Flower of the Day: 22.02.2017 Snowdrops

Snowdrops 22.02 (3)

Yes they are now arriving, slowly but surely. The last time I took their photo, it was only closed buds, but now they are opening. Amongst the rotting leaves from last year, they have arrived, so I thought I would have to hurry with their photo from my garden, before they disappear again. I planted them about 10 years ago and they return every year, same place, same time.

Flower of the Day: 22.02.2017 Snowdrops

Photo Challenge: A good Match

Kalbsbratwurst 06.02.2016

If I still lived in England, it would be a photo of fish and chips, but I live in Switzerland where they tend to prefer boiled potato with the fish. However, what is a match in Switzerland? We have sausages, real big sausages, but the main King sausage is the Kalbsbratwurst (veal sausage) the best of the veal sausages originating in St. Gall – a Swiss town – so they say. We can even buy St. Gall Bratwurst which are a little more expensive and bigger than the others in our local supermarket. So what do you do with this delicacy? You fry it in a pan with onion, what a match!

Photo Challenge: A good Match

Colour Your World: Mountain Meadow

M - Rumisberg

Photo taken in Rumisberg, Kanton Bern, Switzerland.

I have walked over many mountain meadows, and believe me they are not so easy to walk on as it seems. They are usually not flat, but tend to rise and fall and of course beware of the various recycling material left by the wandering cows. They just let it fall and generally flatten it with their hooves, but do not despair. The material becomes homes for various insect families, especially flies. They have their own nursery system – yes a meadow is a living thing.

Colour Your World: Mountain Meadow

Daily Prompt: The Unrhythmic Day

Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 20.02 (3)

Every day the same old thing. Leave the bed, wash, clean the appartment and go shopping. Perhaps not as organised, but it is the daily thing to do. You would like it to be different perhaps? Even when you are on the way to the shopping centre, you exit your estate with the same view. perhaps it has snowed, when everything is white for a change. It might be spring, or Summer when the leaves are on the trees in abundance. At the moment they are only thinking about it. You see the slopes of the Jura mountains in the distance. They more or less remain the same because you do not get a closer view. In Winter they are white, but even that pleasure is withheld from us at the moment, with our warmer “thinking of spring” weather.

Sometimes perhaps you wish for something completely different: every day the same thing at the same time. Today it was different, I had a different rhythm, my feet were not tapping with the usual beat. Was I happy about this? – well it made a change.

I suppose being a golden oldie, I have become a person of habit. I clean because I like order in the appartment and I cook because I eat to live (and not the other way round). I noticed that the apps on my iPhone were different today. The photo app had moved one place to the left (you see I am a creature of habit). Now this made me suspicious. If it moved, it meant that there was room and something must be missing. I checked and discovered that the most important, death defying routine app was missing. The one where I have my doctor appointments, medicine routine injections and any other important facts of life. This happened once with my “notices” app, but somehow I manged to restore it, although not completely.

I checked on my iPad, having everything on a cloud, and discovered that this routine app was still there with all the details. Of course Mr. Swiss told me to stay cool. I was cool, just getting a bit unravelled at the edges and perhaps increasing the volume. I had a programme and this was the unprogrammed catastrophe. After sharing our different opinions, I gave up. Mr. Swiss said it can happen sometimes, so I gave him my demon possessed iPhone for it to be exorcised and continued with my programme.

“Eureka” was the answer from Mr. Swiss. It seems that these mobile phones hide things in a new folder, that they manufacture all on their own, and there was my life saving routine app. He also discovered two other apps in the same folder. Solution “it can happen”, but I stopped hyperventilating and eventually we were ready to depart, half an hour later than usual.

The next routine change was when Mr. Swiss found it would be a wonderful idea that I would drive to the supermarket – I usually drive home. Of course I can drive a car, after almost two years break. My nerologist and GP found I should really begin to drive the car again, especially as Mr. Swiss was an advanced golden oldie and I was just a golden oldie beginner. No problem, I switched on the motor, and left the parking garage. As we were approaching the supermarket Mr. Swiss reminded me I should make a small detour to the chemists to pick up my perscription medicine. No problem, really, although I had to change my programmed driving route brain, but the invincible Mrs. Angloswiss did it. Another feeling of triumph swept through my body. Afterwards we arrived at the supermarket, so what could possibly go wrong. I had planned to organise a new iPad and Mr. Swiss found it would be a good idea if he did the shopping and I could arrange the details for the new iPad.

