We have a Swiss pop group known as Krokus. They are almost local, one of the musicians comes from our town. My No 1 son knows him, as now and again he distributes their posters in the town for display.

Their main music is probably known as a sort of hard rock, but I am no expert on music styles, but it is my sort of thing. I like a sort of rocking music. They have a good singer, with a strong voice and now and again I see the drummer in the local supermarket. Of course I know him. When your husband is a musician (modern bebop jazz) then you get to know most musicians. Anyhow Krokus have now brought out a new CD or whatever it is called today and I now introduce one of the tracks.

It is not an original Krokus song, but a cover version of “Rockin in the Free World” originally recorded by Pearl Jam I believe.

I like Krokus, I like their style and I particularly like this new video with a London theme and very much in line with today’s problems. I hope you do not mind me showing it here, but it is not very often that I plaster my blogs with music, so enjoy and pay attention to the video theme.

One Word Photo Challenge: Elder


My hand used to be so perfect. All the fingers long and slim, almost beautiful. I never had wrinkles and where do all those brown spots come from? I even played piano with these hands. I still do, but somehow the movments no longer flow as they did. Why is the finger on the right thicker than the others. Did someone say something about arthritis and it happens when you get older? Now and again I might get a twinge somewhere, but who cares. They are the hands of a 70 year old golden oldie and I can still write on the computer using all 10 fingers,that is the main thing, yes I can do it.

One Word Photo Challenge: Elder

Daily Prompt: Scents of Life

If you grow up in a place, then the smell of that place becomes familiar. You only really notice there was a scent if you leave and return. London did that to me. Growing up in London had no particular smell for me until I left, returning perhaps once a year. It was London of the buildings, pavements and rain. What did I smell? Wet stone, concrete, the streets of many people.  Yes people smell as well, like it or not. I spent my first two years in Switzerland working with a family that also owned an Indian restuarant. I ate Indian during the day, I sometimes helped out in the restaurant in the evening, although I was employed for the office belong to the man of the family. You think you do not smell of curry? Of course you do. The spices seep into the skin, it is everywhere. It did not bother me, because I liked the food and also learned how to cook a genuine curry and I did not really notice it. So what about us Europeans? What do we smell of? Beef, potatoes, vegetables, the sauce we cook it all in? I do not know because I am a European and generally you do not smell your own perfume, but we definitely have our aromas.


I just had a look at my perfume collection. Of course I have one, although I rarely use it. I never really think of using it, until prompted by Mr. Swiss if we are going somewhere. He also has to prompt me to use make-up. I do not think of things like that, but perhaps I should.

Due to my annual visits to London to visit my dad, I passed through the duty free section of Zürich airport and London Airport once a year. In Zürich I would buy perfume as a gift for my friend. In London I would buy perfume for me. They had various collections in boxes, the so-called “Designer Collections” and the mixtures were Dior, Givinchy, Guy Laroche, Lancome, Cacherel, Armani and even Picassoet etc. etc. They were miniature bottles and I still have the remainders. Even the small bottles need time to use completely. These remainders must be at least ten years old if not more, so how do they smell today? Yes, perhaps their smell is no longer the exclusive fragrence it was, but I am also no longer as exclusive and fresh as I was. Wearing perfume for the visit to the supermarket is not really my thing, and who would notice it amongst the smells of meat, cheese and vegetables.

There was a suxxessful novel “Das Parfum” by Patrick Süsskind (Perfume in english) which I read some time ago. It was a success and also a film was made. A baby is born in a market, amidst the smells of the goods sold, and left an orphan, but he has a fantasitc sense of smell. He becomes obsessed with scent, especially that of a woman and does what he can to capture the scent, including murder. I can only recommend this book. I read it in the original German version.

Daily Prompt: Scents of Life

Good Morning, nuqneH

Today I though I would greet everyone in Klingon for a change. Shame the language is not used more, it would definitely improve friendships between extra terrestrials.

It is a rainy day today, began some time yesterday and has only rained once since, so the snow masses have almost disappesred.


Today I’m late, I’m late, as the white rabbit said in Alice in Wonderland. But golden oldies do not have to go anywhere or do anything in particular. This one does, although it is all self imposed. I like to get a prompt start on the day, I have a bathroom to clean. Mr. Swiss already cleaned the kitchen yesterday. I had just finished my 20 minute weekly on wiping doors after my golden oldie midday sleep and he suddenly announced he would quickly do the kitchen. It is usually reserved for Tuesday after lunch by me, but what’s in a day. Anyhow he was finished in half an hour and did a perfect job, so what could possibly be better: more time for my other rituals on Tuesday afternoon.

