Flower of the Day: 01.08.2016 Buddleia

Buddleia 01.08 (12)

I took another walk around my two gardens with the camera to see how things were progressing and decided to make my buddleia the stars of the show again. This blue one is growing in my back garden. The bush is now quite tall and I am now cutting the flower heads off that have finished flowering. I have to be careful when it rains, as they tend to bend the bush considerbly.

Buddleia 01.08 (11)

I have my pink delight buddleia in the front garden. This stands alone in the middle, so has no great danger it tipping in one direction when it gets heavy with the rain, although I am also busy here cutting away the heads  no longer bearing flowers.

Flower of the Day: 01.08.2016 Buddleia

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