Daily Prompt: A Yarn about Yarn


This is all I have left from my yarning days which is not very much I must admit. I wrote once before, just a couple of weeks ago, about my knitting and crochering days which are also now long gone. My first grandchild will be arriving in September, but her grandmother Angloswiss will not be raiding the yarn shops for baby wool to knit. Today it is not so necessary, you can buy such wonderful baby stretch onesies in pretty colours with attached feet, so what in the point in knitting little bootees for the baby’s little feet, in a few weeks the feet will no longer be little and stretch is perfect.

However, not wanting to disappoint, I took a quick trip to the cellar where I keep things “that might come in useful”. I got that one from mum. I think her complete household was full of things that should come in useful. Nothing was thrown away, you never know. Every little glass bottle that once contained tablets was kept on one side. They never really came in useful, but who was I to destroy my mum’s visions. Yes she was the original re-cycler, but then it did not have a name.

And now to my bits and pieces that I found in this tin. It seemed to be full of empty cotton reels and spare elastic. I even found a cotton reel with a full supply of thread on it, waiting for the next button to be sewn on. If you are looking for buttons, they are in a different tin. I have many, in all shapes and sizes and colours as well as hooks and eyes. They might come in handy one day. In the days of office work, Mr. Swiss would wear uniform on days when visitors were in the office: generally a shirt and tie and all the trimmings.  It was the done thing at the time. Since he has joined the happy hunting grounds of the retired, his collection of Dior, Boss and Armani ties  are now left in his wardrobe, hanging on the rack on the door. I cannot remember when he last wore a tie. The modern trend for special occasions has the description “Dress: casual” so the tie curse has now been eliminated.

But back to the buttons. At his time of wearing shirts, the buttons would usually leave the shirt after only wearing it a couple times. They were sewn on by machine, and just a simple pull on a thread would totally separate the button from the shirt. If you were lucky you found the missing button, otherwise it was always useful to have a few spare buttons. I was not very good at sewing on buttons, but Mr. Swiss quickly realised it was a an advantage to learn how to do it as he did not have to wait until I did it. As the shirt problem no longer exists, a supply of extra buttons is also no longer necessary and so the tins of yard/thread and buttons now lead a solitary life in the cellar. I only found them today for the photo above.

Of course there are women (even men it seems) that still like to knit a pullover or sew their own clothes. I used to belong to this tribe, but now prefer a computer and buy what I need in a store. One of my rebellious acts against becoming a golden oldie.


Daily Prompt: A Yarn about Yarn

Good Morning

Lilac 29.04 (1)

Despite the cold temperatures, we still have sun and the lilac tree opposite my garden is flowering at last. After early warm spring weather that caused the trees to flower we had a very cold patch. The farmers are not so happy and many of the trees had frost problems, especially the cherry trees. There are cherry trees dotted around Switzerland and they are a source of income for many farmers. Now the cherry tress blossomed, the cold weather arrived, the beginning fruits perished in the cold and there willl be a very reduced harvest, if at all. There are also many crops that went kaput due to the cold weather.

In the meanwhile life goes on. Our scaffolding workers arrived yesterday in the morning. We noticed that Saturday morning was part of their working week. However, yesterday the stayed and worked through the day until 7.00 p.m.: a normal working day but even a bit more.

Renovation 29.04 (6)

We relised they had a deadline to fulfil. Monday is 1st May, and workers do not work on that day in Switzerland. The shops are only open in the morning, and  building sites are closed. This meant the troop of scaffolding construction workers had to finish the job on Saturday and they did. It did not bother us so much. Of course there was noise, but not so much, just the clanking of metal pieces. They had their deadline to maintain. Next week the plasterers will be arriving and they have to be able to reach all parts of the building.

It is actually fascinating how the scaffolding is planned into every detail. Stairs and platforms are placed in strategic positions. Every piece of metal fits, it is a sort of giant lego construction. Mr. Swiss told me in the olden days the scaffolding was made of wood. Today it is all aluminium and on the high end buildings steel. However, they were friendly workers, always ready with a greeting in the morning and a smile now and again, especially when they saw me with the camera.

Our view from the kitchen window is now metal scaffolding and ladders. Our West side in summer is usually exposed to the full sun, and from midday you have to cover the patio with the sun blind as it is too hot to handle. We noticed that due to the scaffolding in front of the windows, we are no longer subjected to the full strength of the sun during the day, for which we are glad.

On Tuesday all the blinds will be removed to enable to plasterers to do their job. When the work is finished we will have new blinds for all the windows. In the meanwhile we had to rethink our living space, as we are not curtain people: just in the bedrooms. The kitchen is not practical for curtains due to the cooking residue. The interior decorating guy, that we use for such work, paid us a visit with a few suggestions. We decided on the stripes with all the attachments for the complete appartment. We can pull them to the side if we do not need them, which is very handy in the kitchen. The fitted them up last week and only needed a few hours.


Here you can still see the horizontal parts of the metal blinds in the background, but they will be removed. We have got special stripes for the bedroom which prevents too much light entering the room. I am quite pleased with this system. They are good quality and work well. Even our cat is enjoying the effect on his chair.

At least we now have a few peaceful days to relax until it all begins again. I was planning on a walk yesterday, but preferred to relax at home. Today they will let me out for an hour this afternoon. I must go places and see things before the new week begins.

Enjoy your Sundays wherever you are.