose it is true, but if you still walk with a cane, still cannot use the left foot, and leg, for making definite decisions about where to go, then you forget the whole healing stuff, because it is not there. I have been living with this progressive illness for more years than I even realised, so no big deal. That is my first gripe about healing.

My second gripe is that my photo programme, Flickr, has not been connecting automatically, no not at all, to my Ribbet programme where I play with the photos changing them into black and white and altering contrasts and all that jazz. I have now written to Flickr and assured them that my computer is working perfectly with no cookie problems or whatever. I am sure they will return with some stupid solution that I have to do something at my end. I do not understand why this has only been happening over the past three days after at least 10 years of using the two programmes. At the moment I have not found a cure, so another healing problem not solved.

I even managed to change my complete computer framework into cerrulean, a sickly green illuminated colour. It was then that Mr. Swiss had to come to the rescue. He threw out my Chrome, added it again and found where the culprit was hiding, something about in the extentions. I wanted to congratulate and thank him but noticed he was not in the mood for being congratulated. Let is be said that he managed to put his healing computer hands onto my computer and I am now writing.

But why am I writing when I said I no longer want to touch any daily prompts on Saturday. I had better go before something more happens. Saturday is not a good day for blogging or anything else.

Daily Prompt: Help with Healing – forget it

Good Morning

Cows 07.04 (16)

The cows have returned. They have been relased from their Winter of Discontent and can now munch real grass and not the dry stuff. I could even smell them, at least their recycling produce, although did not see it. The farmer had probably had a cleaning session before I arrived. The smell belongs to the cows and I love it. I get the real country feeling in my nose again. As I crossed the main road through the village and entered the path to the local castle I could see the cows already enjoying their bovine life on the first field on the right.

Cows 07.04 (13)

When this cow saw me with the camera he began to show off, as if to say “look we are getting milk again”. It was one big excitement amongst the cow tribe. Now I know the warmer seasons are here.

Mr. Swiss had gone to town to deal with a new railway card. Two weeks ago his purse was stolen at the local station. It is the place where the purse thieves collect and they are very refined. I had mine stolen a couple of years ago when I was on the way to Zürich airport to visit my dad in London and had to postpone the whole trip. It is not really the money that bothers you, although that is not exactly ideal. It is blocking all your credit cards (at a cost), organising new cards etc. etc. The police say wait a while, they might turn up again, but you can only wait for a certain time. However, we learn things eventually and my purse contains a minimum of cards.  Now Mr. Swiss has everything again, at a cost, and we have re-examined what we actually take with us when going anywhere.

I decided to take a walk up to the castle as they have a nice bench at the top and Mr. Swiss said when he returns home, he may join me. As I almost reached the castle, I was taking a photo and I heard ducks quacking. The castle path was not duck country, but I realised it was my mobile phone. I altered the calling tune to ducks some time ago. I was in a difficult position to take a telephone call with camera in one hand, a walking stick in the other and my telephone in a silk purse hanging around my body, so decided to seat myself on a bench and examine the situation in peace and quiet. Mr. Swiss had called to say he was on his way and I called him back to tell him where I was. I then sat in the sun and enjoyed the view of the alps in the distance across the fields.

Waldegg 07.04 (15)

It was then that I saw the man of my life approaching, making his way on the path to the top of the hill. Naturally I took the opportunity to take a few photos.

Marcel 07.04 (2)

And so a golden oldie couple sat romatically together and enjoyed the comforts of a nice warm spring day. We had left the noise of our home behind us as the workmen, that are gradually moving in to renovate the facade of our block, had begun to use pneumatic drills to bore holes for the scaffolding. Thank goodness it is now the week-end and peace reigns everywhere, but they will return on Monday.

On Saturday I usually do not go for a walk, but take it easy at home. Mr. Swiss does some last bits and pieces of shopping in the morning and I deal with the ironing and cooking and general housewife chores, with a little bit of blogging in between.

Enjoy the week-end everyone, I know I will.

Waldegg 07.04 (4)
A view of the Jura mountains and landscape from the path to the local Castle Waldegg.