Good Morning


Mr. Swiss has already departed, left me all on my own, but I am strong and have a freshly baked bread to comfort me. One of those emergency bread buys, in case you do not have enough being a week-end with a Swiss National holiday added on Monday just for the fun of it. The explosions of the fireworks continued until past midnight and  no, I could not sleep because of the noise. Our Tabby feline eventually sat on the settee instead of under the settee, but she was not happy. Cats do not like things that go bang in the night, or even the day.

Mr. Swiss is on a quest for buying lunch, as our cupboards are bare and we are on the edge of famine This is a quick hello prompt to let you know I survived the night, as there are other things to do today and time is scarce, especially as I did not want to leave my bed this morning – it was so comfortable and it was hugging me so tight I had to fight to make it let me go.

There are things to be done and places to visit with cleaning intentions. I think I will begin to check on what a cleaning lady actually costs, although I have never paid anyone to clear my dirt away, I have always done it myself. I know, I should have reclaimed my connection to the english royal family many years ago, life would have been so much simpler.

So this is it, I really must go. Today might be the day of the new Windows generated new look and I might even go missing until tomorrow. These computer refurbishing uploads are like a Damocles sword hanging over your workplace. Will it succeed, or will I be forever cut off from humanity? Mr. Swiss said something about gigabytes before he left, that will be used for the new Windows programme. Will my computer manage this weight, will it come through the dark tunnel of an unknown future. Stay tuned for the next instalment, although this might be the last.

As said, I am now off, waving goodbye with sticky fingers (from the jam after eating my breakfast). See you on the bright side I hope.

12 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • It is a sort of special sunday bread made with butter (if you make it yourself, although the bought one is very good) and sometimes an egg. I quite like it, although I am supposed to avoid white bread because of diabetes. But that makes it more delicious, like forbidden fruits are the best 🙂

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  1. You could have a cleaning lady for the “rough” stuff – like wiping the floors and doing the windows and anything for which a ladder would be helpful – and just go on dusting the furniture yourself. Then the lady would come in only once or twice a week – and in the meanwhile you could still use the vacuum yourself, so you would still have occupation – just not the hard things.

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    • My rough stuff is more leaning bathrooms and showers where you have the tiles to clean and remove the Kalk from everything. I find the more regular you do it, the less there is to do. Mr. Swiss does the dusting and I do the hoovering. Mopping is no poblem. I have lots of clean mops, and use a new one every day and only use plain water from the tap. I do not need any detergent in the water as we have stone tiled floors and they dry quickly. No, I need my cleaning lady for the bathroom, that is the hard work for me.

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      • That won’t take ages, a skilled professional should be able to do your bathroom in about half an hour (and then it should shine – they are REALLY quick and should be able to do it faster) – that will not cost you an arm and a leg.

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    • I am slowing down gradually with my activities. I can still do it, but am not really looking forward to the future. i will soon begin a course of treatment for my MS, which should slow down its progression. Walking with a cane is OK, but I do not want a zimmer frame, absolutly not.


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