Photo Challenge: Earth

Renovation 12.04 (2)

I could show you beautiful photos of the Swiss Alps, one of our clean rivers full of fish, or perhaps a field being planted or ready to be harvested. That would be our Swiss Earth until it is in the way. Until it needs to be dug up and removed because a human idea finds there is too much earth in the wrong place and it is not needed. And so we move in with one of our super machines and remove the earth and make a big hole. Of course it will be filled in again when necessary. Perhaps a supermarket, or factory, will be built where there used to be earth. In the meanwhile we now have an earth. tDo not forget that we only have one earth, and no reserve on the side.  In the meanwhile, move over earth you are in the way.

Photo Challenge: Earth

Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – April 21, 2017

Renovation 20.04 (26)

We are being renovated for the next 6-7 months so I have “which ways” in front of my window. And at last the questions is answered “How to build a which way”.

Renovation 11.04 (14)

And some Which Ways can get a little complicated.

Renovation 21.04 (13)

I have not quite worked this one out yet, but I am sure it will be an important way for someone.

Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – April 21, 2017

Daily Prompt: Yes, I got spikes


You really have to like those builders. After lunch I was enjoying my golden oldie sleep, and I slept. It is usually a quiet area where I live, in the middle of the country, just birdsong and the perhaps a cat fight or neighbours talking outside. However, not a cause for disturbance. I have noticed then when I sleep, the building noise becomes part of my dreams. Today it was thump, thump, thump – very rhythimic and it almost lulled me into a deeper sleep. However, when I did sort of have a wake moment I took a glance at my clock (digital, mobile phone clock) and realised it was time to rise.

The next thing you do is take a glance at the daily prompt theme and I saw “spike”. Now what am I going to write about spikes. In the country the only spikes we have are the thorns on a rose bush, or the spires on the church towers. Admittedly in the earlier days the Swiss mercenaries would probably have a halberd under their beds in case they had to fight for someone that paid enough. This was a sort of pointed spear with a chopping head at the top. Today every Swiss soldier has a rifle at home, usually in the cupboard, ready to protect his country if necessary, but without bayonet as that would probably be too messy for a practice.

Every Swiss is a soldier, almost every Swiss, the fit ones. My No. 2 son was, but has served his days and is no longer needed. He also had his rifle and would have to use it once a year at the local shooting range, to ensure that he would not forget how to use it. When his duty as a Swiss soldier was finished he returned the rifle. I think he could have kept it for a price, but had no interest. So are the patriots in my family.

Imagine my surprise when I entered my garden this afternoon and found these spike similar objects in my garden (see photo). Of course they are some sort of support for the scaffolding which will now be built on the West side of my appartment. As I sit here outside, I can see the beginnings of what will become  fortress similar organisation of my appartment. If I disappear this week not to reblog, it is because they forgot to leave an opening for me to leave and enter my home. Perhaps I should now organise drones to deliver my food.

And before I leave you, here are some real spikes, on the dome of our cathedral in the town of Solothurn, just to show that we do have spikes.

A September Walk through Solothurn

Daily Prompt: Yes, I got Spikes

Good Morning

Renovation 20.04 (20)

And the construction of the scaffolding goes on. Not only are the buildiers experts at their job, but true artists. The East side of our building is now more or less enclosed in scaffolding and today they will begin on the end bits as I was informed.  I told the builder I managed my after lunch sleep despite the noise of a drill and metallic parts being fitted together. He remarked that he would be glad for a lunch time sleep, but he did laugh. After this part of the construction all the screws and bolts will be re-tightened as they want to be sure that everything is safe. I only arrived in the afternoon with my camera as I was busy doing housewife stuff and cooking in the morning. He said they missed me in the morning. I am becoming famous on the building site.

We nearly had our first casualty when the builders had finished for the day. I was sitting at my desk and saw a movement in front of the window. As I had completed my upload of photos from the camera, I grabbed my mobile phone camera to see if there was something useful.


And Roschti, the feline next door was suddenly balanceced on the walkway in front of my computer central window. He was poised and ready for more action. My feline Tabby, was already recovering from his daily work somewhere curled up in a cushion, but Roschti was the male of the species and always had a cling to adventure. Over the past 15 years he had had his ups and downs and injuries, but always survived. I found this was interesting and called Mr. Swiss. He opened the window and we noticed that Roschti was running back and forth on the walkway and was not a happy bunny.


After taking a few more Roschti action photos I realised there was something wrong, Although like all able felines, he managed to hop onto the platform, he no longer remembered how to leave. Mrs. Swiss was worried, but I am action woman and went ouside into the garden, having visions of rescuing Roschti and carrying him in my arms to safety accompanied by the applause from the neighbours, although it would have been difficult with a walking stick.

Roschti saw me approaching and moved to the end of the wooden planks. He was now opposite the pile of tiles removed from the end of my garden by the gardeners. He looked at me and looked at the pile and made his choice. With a light safe spring he landed on the tiles and descended. He was saved. I am really convinced he was a very worried feline. I hope that he does not attempt any more discoveries of the new landscape. There are now stairs connecting the various levels and he could easily arrive on the roof.

And now I must go. Today Mr. Swiss has his meeting of ex school classmates in a restaurant for lunch. The lady owning the restaurant was also in his class. It is in the next village, so either he walks the distance, which would be half an hour, or he takes the local train, I have the car to execute the week-end shopping journey, my first real big solo journey since a year at least. I often now drive, but he is always at my side with helpful hints and commands, which I do not really need, but he feels safer that way. I might even miss him givien instructions today. It is not really the driving that is a problem, but the actual shopping. I am slower now in movement and it does help to have an assistant to pack everyhing whilst I deal with the financial side at the cash desk.

After mutual consultations, I composed the shopping list on a cloud on my phone, so what could possibly happen.

And now it is action time with the vacuum cleaner, mop and afterwards a journey into the unknown. Have fun everyone, and I will be back with further reports from somewhere in the middle of Switzerland where the cows and crows say goodnight to each other.

Estate Vegetation 20.04.2017