Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – April 7, 2017

Cemetry 02.04 (7)

At the local cemetery

Solothurn 05.04 (8)

In the parking house in town, but I prefer to use the lift.


Solothurn 05.04 (46)

In one of the back streets of the old town of Solothurn – built by Romans for Romans, but we replaced the cobble stones, which I do not like – too much danger of falling.

Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – April 7, 2017

Daily Prompt: Outlier, yes that’s me

Daffodil victim

There is always the first to go, to do it all differently. Yes, this daffodil was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and all it wanted to do was to survive, at least until the last days of spring. Alas this was not to be. This morning the buiding worker had to remove a small part of our hedge. It was just a small part, thank goodness, otherwise there would have been more casualties to mourn than just one daffodil. It was not even the hedge removal that was the problem, no, it was the builder who happend to put his booted foot in the wrong place. He did not even notice it, so RIP daffodil. I am sure it will return again next year.

In the meanwhile why waste time in grieving over a silly daffodil. I have been an outlier all my life. I always had different ideas to the others. All my schoolfriends completed their examinations and followed their routine jobs afterwards in London. Me, no, I wanted to go places and see things, and I did not really care where. That is the outliers advantage, we are not fussy, just do it. And so I arrived in Switzerland, met Mr. Swiss and am still an outlier according to him.

Is it my fault that I do not have the same taste in food as he does. He loves pasta, and I do not mind it, but just now and again and not with every meal. Cervelat and Hörnli (Swiss sausage and paste curved bits) he finds and ideal lunch and I find it most unappetising, I have been longing to make a moussaka one day, but he does not like aubergine, and I do.  I wanted an arum lily as a centerpiece for the kitchen table, but he found the bromelia was better.  After 48 years of married life I will not change, and neither will he, but that is the spice of life. Two Outliers found each other, and believe me life is never boring. We have continuous agreements to disagree.

I like to go to bed around 11,30, it works fine for me. He prefers to watch the late, late shows on the TV and arrives an hour later – no problem, I do not notice because I am already sleeping. He enjoys watching TV, I prefer to read a book or blog. It is a wonder that we are still together, but opposites attract they say and who can really say who the outlier is. We all have our own opinions and life style.

Daily Prompt: Outlier, yes that’s me

Good Morning

This is how I felt this morning when I was awoken by digging shovels and scraping in front of my bedroom window, which was closed, luckily. Yes the builders are here. They are not poltergeists, but the real thing, with tools that make digging noises and wheelbarrows.

They arrived yesterday afternoon, but it was not our turn, so we watched what they did to the other front gardens, which was not really very much. The front garden is just a practice station for the real king-sized thing. They only have to remove tiles. I cannot wait to take some photos, but I would now have to lift the blinds and open the windows and step outside, and introduce myself as the local photographer which may not be wishds for by the workers. They are only doing their job, and we are now just putting a brave face on it and trying to digest it with a little bit of humour.

The most astonishing thing I saw yesterday was a young lady, piling bricks and wheeling refuse away in a wheelbarrow. We females now have equality on the building sites – and why not.  Power to the women. I had a brilliant idea, although Mr. Swiss is not so enthusiastic. I found if they remove two rows of tiles next to our wall, where later the scaffolding will be embeded, there will be a layer of earth in between. Now if I get some seeds at the gardening store for climbing plants, I could plant them in the spaces between the scaffolding poles and the whole concept of the scadffolding would be much nearer to nature. Climbing plants on the scadffolding, what a great idea. Mr. Swiss found forget it, not everyone will share my over zealous attitude. I see nature at its best, with perhaps even a few flowers in between, but the workers may not see it that way.

Renovation 06.04 (6)

In the meanwhile three outside parking places have been conquered by building equipment. That does not really bother me, just something for a photo. We have our car in the subterranean garage, where no builders can touch it. I took the photo on my return yesterday afternoon. I had written my blogs, whilst Mr. Swiss had to go into town and when he returned I decided to take a walkabout in the village to see if there was any action in the flowering world. I have discovered that Spring is a great time for photos. All the trees are getting their leaves and flowers.

Flowering busches 06.04 (1)

I stopped to take a photo on my walk now and again and was hoping that people living in the houses belonging to the bushes were not watching in hiding through their windows. It could get embarrassing if some approached me and asked what I though I was doing taking photos of their gardens. Our village does not just have houses, but many are wannabe villas and the contents are not usually bought online from the local supermarket but ordered to measure.

Dandelion 06.04 (3)

Even the stray dandelions growing ouside the buildings were something better than the normal dandelion. They were bigger and their colours more radiant. Perhaps they might get a dose of special fertiliser containing high tech drugs.

As I arrived home I noticed our invaders were leaving and our front garden was still untouched, but this morning at the crack of dawn they made up for lost time.

And now I should be making up for lost time and not sitting at the computer writing rubbish. There is week-end shopping to do, the cloud list already completed with our wishes. Mr. Swiss is already showered and dressed and I am still in my nightdress. I will be back with more exciting stories from the Swiss outpost.