Share Your World – February 13, 2017

Do you sleep with your sheets tucked in or out?

LinenThe things  I do for these challenges 🙂

I decided a photo explains it better than I can.

We sleep so-called nordic. We have a fitted sheet below and a duvet on top. This simplifies making beds and also reduces the ironing problems. The sheets do not have to be ironed, because they fit perfectly onto the mattress and there are no top sheets, not necessary.

Have you stolen a street sign before?

Times Square street signI do it all the time.

I managed to screw this one off the wall when I spent a week in New York City. It is nice to bring home a souvenir to show people that you were really there. The customs guy at the airport asked a few questions, but he let me got with a warning not to do it again.

I have quite a nice collection at home. My favourites are the one from Champs Elysee in Paris and Oxford Street in London. I was also quite happy with the sign showing مراكش which I managed to smuggle out of Morocco.

Do you cut out coupons but then never use them?

No, because I do not really read newspapers or magazines in real life, only online. My dad was good at that. As soon as he saw the dotted line he would cut it out, as he was sure it might come in useful one day, so he had a box full of coupons. . He was always getting free jars of coffe and tea, when the special offer was available for the coupons that he could use now and again.

Do you have freckles?

No, only brown spots on the hands that seem to arrive when you become a golden oldie, but that is all part of the getting old game I suppose.

What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 

Last week my neurologist and my doctor both decided I was able to drive my car for a further two years – it is law in Switzerland to get a doctor’s allowance when you reach the age of 70. I passed the idiot test and so there was no problem.

This week I am looking forward to at last making an appointment for the hairdresser to get my hair cut and I will take the car with me. I drove today after almost two years. It was as if I had never stopped driving, so now everyone tells me I should keep in practice.

Share Your World – February 13, 2017

Colour Your World -Inch Worm

This is my inch worm. It is alive, but only in the elctronic sense of the word. If it was dead I would not receive the signals strong enough for my computer in the room where I work. We have quite thick walls, and needed something to back up the signals. It is a so-called Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) a network security standard to create a secure wireless home network. I am sure it is now quite clear. That is why I can blog almost everywhere, even in the bathroom, although I must admit I have never tried it.

Colour Your World -Inch Worm

Daily Prompt: I suppose I should get serious


Today I did it, I drove home from the supermarket. OK, no big deal for most of us, we are driving all the time. Mr. Swiss worked it out that it is almost 2 years that I sat behind the wheel of a car. I was convinced it was only 18 months, but why quibble about such small details.

I am now a real golden oldie, aged 70, and in Switzerland they have to have proof that you are still capable of driving. Last year a lot happened. My father passed away at the age of 100  7 months in england, I was in Switzerland, and at the same time I was having examinations, as my body no longer did what it was supposed to do. Actually this state of affairs had developed slowly for about 30-40 years and after various examinations the diagnosis of MS was definite. I decided what I had had so long unknown was something I had lived with and got used to. OK, it got serious, I now have my own personal neurologist (although I suppose I share him with a few others), but I am now an expert at injecting and walking with a cane.

On top of this discovery I have diabetes 2, the one you get because you have perhaps overdone it with the sweet stuff, not the one you are born with. Ok, no big deal, just cut down on the cholesterol, take the tablets and everything more or less stays under control. However the Swiss state wants to be sure. Although my MS allows me to drive a car, because it it an automatic and I do not need the left foot (which is a problem with me), the diabetes is not so easy to avoid and I get a paper from the doctor.

The Swiss State now informs me that when I drive I must have something containing cholesterol in the car, like sweet stuff, orange juice or glucose tablets,in case I have an attack of hypoglycaemia whilst driving. This could lead to complications. I think in the 30 years of knowing I am a diabetic, I have perhaps once had this. I also have to carry a blood sugar measuring device and my diabetic pass. I have the measuring device and all the attachments as can be seen above, but I have never had a pass. I do have a little book to fill in the results of my tests, which I am also to carry with me. The problem perhaps  being that I do not test so much. The plastic stripes are expensive and if I test three times a day, three times a week or once a year it is no big deal. When I visit the doc for the long term sugar test, it is the important thing. 

