Share Your World – Februar 6, 2017

Regarding your fridge, is it organized or a mess inside?

FridgeThis photo is from 2014, but nothing very much has changed since.Perhaps there is now only one pack of milk in the fridge door as I now avoid milk where I can. I used to take cereal with milk in the morning for breakfast and drink coffee, but discovered that there is a lactose allergy hovering around and it is better for me to avoid it. Otherwise my fridge is usually quite tidy. Week-ends there is more, but no problem. I have a separate freezer, beneath my normal fridge and also a second fridge now in the cellar. A fridge is no longer such a luxury to have, and I need a place to keep my MS injection supplies as I have to order once a month. The second fridge is in my laundry room/wine cellar where I really have enough room to keep it. The tidy organisation of the fridge is thanks to Mr. Swiss. Now and again he has a few mad moments and  cleans the fridge. I am glad.

Do you prefer your food separated or mixed together?

On the grounds of being sensible, does it really matter? I mean when we eat it, the food all arrives in the same place due to the digestive system of the body. On the other hand I suppose we also eat with the eye and having salad mixed up with boiled potatoes and fried fish would not be so appetising. I am responsible for serving the food, and I do tend to put the various items separately on the plate. What the others do with it when they are eating is no longer my problem. I am basically a separated eater, taking one thing at a time on the fork. However, if it is boiled ham with veg (like cabbage or beans) I tend to mix it on the fork. Sauce or gravy relies on being mixed, as far as I am concerned. The sauce hollandaise would be disappointed if it did not meet the asparagus on the plate.

Do you prefer reading coffee table books (picture), biographies, fiction, non-fiction, educational?

If you can upload it on a Kindle, read it. No coffee table books. I like to get into a fictional story, preferably with a touch of mystery, a little bit of ghost now and again, murders, and drama. I do not mind non fiction if the subject interests. Magazines are OK, but not just any magazine. Cooking magazines, photography, computer – although most of them I read online. If the person is intersting than a biography is OK. I read about 3 biographies about Giuseppe Garibaldi (an Italian freedom fighter), Fidel Castro (another rebel) and was General Patton killed or was it an accident? Anything like that can be fascinating. Oh, I read it all, I do not read, I devour books.

Close your eyes. Listen to your body. What part of your body is seeking attention? What is it telling you?

No thankyou, my body tells me things that I prefer not to know since I am a golden oldie.

“Hey, it’s your nervous system speaking, our top layer is disintegrating – do something about it” (an injection every second day for MS).

Your digestive system sending a message, “do not eat Sauerkraut”. I agreed and no longer eat sauerkraut. I quite like it but my digestive system does not.

“It’s your brain calling, time for a sleep.” “OK will do. Anyone else with a problem?”

“Nose here” – “oh shuttup, I had enough of your sneezy antics last week, let’s forget them for a while.”

Your see I have everything under control – or?

Optional Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 

I think I will have to pass. I did not win in the lottery last week, and this week I should get around to doing things that I should do for some time. There is a dentist appointment to make – nothing serious, just a tooth inspection to see that they are still doing what they should. My hair tells me to have a hair cut, and tomorrow I have a doc visit to make. Oh the life of a golden oldie is never boring.

Share Your World – Februar 6, 2017

Colour Your World: Green Yellow


Now that was a difficult one. What is green and might be yellow if the sun is shining on it: of course, my pampas grass which I once had as a centre piece to my old garden lawn. Unfortunately I had to have it removed, but not without taking a few photos first of all.


or a bowl of salad. The yellow leaves are in the middle of the salad and the outside leaves are more green.

Colour Your World: Green Yellow

Daily Prompt: Lovingly no longer works

Not that I am a hard callous person. I really try my best, but Mr. Swiss tends to say “I will do it”. Is he relieving me of the hard work, loving assistance? Not really, it is mainly because he knows that if I am really doing something that needs delicacy and care, I will probably drop it, or it will break in some other way. My fingers never leave my hands, but perhaps it would be better if they did. They might get new life, be objects of dependence, instead of being clumsy.

This morning I was frying onions for the sausages I was making for lunch. No problem, they were silly small onions and I had to peel them before chopping them in slices. Mr. Swiss was quickly there in the kitchen to assist me picking up the brown onion skins that were decorating the floor with a brown layer. He knew that there could be perhaaps a problem when I wanted to sweep them together and not be able to stand again afterwards. It is not yet so bad, but I can be very unpredictable.

Now and again I am succesful.



Sorry the photo is not so clear, but it is difficult to take a photo of an avocado pit with a mobile telephone camera, and I did not have time for a full macro for this blog, but you get the idea – I hope. My first attempt at an avocado tree is successful. The tree is surviving and even made some new leaves last week  in Winter. So the second project is on the way. This pit was cleaned lovingly and placed on water at the beginning of Januray. I covered it with a large container to prevent any light as I am of the opinion that this would encourage roots.

Daily I lovingly remove the cover to watch the progress of my new avocado pit. Just over a week ago I notice the pit was beginning to split at the bottom. Today success. The first white roots were appearing, nothing spectacular, but a sign that it was still a living thing. I wanted to show a detailed photo, but this did not work. However, if you look carefully, dead center of this fantastic photo you see a small white point. That is the tip of the white root now growing. It will soon be Spring and I will have two avocado trees on my porch. I will become the first avocado exporter of fruit in Switzerland.


Daily Prompt: Lovingly no longer works

Good Morning, ᐅᓪᓛᓴᒃᑯᑦ

And the good morning greeting is not extra terrestial, but a language spoken on our planet.


The snow is still laying around, but not so much and it has begun to rain, so it looks like a wet day today. It began welll with two visitors at 8.00 a.m. They are here to replace our broken bowl in the bathroom. It is the third bowl that we have had to replace in the last 15 years. They are very fragile and crack easily. The guys wanted to come at 7.30 already, but that was a little too early for us golden oldies. Usually we had only one guy that did the job, and did it very well and efficiently. I do not know why it has to be two now. The bowls are not heavier. Seems to me that are more into discussions as actual manual work.

It seems the discussions about my new sink are quite intensive amongst the work brigade, must be their first job. The last time the guy just completely broke the old bowl with a hammer, knocked it out and replaced it. These two probably find that the work needs more the delicate touchof an analyser. The old bowl has now been removed and work begins on the replacement.

I am not sure whether I will be greeting tomorrow morning or not. I have an appointment with my specialist at 8.30 in the morning and will not be here. Why do these doctors have to start work so early? Tomorrow morning I will have to rise at the crack of dawn, eat breakfast, shower and then go into town with my chauffeur Mr. Swiss. This time it will all be about allowing me to drive a car or not. My chances do not look so good, and I am not so bothered. It seems there was quite a serious accident caused by an MS sufferer as she had a push whilst behind the steering wheel and now they are careful about allowing people like me to drive. I can understand it actually.

A short cleaning session in the appartment and eventually a journey to the unknown. Today we are hunting for food again, although have no idea what I need.

See you around later

Coal Tit 05.02 (1)

I just discovered that the bird that pecks at my food outside the window is not a sparrow, but a so-called coal tit, according to the words of bird watcher Mr.Swiss. I have now renamed them all in my collection. He found it obvious that they were not sparrows, but for me if it has some brown feathers, then it must be a sparrow. We only had sparrows and pigeons in London.