Flower of the Day: 22.04.2017 Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart 21.04 (1)

My Bleeding Heart in the garden have been flowering for at least a month, but probably no longer. They will disappear, I will forget they exist until next year in April when they suddenly appear again as if to say, we are still here, do not forget us. They grew from a stray seed from a neighbour, I did not plant them. They began as a tiny plant and now they have grown to a large size: one of my favourites.

Flower of the Day: 22.04.2017 Bleeding Heart

Daily Prompt: Harmony is everywhere

Renovation 20.04 (32)

When two men alone can build this in four days, then that is harmony. When they arrive with a truck filled with bits and pieces that afterwards fit together, and when the men know which piece fits where, the harmony is complete.

They arrived, they saw and they conquered”veni, vedi, vici” or something like that. They did not have a chief breathing down their necks to tell them what to do.He just formed the plan and told them to take a photo with their mobile phones as they progressed. They did not have an expert to show which piece fitted where, they just got on with it and did the job. Of course they had to shift the pieces to the top, but not by the stairs or climbing. One man stood at the bottom, had the necessary aluminium part in his hand. He threw upwards and is partner caught it. I saw this taking place often. Mr. Swiss said it would be the perfect photo when I could catch the moment where it was caught or thrown, but it all happened too quickly.


Of course it all begins on a drawing board and a team that work out how it should be done. Every part has its own design. It is all aluminium and very strong. The guy doing it told me he had been working for many years on the job. For the smaller constructions (we are small?) aluminium is used. As soon as the buildings are built or renovated that are taller, then steel has to be used as it is stronger. On this photo you can see how the walking platform is fastened to the skeleton of the steel frame – a bottom view.


The side view of this part looks like this: all very neat and clean. The design deserves an award. It seems the next few month of my life will be spent amongst the builders and I am learrning fast, athough they really do not need my advice or help.  This is only the preliminary part of the work. I have never seen these two guy get annoyed, they are so calm and always have time to answer questions.

They have left a nice open space where we can enter the garden easily by removing one of the platforms when they leave in the evening. Mr. Swiss found it would not be so necessary, as it is high enough to walk below with the platform. I am one of the taller species, but if necessary can bend a little and it would be no problem. However, the expert (not worker, because he is an expert) found that would not be a good idea. Something could easily happen, and it is safer for us to have enough room to move.

When their part of the job is finished, they will move on and the plasterers will arrive for the facade of the house. That will be something completely different, removing the old wall covers and joining the new parts with noise and dust, but we will survive and my camera will be recording it all.

Daily Prompt: Harmony is Everywhere

Good Morning

Someone was hugging the bed too long this morning. I am not exactly late because I am not going places, although I do have things to do. However when you arrive in the kitchen and see this from the window you realise that there are others that work on Saturday.


In the meanwhile it has become wider and higher. When this whole scaffolding stuff is finished the team of builders will be balancing on the platforms and climbing the stairs in front of my kitchen window. Life is  becoming exciting, no more boring days until Autumn. Even my cat Tabby sat awhile in front of the window watching the alterations to his landscape. I suppose in his autistic way of thought, he is not so keen on change, everything should stay as it is forever. He has now disappeared to his bed on the other side of the appartment, cannot blame him.

Mr. Swiss will be making a quick visit to the supermarket this morning for a few bits and pieces. I managed quite well yesterday when I went to the supermarket on my own in the car for the first time in more than a year.  I started driving again a couple of months ago as everyone with Mr. Swiss at my side, as everyone said I should. It is always wonderful when people give their advice, but yesterday I quite enjoyed my little drive. It was almost as if it was organised. I planned to finish the housewife cleanthrough  and bathroom visit a little earlier and I was ready to go. I left the garage in one piece and was on the way. Even the local Kantonsschule (high school) still had their easter holidays, so there were no parents dropping off their kids by car. My mum and dad never had a car, so I had to do it all by myself with bus or walking. There is also a local bus for the students, but that only runs on school days.

My next problem to overcome was parking the car at the supermarket parking lot. It was Friday and generally more public than usual. Again it was made to measure: a super two empty places next to each other that I could drive through to get to the other side, where I already had my escape route. Not only that, but I parked perfectly, in the middle. I was so proud of my achievement I took a photo.

Car 21.04.2017

What could be better. The crowds were also not so large in the supermarket and so I whipped through my cloud shopping list in no time and already arrived home with time to spare for cooking. Yes, it was a successful excursion, and I quite enjoyed it. I made the mistake of telling Mr. Swiss how well it went because he found I could now do the shopping on my own, just every second time. I told him to forget it, no, I was not the Amy Johnson of the driving world. Our shopping excursions will still be made together, only in exceptional cases will I do it on my own. I am an independent person, but there are are limits to my needs.

Next Monday we are having our new curtain system fitted, and I suggested that I would make an exception again and go shopping on my own, whilst Mr. Swiss followed the development of the curtain fixtures. He was quite happy about that suggestion, but I told him this was really an exception and not to get used to it.

In the meanwhile the scaffolding is growing in front of my kitchen and living room and I am now trapped. I asked the nice builder if I could perhaps have one of his steel helmets and he thought I was joking. He said when he goes home in the evening he will remove the walking board in front of my kitchen so that I can come and go into my garden. And now I must go, cannot watch the builders all morning I have other things to do.