I ordered my iPad for Friday. All was organised as Friday was the big special offer of mega Cumulus points, when I could collect 500x instead of the normal 2x cumulus points. Cumulus points mean more money at the supermarket and I always try to combine my big buys with special offers. Mr. Swiss did call me as I was completing the transaction, as he was ready to pay in the supermarket and was wondering if I had disappeared. He had called 4 times and I did not pick up the phone, but somehow it had been switched to silence. Oh what an exciting day this was becoming.

We arrived home at midday, when we usually sit down to lunch. Why panic, we have no important appointments. Looking back on it all it was an exciting morning, full of surprises, heart attack similar symptoms and differences of opinion. It all makes life worth living, no boredom or monotony. Or based on the words of Kurt Cobain “I never wanted to drive a car. I just wanted to  go places and see things”.

Amaryllis macro 19.02 (7)

Daily Prompt: The Unrhythmic Day

Good Morning from Feldbrunnen


Looks promising today, sun is shining and morning temperatures around 8°C, just like Spring. The birds are singing and I even managed to leave my bed when I should leave my bed around 7.30.  Today they let me out for a shopping trip. I am thinking about getting a new iPad. Mine is now a few years old, and its cover long decided to stop working properly. I can no longer attach it to my iPad, but just lay it on the surface, where it does its best to remain. Of course I could just buy a new cover, but today things are not make to last. They change all the time, even if they are not broken, and iPads are not different. My iPad reasonable price cover no longer exists for the size of my Large iPad. Of course Amazon might have this size as a remainder, but Amazon is not in Switzerland, it all comes from Germany.

There is now another problem with my iPad. It tells me regularly that my space is not limited, and soon it cannot do backups or accept new apps. Now and again I have to clear the Safari browser, but afterwards everything works again. I did discover a photo from the web that slipped in, and so I deleted it. Since everything seems to have enough room. I like to sit in my comfy chair in the evening with an iPad on the neighbouring table, fo a look now and again. I do not often write on the iPad, just short remarks: after all online is not a full time job. So I saw that the local supermarket has a special offer of 5x cumulus points on Friday in the electronic department. Cucumulus points arrive with everything you buy, usually 2x, but when you get them they can be used as money, so what could be better, although I am still thinking about it. This time I have decided I want a super iPad, the best, with most capacity, but why bother when the one I have still works. The decision in a golden oldie life can be difficult.

I still have my old mini iPad, but that died some years ago. As the special offer is happening on Friday, there is a further complication. Friday is the day of week-end shopping and I do not know if I have the time to choose a new iPad, as I will not be the only person making use of the special day. If only we had a shop or supermarket in our village, but we have nothing.

The local post office

This photo is a historical moment in our village. It shows the village post office – a place where we could pick up and send parcels, buy stamps and generally meet villagers. It was a central meeting place of the villagers. It has now been bought by a manufacturing company. Unfortunately the Swiss Post sysem had to save money, and so they are closing post offices all over the country. We now have to go to the next village of Riedholz, and it is now rumoured that this post office is also facing extinction. The only choice left is our main town of Solothurn along the road. The Solothurn post office was built some years ago. A new imposing building and it had everything, most impressive.

Some years later it was closed and today it is a furniture shop. Where is the new post office in town? A very good question. It moved to the basement of what used to be a department store. Now that is also closed, and there is a small shop in town, so small, that you might not even see it. Mr. Swiss informed me that they have a new post office on the other side of town, not very convenient. Yes living in a village in Switzerland is like living on another planet. You are cut off from the world.

We do have a vet specialising in homopathy for animals which is good to know. If my feline has a complex of some sort, then he can visit the vet for psychoanalysis. We also have a gynacologist, although as a golden oldie, I do not intend increasing the amount of my offspring.  Wait there is a cemetery and a senior citizens home, so I am not completely fogotten.

On this happy note I will leave you. there are things to do today and places to see, like the next supermarket in the next village, just a little way away. Yes it is always Feldbrunnen first, perhaps Langendorf second where the supermarket is, and not forgetting Riedholz, our only surviving village post office in the region. You just have to love Donald Trump, he is so good in inventing new expressions.

Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 20.02 (2)