Daily Prompt: Help with Healing – forget it

Front Garden 08.04.3027

My new front garden design. I had to go into a compromise. This garden has now been contaminated by the builders and I can now use it for the stuff I usually have in my back garden, which is still being planned for the siege. I have had to distribute my potted plants on the edges for this summer. Perhaps not very pretty, but better organised than it was.

Today I made a decision that I will probablely no longer, if at all, write on the daily prompt on Saturday. Every worker deserves a day of rest somewhere. I have been scribbling these daily prompts for many years, but somehow they are in my way on Saturday as I have other better things to do, like sitting around, reading and annoying people.

Even the subject of this prompt really switched me off to contribute anything in the way of a healing hand. I have MS, ok I can live with it, there is no cure. All I can do is inject every second day a wonderfully expensive medicine and the whole process is slowed down. I suppose it is true, but if you still walk with a cane, still cannot use the left foot, and leg, for making definite decisions about where to go, then you forget the whole healing stuff, because it is not there. I have been living with this progressive illness for more years than I even realised, so no big deal. That is my first gripe about healing.

My second gripe is that my photo programme, Flickr, has not been connecting automatically, no not at all, to my Ribbet programme where I play with the photos changing them into black and white and altering contrasts and all that jazz. I have now written to Flickr and assured them that my computer is working perfectly with no cookie problems or whatever. I am sure they will return with some stupid solution that I have to do something at my end. I do not understand why this has only been happening over the past three days after at least 10 years of using the two programmes. At the moment I have not found a cure, so another healing problem not solved.

I even managed to change my complete computer framework into cerrulean, a sickly green illuminated colour. It was then that Mr. Swiss had to come to the rescue. He threw out my Chrome, added it again and found where the culprit was hiding, something about in the extentions. I wanted to congratulate and thank him but noticed he was not in the mood for being congratulated. Let is be said that he managed to put his healing computer hands onto my computer and I am now writing.

But why am I writing when I said I no longer want to touch any daily prompts on Saturday. I had better go before something more happens. Saturday is not a good day for blogging or anything else.

Daily Prompt: Help with Healing – forget it

10 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Help with Healing – forget it

  1. I say rest, you deserve a break! I think blogging should make us happy, so if that happiness becomes an annoyance or an irritation we should take a step back and look at what changed. I think in today’s busy world we can quickly become over extended but we owe it to ourselves to be happy in all the things we do.

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  2. I really like my blog. I really like reading others blogs and getting small glimpses into their lives and thoughts. I love the emails I get daily from people, blog notices, and updates on conversations. However I am not able to get to every blog I like every day. I am not able to read all my emails every day, I am sitting on a backlog of over 4000 emails. I know many of them are not good any more. I do not worry or stress over these things anymore. I feel you should use your computer time like a toy box. It take the toys out I want to play with. Now if I want to go do something that has nothing to do with the toybox, I go do it without worry. The toy box and its toys will still be there when I have time. I am lucky in some ways as I have a lot of unscheduled time. However I do have a life offline. So I agree with you on when to write. Write what and when you wish because your blog and your writing should be FUN. That simple in my mind, it should be fun. Be well, I do enjoy your world. Hugs

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    • If things run smoothly it is ok with me, but when not the fun disappears my patience does as well. I really wanted to write a minimum this evening, but the Mr. Swiss had to chase our cat to give her the anti parasite medicine for the summer and I already had a theme for a blog this evening. And now I am sitting in the armchair and have switched off blogging for the day..

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    • I have had Chrome for many years and like it. I am sure it is my photo program that is the problem. I have contacted them and wait to see what they say.


  3. I don’t write for the prompt every day any more. If I like the prompt, fine, but I’m trying to not work quite as hard as I did, mainly because — I’m tired. Relax! Enjoy your weekend. We are supposed to be having fun, so let’s have fun.

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    • The prompts are ok, but When it becomes a routine it no longer so much fun. I now prefer to make the most of the good weather and write when I get inspiration.


  4. Writing prompts can be useful when you want to form a discipline of writing but have run out of ideas of what to write about. To follow a strict routine, though, when there is no joy in it, is counterproductive and silly. Unless you’re being very well paid to write for someone else, that is. Then the joy is in the paycheck, and the writing “routine” is called “work.” Doing anything just for fun, and allowing it to become a chore, is, frankly, a waste of your precious life.

    I love your garden.

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    • That is the danger line with the prompts. On the other hand it is not very often that I really do not know what to write and they are prompts and nothing more. They prompt you to write, on a theme, but themes can be fun if you use a little adaption. I often intend not to write, but then suddenly I find something to write about. When the ideas disappear then I will have to start knitting again. I would never write for money, because it would given that essnce of having to do something, and I am now too old to have to do anything, but just do what I want.

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