Colour Your World: Caribbean Green

Snow in Front Garden 03.01 (3)

Everyone has one in the garden for the green waste. And we have to have the official approved container, cannot used anything. It is usually green, carribean green?, and sits and waits for the collection every sencond week, except for the winter months. In Winter it might get a covering of snow.

Colour Your World: Caribbean Green

Daily Prompt: Arid times are coming

Hibiscus seeds pods

Yes that is me today, feeling listless, dry,  no  energy. There is no action around here. Like the seeds hanging on my hibiscus, left from the flowers of last year. Even the seeds have gone,  eaten by the birds throughout the Winter.

I could perhaps read the daily newspaper telling me what is happening in the world. What? No newspapers, not allowed, they have been banned. They are spreading fake news amongst the population and insulting innocent people by telling lies about them. What are we coming to in tnhis world? An honest person wanting to do good, trying to improve the quality of living is being ignored and insulted. So he has banned news, especially fake news, that is infiltrating our lives. It is unfair to target a respectable person that only wants the good for his own people and for others. What is this world coming to, if an honest person cannot try to do good and improve our living.

We must be careful today as not everyone means well with us. There are people just waiting for the chance to destroy your country, so keep them out. There is only one way to combat these evil people. Keep ahead, do not trust annyone, be the first and posses arms that are  bigger and better than those that the others have. If you do something, then do it properly – no half way house. I am becoming political – no, never, just repeating what Facebook is saying, after all, as I said, there are no more international newspapers.

In the meanwhile I will occupy myself with the Swiss news, we still have newspapers  in three different languages. There is also a fourth language, but not worth talking about as that is a minority, and the minorities have to look after themselves. Just taking a look at the most recent news from Switzerland (in english of course, english always first) I see that we have broken records with a brief Spring in Februaty. There will be a new secret weapon to protect our people, mountains, and cows – I read that the Swiss army want to recruit more women, the top comander of the Swiss army says it will be “beneficial” to the army. I have decided to volunteer, and do my part in keeping Switzerland first, or perhaps second, but most important, not last.

It seems that fitness classes will be organised to help female recruits build up muscle strength before being exposed to physically difficult tasks. This is what I need, instead of just sitting around writing blogs I can do something for my country. Mr. Swiss finds that I should forget it. He needs me to cook lunch and do the ironing. He bought me a washing machine so I do not have to wash anything by hand. He also volunteers to put new bed linen on the beds, to help build up his strength.

According to the army spokesman “our society is no longer used to marching from 6a to 11 pm”, although they are underestimating Mr. Swiss. He often takes a walk in the afternoon with his iPod in his ears. Not only physical but mental training.

Yes, we can do it, and how. Of course we will have to organise uniforms, and arm ourselves. I am not sure about rifles and women only have access to pistols, but there are always crossbows, as used by the Swiss heroes of earlier days. Yes, Viva William Tell, an example to all Swiss citizens all over the world.

Swiss National Day 1st August

Daily Prompt: Arid Times are coming

Good Morning

Alps 23.02 (7)

A photo showing the local stables where the horses, chickens, ducks and geese live. The alps are in the background and the group of white buildings on the left is where I live, across the main road which is between.

And today looks like another wonderful sunny day, but no time for walks unfortunately, but tomorrow is another day.

A funny thing happened yesterday on my Facebook account. There I was doing what a cyber golden oldie does on the computer, and there was something I wanted to do in Facebook, but it was probably not important, Facebook is in any case on the lower scale of importance in my life. However, I was locked out, Facebook refused entry. Was it something I said? It seems that someone from an unknown source was trying to gain access to my account. However, Facebook has a solution for everything, All I had to do was confirm four remarks I had made on my page from a list, and everything would be OK. Unfortunately I got the message that this was not working at the moment, try again later – which I did and so nothing happened. Somehow I found another path in this confusion and got to the bit where I could make a new password. No problem, just another password amongst the hundreds of others.

Of course, not just any password: it had to be long enough, be safe, and mix it up with strange signs. Eventually the deed was done and I breathed a sigh of relief when I arrived where I wanted to go. There remains the question who was this strange invader that decided to creep into my Facebook page. I have a sneaky feeling that it was me. I may have mentioned, most certainly mentioned, that I have a new iPad since yesterday. Of course they do not recognise my new source of writing, and so I was probably classified as spy, marauder, invader, unwanted element in the Facebook society: after all what is Facebook? Just a collection of computers doing what they do automatically, they have no though process, are just machines.

So the next step was to register this new password on my memory stick and print the new revised list. Next problem: my printer was not connecting. Solution: ask Mr. Swiss. This was a mistake, because he was busy doing other things on his computer. Eventually he came, saw and overcame my difficulties. It now and again happens, our printer connection now and again have a mind of their own. This is probably normal when you have four computers, one being an Apple, connection to the same printer. The solution was quite simple: remove my computer from the printed and re-add. I could at last print out my new password list and breathed a sigh of relief. I am very fussy about keeping my password information up to date. I have learned from my mistakes in the past.

So what could now possibye go wrong? Facebook is working and so is everything else, almost. I like to get push notifications from my cyber world members. I was getting them on my appliances, except for the new iPad. So this morning I went on a search to activate them. After a discussion with Mr. Swiss, where we had a few differences of opinion, I have still not found the situation. They appear everywhere, even on my older iPad, but the new iPad remains silent. Oh, the problems of a cyber golden oldie life.

I also have a problem with push notifications on my new iPad, they do not happen. My iPhone does it, my old iPad does it, but the new iPad does not do it. I like to keep trace of my daily cyber life, although Mr. Swiss finds it an annoyance when in the supermarket my iPhone constantly rings with a message and I really set it on the lowest tone. I am still searching for the solution. When I compare the settings on my new iPad with the old iPad they are exactly the same.

Otherwise everything is fine up to now. I had to re-order my medication and it will be delivered by special delivery next Tuesday morning. It is an expensive cargo, hence the special delivery. Now I have discovered I can order more than a month’s supply, so am going the whole hog for three months supply. I have an extra fridge in the basement and have no problem with storage. When the nurse said on the telephone I could order more than one month, I found that a good thing, but when I asked for a year’s supply, that was not possible.

And so today will be filled with a short  joyous cleaning session, cooking lunch and dinner and taking photos of my bird models outside. We will meet again later somewhere on the flip side.

Feldbrunnen village 23.02 (28)