One Word Photo Challenge: Firefly


We do not have fireflies in Switzerland, at least I have never seen one here. It is probably too cold and would put their fire out. However, necessity is the mother of invention. This afternoon, as if ordered, I had an annoying fly buzzing around my workplace on the computer. This was ideal. The fly swatter was near, as you never know when you must defend yourself from the enemy and the fly was sitting on the computer. I swatted the unexpecting fly and he was killed immediately. Not that you think animals were harmed in the making of this blog. He never felt a thing, it was a sudden death. Afterwards I transferred the corpse to a piece of paper, and found a flame maker, which we use for igniting fondue cookers etc. That was the secret behind the composition of this photo of a firefly. I would add it was quite complicated lighting the the flame and taking the photo with one hand with my mobile phone, but where there is a will there is a way.

One Word Photo Challenge: Firefly

Daily Prompt: Cusps and Mountains

Red Kite 16.03 (3)

Birds do not really have a problem with cusps. They just fly and see what is on the other side of the mountain. We humans have to climb the mountain to discover what is on the other side.  There is a downwards slope on the other side of the cusp, perhaps a view of a few villages, even a town. I have done it so often. The view might be different, but it all goes downwards. Now is the time for the decision, after all you got there. Let us take a few photos as a memory of this day of achievement and then go home.

Of course there are cusps and cusps. In Switzerland you might see even more cusps appearing after reaching the top of a cusp. We have alps on the other side  and you do not even think about reaching their cusps, unless you are equipped with alpine cliimbing gear and have experience. It is not everyone’s thing to climb a Matterhorn or an Eiger, just to see what is on the other side. You can do that with a video, so why bother.

CEE Conference Oslo 1968 Safety Rules for Hand Tools

The most disappointing mountains I even crossed were in Norway. It must have been on the outskirts of Oslo somewhere as I was attending an international  meeting as a secretary recording the minutes in 1968, being a mere 22 years old. I stayed a week in Oslo and one of the entertainsments was to see the Norwegian mountains. Mountains? forget the cusps. It was a range of high hills compared to the Swiss version. You climbed to the next peak with expecataions of what you saw from the cusp and all you saw was the next cusp. After climbing around on these apologies for mountains after an hour, I relised that in Norway the mountains were not distributed with spaces in between where a wonderful breathtaking view could be expected from the top. No, they were hills on an assembly line of hills, and the cusps just gave you a view of the next cusp. As you can see in the photo, we were aimlessly walking around searching for a peak with a good view of the Norwegian country, its fjords and towns and villages. Nothing doing, it was just a row of endless cusps.

Daily Prompt: Cusps and Mountains

Good Morning

Wild Pear

The view from the kitchen window this morning and our wild pear is now in full bloom. That is about the only highlight of the day. Things are a bit miserable in the Angloswiss villa at the moment. Mr. Swiss is not so good and I now fell miserable with a sore throat, sneezing and a developing cold. Yesterday I also had a digestive problem, which is today better, thank goodness and we have the Damocles sword hanging over our heads of the buildiers moving in and taking over our outside life. Things can really only get better. Yesterday we had the news that we must now replace our large sun blind outside. Our present colours would not match to our new colourful building (a faint touch of green – and how I hate green) and the nice thing about it is the price is not included in the renovation work. We can pay for that one ourselves, although it seems we have a special price.

At the moment there is a weak sprinkling of rain which does not bother me so much, we ned some rain. I think it is at least a month since the last shower.

I have decided I will not be going places today. I have a bathroom cleaning session this morning and would be ready for a walk this afternoon, but my legs object at the moment. They are tired and not moving as they should.

I got my annual letter from the British government this week. It is a form to fill out, a so-called Life Certificate as they need my confirmation that I am still alive. It is because I live outside the United Kingdom and receive a UK State Pension, which is not exactly a fortune, as I only worked for 2 years in England. I have to have an independent witness to my signature – blah, blah, blah . I did it once before. I have to do something similar for my work pension in Switzerland, as a proof that I am still alive. At the moment everything is happening at once.

And so I will now go, do not feel up to a long report on my present condition. See you around.