Colour Your World: Yellow


Yellow is the colour of the Swiss Post Office organisation. As I am doing my best not to repeat the same photos as a year ago, I constantly search for something completely different. What could be better than my secret digital key to access my account online for my post office account. No problem showing it here, because you see nothing that the others do not have. However, when I need it, there are all sorts of secret codes and paths to be taken and they are all mine.

The strange thing is that the German Post also have yellow as their official colour. And our and  the German postmen, no, they are not yellow – or are they?

Colour Your World: Yellow

Daily Prompt: Crafty crafting


This is a selfie of how you see me if I am crafting. One of the things I craft as a hobby is photography. Of course I need my hands for holding the camera and changing the lens. This is my big 300 lens for the closeups of birds on the trees, or taking sneak photos of things happening at a distance – my paparazzi camera piece. I am also known in the local store, as before leaving after my shopping trip I pay a visit to the flower department to see what new arrivals are there for a photo. Of course I then move onto my little mobile telephone camera which is more inconspicuous and does not attract so much attention.

The assistants know me and so they let me do my thing. I was once asked by one of the ladies that sell the flowers what I actually do with the photos. I told her they are for my blogging experience, as I an a prospective candidate for a Pulitzer prize for photography. I think at that point she was serving a customer. She said that her boss had seen me taking photos and wanted to know why. Anyhow it was all Ok and so I continue to take photos. They now have a new boss it seems, but he has not yet seen me.


This is my other craft. Of course I use both hands when crafting on the keyboard, but I needed the other hand to hold my camera to take the photo. This is my Mac computer, which I use during the afternoon for writing my blogs. I also have a Microsoft with a larger screen which I use whilst eating my breakfast (must clean the jam from the keyboard, my fingers have begun to stick) and also in the evening for uploading and working on my photos, also for a few challenges that arrive during the day. I assume my blogging colleagues across the pond get all their food for challenges during the day, but as we have a 7 hour time difference, I only get them during the afternoon and evening.

I used to knit, I used to make my own clothes, but that is now a thing of the past. I was then 20-30 years younger and had more energy. My hands also followed my instructions. I even write my shopping list on the iPhone today, because my hand refuses to write so that I can read it.

I read books today on my Kindle. I have not read a real book for some time. I am not one of those people that love to hold a heavy, weighty, book in their hand and drop it on the floor when it gets to heavy, eminating a wonderful smell of old paper and cardboard. Give me a Kindle any time – no smell, no weight. Within a few seconds I have a new book to read: even when in another country I can upload a new book as I have a 3g thingy on it which means I can upload everywhere. I might no longer be as crafting as I was, but I am a cyber golden oldie, and we cyber golden oldies can do it all. And we remain crafty, we have to, we must always be one step ahead of the digital developments.

I read all the articles in the computer and digital magazines to be sure that I am not missing anything new in my digital life. Even Mr. Swiss is crafting with his music on the computer. He has other programmes and other possibilities. Yes we are the power golden oldies of modern days, we are digital, we can do it all with the flick of a craft button on a keyboard – he also has an electric drum set and I have an electric piano. Craft – we invented it.

Daily Prompt: Craft Crafting

Good Morning, Allegra

And yet another greeting in another language – no problem or? Try a guess.

Snow 04.02 (2)

We had a sort of freak snowstorm yesterday. Mr. Swiss said look out of the window in the afternoon and there were megaflakes falling. Of course I had to quickly change to my zoom lens to capture this one. They were falling thick and fast and we had a nice snowy layer within an hour. It then stopped any when evening arrived everything was back to as normal as it could possibly be. This morning there is no sign of any snow, just cold and a little bit frosty.

Actually history repeats itself, because 48 years ago on 4th February it was also snowing a little. How do I know – I got married on that day. No big deal, it was all done at the registry officed in town. It was just me and Mr. Swiss and our two witnesses. We had a drink in a restaurant next to the registry office, before I signed on the dotted line, and it was snowing outside and it was cold. It was a painless ceremony. I remember the guy who married us. He was dressed in his best pin striped suit. My command of the german language was OK, but not as perfect as today. All I had to say was “ja” in any case, in the right place at the right time, so I just did what Mr. Swiss did.  I got a family book afterwards. Everyone gets a family book in Switzerland when they are married. It has room for at least 16 kids to add on the pages. Better to be safe than sorry I suppose. At that time, in 1969, I was automatically adopted by the Swiss nation and got citizenship. This only applied to women, men had to wait a few years and apply I believe. In the meanwhile the law has changed, and women also have to wait for a few years. Mr. Swiss says often I am more Swiss than the Swiss – although I am still sorking that one out.

Anyhow I am still here and only have my Swiss identity card. My english passport expired last year and it is too complicated (and expensive) to apply for a new one, although it can be done. As I no longer have close family connections in England, I will probably not be going to England again – but you never know.

It will be another lazy day today. As soon as I get the meal on its way I can take it easy. I have another one of those meals that almost cooks itself all morning with the remains of an apple tart that Mr. Swiss baked yesterday.

And now to explore the appartment with my trusty vacuum cleaner – ready Mr. Dyson? (he purred so we are all set). See you around.

Crows in snow 10.01 (4)