Flower of the Day: 10.04.2017 Abutilon


You think you have seen them all and then today I saw some of these outside of the local gardening department in the store. In the meawhile I have decided, I must have one and see how they grow. It is a member of the mallow family and I think they have a good chance of survival in my garden, at least I hope so.

Flower of the Day: Abutilon

Share Your World – April 10, 2017

Have you ever participated in a distance walking, swimming, running, or biking event? Tell your story.

I would say not voluntarily. I was one of the last that learned how to swim in my school class, and I was then approaching 12 years old. We had a weekly swimming lessons which I hated in any case. If I was meant to swim I would have had webbed feet and gills, but I have big feet and lungs. Anyhow our brilliant sports teacher, who I also disliked, found I was a perfect victim for the school swimming gala, the so-called beginners width. I like to climb slowly into the swimming pool which was the first obstacle, because in a race you have to dive in (which I could not). I jumped into the water at the sound of the start whistle and swam a complete width of the pool. I had no idea what I was doing, but as I left the water our teacher (who I now hated even more) pressed a coloured ticket into my hand and told me to report at the desk. Yes, I was third in the race (although there were only six of us I beilive).

Name one thing not many people know about you.

Just one? I was on the short list for the Nobel Prize for literature, but they changed the list, made it longer, and left my name off.

What is your favorite flower?

The one that survives.

Things I want to have in my home (paintings, hot tubs, book cases, big screen tv etc)

An original Picasso painting which would be auctioned at the next opportunity.
Bill Gates – to solve any computer problems.
A gardener
A cleaning woman
A cook
And my own personal doctor.

What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 

Last week the builders arrived. Our appartment block will be completely renovated for the next six months.

Renovation 10.04 (5)
This was my dawn chorus this morning in front of my bedroom window so it can only get better. Whether it is last week or this week, life will go on in the normal style. Next week the scaffolding will be standing, looking forward to taking more photos.

Yes, life is exciting in the Angloswiss world at the moment.

Share Your World – April 10, 2017

Colour Your World: Violet Red


Yes, killed two birds with one stone, although I am stillnot sure what the thing is with this voilet red. I am slowly getting a colour blind touch with the reds. Anyhow here we have a kalnchoe which is now blossoming the second time and it is planted in a voilet red pot – what could be better?

Colour Your World: Violet Red

Daily Prompt: Blind Moments

It was a morning of decision making and alternatives. No, I really did not want to go shopping on my own to the supermarket which was suggestion No. 1 by Mr. Swiss, or was it a command. He wanted to wait for the postman, who always rings twice in any case, because he had received an online notification from the Swisspost that a registered letter would be arriving today for him. He realised that his new Swiss identity card would be arriving and he wanted to be here to sign for it. I can understand that part of it. He would otherwise have to travel to the next village. They are not hostile villagers, look like us and speak the same language, but they are naturally not as nice as we are – although I never had a problem with them, but we Brits get on with everyone.

We were both having blind moments of thought processing, but mine were processing faster and differently. No, I will not go shopping on my own, I had a much better idea and to my surprise it was accepted. We will both wait until this important document arrives with the post, we will sign for it and afterwards go shopping together. As neither of us had a clue what to have for dinner, I managed to pour some sight onto the situation and sueggested we would have lunch together in the supermarket restaurant. Surprisngly Mr. Swiss found it a good idea.

In the meanwhile our bulding team that are renovating our garden, encountered a problem, which was mine. They are now digging a trench at the walls of our house and one of my smaller hosta beds was under threat. The gardening workman said either they can transplant them or keep them on one side until the work was finished (in 7 months?). I found a place for them and one of their men dug them out and kindly replaced them in another part of my flower beds, in one of my other hosta beds. In the meanwhile Mr. Swiss had to disappear to have a talk with one of the head gardeners and left me instructions to sign for his card as he had seen that the post lady was approaching.  I had also used the valuable time saved by not going immediately shopping, and cleaned all my doors, which I usually attend to in the afternoon: a quick job, but it still needs to be done.