So basically I now have to measure the glucose in my blood before I go for a drive and write it in my book. I do not register anything in my book. I am a cyber golden oldie and have it all in my iPhone. This morning was my first drive in the car and I really wanted to follow the law according to 70 year old drivers with diabetes and measure my blood sugar before leaving the house. The first problem arrived. I had not used this apparatus for so long that the two batteries were dead, so hoping not to cause an accident, I drove home from the supermarket without measuring. I arrived safely home and Mr. Swiss found I did a good job. We bought two new batteries for my sugar measuring device and measured my blood sugar when arriving home. I only had 4,5 which would actually qualify for hypoglycaemia, but I felt fine so what is the problem. I could even enjoy a piece of chocolate and not feel guilty about it.

I did forget to put the car into drive  when we left the parking lot at the supermarket and was wondering why it did not move, but after so long you tend to foget these little things.

I was sure Mr. Swiss had organised in advance that there was almost no traffic on the road, it was really a fun drive. I even managed to park the car more or less well in the garage, what could possibly go wrong. I am now ready for it all. My next visit to town will probably be the hairdresser and I will do it in the car all on my own.

Sometimes you can really get serious for no reason.

Daily Prompt: I suppose I should get serious

Good Morning

Bench 12.02.2017

Whilst half the wold seem to be sinking in snow, Switzerland is snow free in the lowlands, even the sun is shining. It was time to shake off my Winter hibernation and do things completely different. I was sinking into a routine. I was getting lazy. It is easy to sit at a computer and do the same thing at the same time every day, but I had no big choice. Outside it was cold and roads and paths were for me impassable. However, yesterday morning the sun was shining, there was no snow and I do not feel the cold so much in any case. I do not even own a pullover, a t-shirt does it nicely and my coat is warm.

Yesterday morning I decided was the day to break out, see something else than a computer and so I did it in the afternoon. Mr. Swiss decided to come with me. The first thing I saw on the path was the good old bench. It has been there since I can remember, although I think they renew it now and again. I have taken photos of this bench where you can hardly see it for the sea of long grass covering it, but at the moment the grass is only thinking about growing.

It was really good to breathe the fresh air and see something else. After an hour we returned, so I spent the next hour uploading photos – the results of my walk. Mr. Swiss was busy catching up on the results of the voting day in Switzerland on the TV.

Tits 12.02 (8)

I even saw a Eurasien blue tit hanging onto its food ball in front of the kitchen window. They are a common visitor here, but this year I have not seen so many.

Today is Monday, so off to the supermarket. Mr. Swiss has decided I will drive home and I am still thinking about it. Actually it is all part of my new Spring action plan, to go for more walks, drive more and get around to going to the hairdresser which is really necessary. It is overdue for some time. It is a case of taking the phone in hand and making an appointment. I can now even take the car and go on my own. There is also a letter from the dentist waiting to see me. My last visit was many months ago, when I lost a small piece of tooth from a filling. It was so small the job was done in half an hour and I did not even need an injection. At the moment my teeth feel fine and are behaving nicely, but I should have my annual scraping session with the dentist. It is not pleasant, especially when the drill is in the vicinity of a nerve, but afterwards you feel like you have a new teeth construction and seem to have more room in your mouth – all in the mind of course.  I will get round to that as well in the next couple of weeks and then I have done it all. This all means taking the car for the action, but the doc gave me the go ahead last week, so what could possibly go wrong.

I am even a little earlier this morning. Mr. Swiss could not find our Tabby the cat and was worried she had taken a walk and not returned. I promptly found her when I shook her cushion at the top of the wardrobe and she showed he head, being rudely awoken,  with a look as if to say “What’s the fuss”.

Monday is the beginning to a new week, although as a golden oldie I have to check on the calendar to see if it is really Monday.

See you around.

Jura from Fedbrunnen 12.02 (1)