He also discovered yesterday afternoon that we had both forgotten to buy bread on Monday morning in the supermarket. Our cloud on the iPhone list did not mention bread, and neither did our brains, but no problem. We also have a reserve of one frozen loaf in the freezer so our evening tea was saved. However, today Mr. Swiss will brave the supermarket to buy a bread for today. He does not mind, he always goes somewhere on Tuesday morning because I am busy cleaning the bathroom – seems to me more an escape than a joyful excursion to the unkown.

Back to the lateness of my day. Yes I was all set to go. Awoke more or less normally, my telephone was already full power as I had plugged that in some time in the early morning hours when I returned from my first morning walk to a special place. As this job was done I decided to do the same for my iPad in my first waking hours. This was the catastrophe. Somehow the iPad slipped out of my hands and disappeared. I had to move out of the bed to find it. It had disappeared and was not on the floor next to the bed. My worst problems came true when I found it had slipped in the hollw room benath the bed. I had to leave the bed and lift the back part and force my hand into the narrow space. On the third attempt, dropping it twice, I manage to recover the iPad and so could go back to bed. My morning alarm then began to sound, so I had to do a quick visit to all my usual cyber places.

I often think that life was easier before the march of the tablets and iPhones. We would rise, go to the breakfast table and afterwards do the usual things. I did not have to be careful about spreading jam and having sticky fingers on the computer keyboard.

I should really take a holiday from all this pressure and computer stress. Even so-called presidents need a holiday after a couple of weeks on the job and get no peace on holiday either. They have demonstrators marching in front of their holiday house making noise. As my mum always said when there was a disturbance of some sort “No peace for the wicked”. She was not a philosopher, but she did have some good words ready for all occasions.

And now I will move on. Mr. Swiss is already occupied with the vacuum cleaner, so I should follow his example

Have fun and be kind to your computers and pads etc. Do not worry if you might drop the iPad, I discovered this morning they are very resistant to tremors and shocks.

Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 30.01 (7)The  tower of the local reform church of Solothurn.

Share Your World – January 30, 2017

What is the most incredible natural venue that you’ve ever seen in person?


There are certain days when I can stand on the parking lot of the supermarket and look across and see the Bernese Alps spread out in a panorama. According to the configuration of the sun and weather and air currents the picture of the alps can be clear or perhaps you do not see them at all, but they are always there. About 1-2 hours drive on the motorway from where I live – and sometimes it seems you only have to stretch out your hand and touch them.

How many siblings do you have? What’s your birth order? 

I am unique, there is no-one else I think and  believe. Try as I have, I have not yet found a connection to the Windsors, the British Royals, but who knows.

If you were a shoe, what kind would you be and why?

I am still searching for the shoe that would take me anywhere, without having to use a cane, and to transform my walking into a normal walk and not a qualification for the Ministry of Funny Walks. I do not want to be a shoe, just have a foot that would walk as I want to – like it used to be.

What is the strangest/weirdest thing you have ever eaten?

Mum used to cook eels sometimes when I was a kid, it was a sort of East End of London typical meal, but you could only buy the eels and cook them when they were still alive because they had to be fresh. They were sold in large metal flat containers. I remember seeing them as a kid and how they would move in the trays. So mum bought a few but of course they were too big to cook and eat, and so at first she chopped them into pieces (yes, the were still alive). She boiled them in water and I ate them. I did not really think about it very much, I even liked them. Today I would probably shed a few tears for the inhuman treatment of the eels.

What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

Last week I was glad that at last my cough and cold, kindly donated by Mr.Swiss, had decided to recede. It is still there, but just a gentle reminder.

I am looking forward to the impeachment of Donald Trump, which unfortunately probably will not happen, but I can always hope that sense conquers again.

Share Your World – January 30, 2017

Colour Your World: Gold


I just had to grab what I had at home, the real expensive stuff is all in the bank vault of course. Cannot have gold bars laying around, you cannot trust anyone these days. Actually the watch (an IWC)  is a solid gold piece, but unfortunately now too small to wrap around my wrist. I had already extended it a few years ago to the largest size, but not only does the body expand with age, the wrist seems to as well. The remainder, just collected over the years. I used to wear those dangly earrings when I was young and lovely, it is the colour of gold, but that is all.

Colour Your World: Gold