Supermarket accident

And so the day was rescued, for me. I did not have to go alone shopping and my partner remained at my side. I did not have to organise so much, as today’s lunch was already taken care of. I had time and so took a few photos in the supermarket. Mr. Swiss was not happy as he lost me now and again. I just had to take a photo of this little accident in the shopping area. Someone had placed a new arrival of goods on the floor and had a small accident as it seems that a few boxes containing glass with oily material had broken. You have to capture these things when they happen, after all they might be useful as an illustration for a blog – one of my main purposes in my golden oldie life.

The shopping was completed and so we moved to the restaurant. It is self service, and we decided to sit outside in the garden of the restaurant (yes, another photo).

Migros restaurant

As you can see the sun was shining and we managed to find a comfortable place in the shade beneath one of the large yellow sun shades. I always have problems carrying my tray and a walking stick, so usually Mr. Swiss has to walk twice, with my food and afterwards with his. The lady at the cash desk immediately stood up and said she would carry my tray to our table. There are really wonderful people still amongst us.


We were not alone when eating, but it can get annoying when others are watching you eat from the top of the wall at the side. I decided to ignore them and continued eating my breaded fish, with spargel spears and potatoes in rosemary. That is why I like blind moments, you do not see everything, but they are full of suprises.

Daily Prompt: Blind Moments

Good Morning

Renovation 07.04 (3)

There is nothing better to awake to on a Monday morning than the noise of the penumatic drills, although in the neighbour’s garden. This means that today they will arrive in our garden. In the first operations of the renovation work  they will be digging deep down in front of our bedroom windows. Up to now they had just removed the tiles in front of the window and  provisionally sprinkled some gravel, but now the real work begins. They will dig a grave, perhaps they are building a moat around our appartment? It would look quite good, although our cat will not be happy about it. I hope when they fill the grave in afterwards, that they do not bury Tabby in it, although I think she is smart enough to keep out of the way. Felines do not like loud noise, and believe me it will be loud at our place.

Mr. Swiss examines the building schedule now and again, although I did not know that one existed. He said this week it will be organised   and next week the scaffolding will be arranged. We now have a break for Easter so they will have to get the preparations done this week. As far as I am concerned we can skip Easter in any case. It is many years since I coloured eggs or organised chocolate easter bunnies. Easter means the same to me as Christmas which is not very much.

In the olden days when we were young and active, we invited my mother-in-law to dinner on Good Friday and afterwards it was a ceremonial walk, weather permitting. Unfortunately the weather always seem to permit on Good Friday and how I disliked those walks. I felt as if I was on an easter parade. I liked to take a walk in nature, but it was one of those “nice” walks where we had to wear “sensible” footwear and I had to dress up in my Sunday best. I suppose they are memories of the days gone bye to think about. It is now 20 years since she passed away.

In the meanwhile the workmen have put large wooden boards on the bottom half of our windows, probably for protection against the dirt attack they will be getting today.

Mr. Swiss also passed the remark that I could perhaps go shopping today on my own (in the car???) as he is expecting his new Swiss identity card in the post which will be delivered registered and needs a signature when the postman rings twice. If we are not at home it is deposited at the nearest post office, which is in the next village, and a day later you can collect it personally. We used to have a post office in our 100 cow village, but they decided it was not worth it. The building is still standing but been taken over by a company. We live in an outpost and have only the local stage coach (train) that visits every half an hour. The official name of the train is the Solothurn-Niederbipp-Bahn but there are rumours that it might be renamed as the Wells-Fargo Train.

And now I must move on, there are things to do and organise and I must mentally prepare myself for my first solo trip in the car since almost two years. Of course I can drive, but I feel so lonely when no-one is sitting in the passenger seat at my side. On the other hand if the postman arrives punctually then we will go together. It depends on how much mail the cows are receiving. They have colleagues in other farms and like to exchange their milking experiences and various grass flavours.

I will leave you with another relic of the buiding work. An uprooted bush (it might be the one they removed from my hedge) and some other building material. I must remember to organise some ear plugs today when shopping. See you later.

Renovation 06.04 (1)